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Let's be clear, "the video game" is not an easy read. This has nothing to do we barefootliam's writing abilities, which are more than u...

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Secret Diary by montycrusto
Mature content
Secret Diary :iconmontycrusto:montycrusto 48 82
serendipity - World AIDS Day by resMENSA serendipity - World AIDS Day :iconresmensa:resMENSA 10 0 Star field by evgeniabel Star field :iconevgeniabel:evgeniabel 140 10 Nailed by montycrusto
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Nailed :iconmontycrusto:montycrusto 23 35
Wrong Number, Right Number
I hear the ringing bell and run to lift
the phone. A pause deceives: I'm not alone!
a beep, a hiss, a whirr, a click, i shift
my gears — it's hot, a fax machine — I moan!
No greater love, no ecstasy unknown
could turn my drum and print my dreams so fast
As samsung's plastic printer, pleasure sown
on beds of office paper, ink light-fast.
My tension quickly mounts, so soon a vast
and beep-ful rhythm builds! Oh God! I sing
to thee in clicks and whirrs, my boat's tall mast
under thy bridge of love must pass, must sting!
My own output, snow-white descends from me:
no flat white sheets — but only drops are seen.
:iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 2 6
Genie by 61021376 Genie :icon61021376:61021376 12 18
The Legend of the Seagulls
At the end of Autumn the ground started to harden, the worms grew harder to pull, and the Difficult Time approached when so many seagulls died each year of cold and hunger.  The gulls had been following a plough and eating a hearty breakfast of fresh worms when the Angel of the Lord appeared to them. At least, he said he was the Angel of the Lord.
“Behold, I bestow a quest on all gathered here present. Who will take it from me?”
The gulls were not sure how to react. One seagull who was pulling at a particularly juicy worm was widely regarded as their leader: she turned to look at the Angel of the Lord, who appeared, as you would expect, to be a wingless bird.
The Angel of the Lord raised one leg. In his bird-foot was clutched something white. Not the nice fresh bread the gull hoped for, but a small thick piece of paper or card. It had marks on it.
“I shall leave you. Should you all achieve this quest, then a great many lives shall be saved.”
Several of the
:iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 15 19
Galactic stock exchange by 61021376 Galactic stock exchange :icon61021376:61021376 61 12 I Own You by montycrusto
Mature content
I Own You :iconmontycrusto:montycrusto 86 26
Monty by montycrusto
Mature content
Monty :iconmontycrusto:montycrusto 101 40
Haikus for Samhain
Haikus for Samhain
Has cleared negativity.
New Year calls me on.
The sage smoke lingers
Overnight and all next day.
Ancestors arrive.
White linen is spread;
A place for all those present.
There’s the extra place.
:iconxtcgm:xtcgm 2 3
IMG 1648 by barefootliam IMG 1648 :iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 3 4 Weightless Corridor by Drell-7 Weightless Corridor :icondrell-7:Drell-7 80 12 Hero class Trader fires! by Drell-7 Hero class Trader fires! :icondrell-7:Drell-7 137 55 Solstice Class Subsidized Merchant by Drell-7 Solstice Class Subsidized Merchant :icondrell-7:Drell-7 49 42 Armored Merchantwip1 by Drell-7 Armored Merchantwip1 :icondrell-7:Drell-7 79 21



niceLK's Profile Picture
Draftsman in the construction business, having fun drawing like a kid again and trying to publish a thriller/sci-fi novel, but I guess I'm a better drawer than anything else...
Also having 'revenge by art' over youth issues and a quite wasted life, so far...
Do some hand-drawn fanart too, as a vacation for - or from ? - my mind.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Needed a new face for a new passport, saw how I looked on the previous one and it triggered a montage of head-shots from past official documents...
I'm quite in a good mood these days; but since they forbid you to smile on official photos since around 2010, that's doesn't really show :) I somehow never seem able to get a fresh haircut BEFORE doing the photos...
Luggages under the eyes appeared somewhere in my twenties and now disappear only when I'm really tired... Think I should visit that fitness club down the street...
Color Flyers02
Some crazy dudes actually do that... Must be strange - and cool : riding the flying guy like a surf or skate board :)
Color Flyers01
For tandem jumpsuit flying.
Must be cool for a small guy like me, riding on the back of a big bloke :) The 'carrier' suit has belly and back locks for the 'rider''s feet...
Jumpsuit flying in tandem, inside a torus shaped space station :) 1g gravity on the ground, almost 0 G toward the interior axis, from where you jump and ride the airflow...
If the station has a radius of 1 000 metres, it has to rotate 0.95 times per minute to achieve 1G 'on ground', at 99 meters per second, since the air inside is not hold in place by gravity but by pressure, I guess even with all sorts of frictions, it should have enough wind to keep you in the air for a long time. 

