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Knight Errand, chapter eight
Author's notes: I'd like to warn readers ahead of time that this chapter becomes fairly violent. It's nothing too graphic (if you've ever read the Redwall series before, KE's fight scenes are similar in tone to the ones featured in those books), but I still wanted to drop a warning just in case some are sensitive about that sort of thing.
The figure was indeed Princess Sally, or at least someone bearing an uncanny resemblance to her, standing there and looking back at Antoine with big sapphire eyes and a sweet smile on her lovely face.
Antoine hung back, ears folded back against his head as he carefully watched Sally… or whoever it was. He never thought he would have ever been so disturbed to see her. His mind was screaming at him that this wasn't right at all. Sally was all the way back in Knothole. Even if she had set out to look for him, how would she have known to come to the Cave Of Shadows to find him? He struggled between getting out of there as fast as possible and
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Knight Errand, chapter seven
A panicked cry shattered the stillness of the mountain woodlands like a brick being hurled through a glass window. Startled, Luna and Seff spun around to see what had happened to Antoine.
"Antoine! Are you alright?"
Sheepishly, Antoine stared back before puffing his chest out and adopting an austere expression. "Er, oui! Yes! L-let us be continuing!" He answered before marching stiffly past the both of them.          
In actuality, what had happened was that he had allowed himself to be startled by a small forest-dwelling animal which had suddenly bounded across the trail in front of him, but not before briefly pausing to consider him before going on its way. How utterly embarrassing. “Lupe and Stormblaze would have never allowed themselves to be scared by something so mundane!" He thought.
Mystified, Seff glanced to Luna. She appeared equally baffled by Antoine's behavi
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Sonja Profile
Sonja Cammi Desjardin
Sixteen to young adult in my story
Gender: Female
Species: Mobian Hedgehog
POB: New Mobotropolis (in whatever Mobius equivalent of France is)
Height/Weight: [I imagine Sonja being maybe the same height as Sonic but being fairly lighter, being close to almost underweight.]
Appearance: Sonja is known as a person who takes great care in her appearance. Everything has to be perfect as far as her looks are concerned to a point where she spends a little bit too much time on them. She has always been known for being a petite thing. While she was younger she did do a bit of things such as dancing that kept her physic small, she really didn't do much for keeping herself in shape. But when she hit her teens years she started training so she was fit to fight most if any threats that came her way. But even still she is known for being petite and lithe.
Except for her hea
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Road Rovers: Eye of the Wolf
For a moment, all Colleen could do was stare. Then, slowly, she reached up and carefully fingered the marks that disfigured the door. They were as deep as they looked, and her skin crawled at the thought of how sharp something - her own claws - would have to be in order to dig through steel like that.
She glanced over her shoulder at Exile, who stood with his arms crossed some distance behind her, waiting patiently. It was as though he was giving her some space, because he knew she wanted some as she looked over the damage she had done.
It had only been a few hours after they had returned from the ordeal at Stonehenge, and she had been on her way to bed for some much-needed rest. On her way, though, she had passed by Exile, who she found removing his bedroom door. Curious, she had asked him about it, and that was when he showed her the claw marks.
She frowned. In all honesty, it was something she didn't want to think of right now, and would have been happier just to forget it
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Nic Giraffe
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I really don't like filling out stuff like this because I always struggle to think of things to say.

Uh, I'm definitely not above receiving tips and constructive criticism to improve (personal insults are not constructive, sorry), but I always keep in mind that drawing is supposed to be a fun activity. If it stops being fun for me, then something's really wrong.

Some words of warning: many of my ideas and thoughts are not in-line with popular opinion. Fanbrat stupidity and childishness over non-issues -- getting mad at me over pairings, my headcanons, etc. will not be tolerated, and I will not hesitate to block troublemakers.
What the title says. I have a new account :icon1unicorn-on-the-cob: This is where all my stuff will be posted from now on.

See everyone around!



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