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A bunch of Rabbots (and friend) by NicGiraffe A bunch of Rabbots (and friend) by NicGiraffe
I haven't drawn Bunnie too much before. She is one of my favorite Sonic characters, but suffers from being horrifically underdeveloped in both SatAM and Archie. For starters, her being partially roboticized gets harped on way too much, both in fandom and the canon. Is that a big part of her character? Yes. But that shouldn't be all there is to her.

Anyways, aside from her ears and tail, Bunnie’s design has never really translated rabbit all that well IMHO, so I tried giving her a more rabbit-like muzzle. I also don't like the long hair she's been given because I think it looks weird on a rabbit (unless it’s either a longhaired breed of rabbit or Jessica Rabbit XD) and makes her look even more like some generic fuzzy animal. I also toyed around with giving her a couple of alternate outfits, since I’m not crazy about the cowgirl costume she got (I don't know what she wears now).

I’ve also wanted to do a gender swap for Bunnie and Antoine for awhile now, so I tossed that in as well. Male Bunnie is Jack Rabbot, and Antoine is Antoinette. I'll talk more about them in the future so as not to turn this into a big wall of text. Yes, I’m aware now that jeans aren't a good idea for someone with big metal legs. That was just an early idea. I'm still not sure what Antoinette's style of dress should be like.

If people actually have any comments of substance they want to share and not tantrum-throwing or flaming, then you can either leave a shout or note me. If you're going to do so with the intention of telling me that I’m wrong about something I've said here, you're not going to get me to agree with you, so you're just better off just finding something else to do with your time. Sorry.
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April 6, 2015
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