And you can drop your passenger on any surface near the axis, low G and gecko-grips should provide fun climbs...
Unobstructed views of the views inside the station:
from near the outer edge, 'sky' above the suspended habitation ring ( rotate faster than the outer torus to provide 1G, because it has a smaller radius ) becomes the horizon behind the hills to the lower right ) :
Station Inside01 by niceLK 
from near the axis, looking down ( suspended habitation ring is connected to the axis via radial arches on the left ):
Station Inside02 by niceLK 
LICKERS - short story
Wrote this between yesterday's evening and this morning... A little more than 3 000 words, an easy read without disturbing details. Just a showcase of twisted logic and  an exercise on irony and circular logic. Don't go thinking it's anywhere near autobiographic :D (Big Grin) 

But maybe someone else will confess they played with the idea others were messing with their mind too :) Or any other falsely logical construction.

It needed a quick illustration so I re-worked one of the Kinktober's entries.
Reading a lot of 'struggling people' journal entries or posts these days, maybe because I'm uncounsciously driven to them or just because they're all over DA and any social media. Since I've already contributed to the genre, thought I'd jump on the opportunity to add one not based on my own 'sufferings'.

It starts rather sadly because my man's mother will probably die before the end of the week and he's of course in complete disarray...

There, I would usually lament on my inabilities to be of any help or how being basically 'chaotic neutral' didn't prepared me for that; but we just hugged each others for almost an hour and possibly I was quite good at providing 'low talk/just contact' comfort. Thus overcoming very poor 'display of emotions' records in family culture, the still annoying idea that two grown men look a little ridiculous doing that and even the stupid fact that my small body doesn't allow me to wrap around bigger mates in a convincing protective manner Roll Eyes 

Good thing is the Bonobo way always works and the 'I'm with you' message successfully transmitted. Possible personal strong point: slowing others heartbeat by controlled breathing leading to synchronous movements of both ribcages. How more 'we are one' can you get? No need for hollow words you don't believe in ( and he knows 'cause he knows you...)
Strange thing is I had a hard-on toward the end, which has to be a purely physical reaction, or I'm stranger than I thought. Most probably, it's just I'm not that used to the mainstream association between love and horny, so it shows up at awkward moments like when you learn when to laugh at respectable parties...
That's introspection+complete exhibitionism, the kind you never know if it's pointless or usefull.

Just like me handling this all not too bad: either I'm a better mate than I thought or I'm less sensitive than I feared I've become. It took her at least ten years not to call me by her son's former lover and I think she wasted her life, is that insensitive to mention here? Random family stuff I guess, used not to give a sh.. about such things. Anyway, next step is unevitable confrontation with my man's brother, he's also gay and we insulted each others last christmas because he spreads out his own stress too much and vents it by almost racist phobias... Should be instructive in its own way...

Silver lining is heritage money from a deceased uncle (family thing again) has reached our end of the state's machinery and is ready to drip on us nefews and nieces, allowing the possibility of letting most of that fade away under an exotic beach... Another basic solution: change scenery and push on the sunlight if you can.

On a lighter note (or a 'someone dies/another living thing's born' free association, they just pour out of me ): the exotic lizards colony in our building is expanding: we spotted this 2, 3 cms-at-most long baby all around our place, so possibly there's several of them ( and now, I'm freaking out because they're so easy to walk or seat on ) :

Hey A Lizard Kid by niceLK
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