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Many things have changed recently

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I'm going to say that this is not an opinion but a fact. Lately I've gotten tired of seeing so many people on the internet accusing everything they usually hate as rip-offs. "A cartoon with similar art style: rip-off. A movie with a similar plot: rip-off. A game with the same gameplay: rip-off. Similar characters: rip-off." I say this because even Disney movies and TV shows have been accused of being rip-off from haters, but the situation gets even more complicated when the thing itself is from a less popular company outside of Hollywood.

I really don't care if Adventure Time, Gravity Falls or even Peppa Pig is getting rip-off. After watching the reviews of Vailskibum94 (one of the worst cartoon critics I've ever seen on Youtube) I practically took disgust for that word. I wonder how he still has not made a video accusing Family Guy as a Simpsons rip-off? I wonder if there are people who know this saying quote:

Nothing is created, everything is copied
Sorry for that, but I had to create this stamp.
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Lumi-Infinite64Hobbyist Digital Artist

Yikes. The two examples I can think of are Johnny Test and Winx Club.

For Johnny Test, it's pretty damn obvious, that a lot of them call it a Dexter's Lab rip-off, when in reality, there are only slight resemblences. Serioulsy, are they blind?

As for Winx Club, I've heard, that people call it a Sailor Moon or a MLP rip-off, when both are false. One, the creator Iginio Straffi said, that Winx Club was inspired by Sailor Moon and two: How in the mother of ass is a show, which was released in 2004 a ripoff to a show, released in 2010????? That doesn't any sense...

Both examples are infuriating for me. Though the first one really pisses me off more.

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Ikr it just kills creativity and imagination

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The word “rehash” has also lost its meaning.
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You're not wrong. Some retard on Team Fortress 2 called it a ripoff of Call of Duty, although I know that's 100% false.
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The dragonball z fanbase seriously needs to get this message through their thick fucking skulls!

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Here is the new meaning of "rip-off" in my experience: "Something that has a very tiny similarity that is easily proved to be not that similar when you actually want h the show, which incidentally is not even that similar anyway."

I swear these days you only have to, say have a cat in your show, and it's a rip-off of a completely different show that also has a cat in it.

Not to mention the things that are actually inspired by the things they are "ripping-off".
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berrypassStudent Digital Artist
The definition of rip-off, (to me, at least), is something that deliberately copies the design, idea, etc. of something originally made, without giving credit to the original. 
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SpiralHope55Student Traditional Artist
The word "rip-off" is now used by stupid brainless cartoonaboos as a card to justify their hatred to cartoons they hate just because they're look same. Like Sanjay and Craig is a rip-off of Regular Show, Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty is a rip-off of UniKitty, GrojBand is a rip-off of Phineas and Ferb, etc. And what's even worse is cartoonaboos treated their "rip-off" opinion objectively. Whoever disagreed, well you know what happen.
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Ducktales 1987 is still NOT a rip-off of Scooby-Doo! Screw the stupid douche who feels that way! :P
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AeonofthelightHobbyist Traditional Artist
JekyllAndHydeChannel Huh?
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Yes, that's exactly who I mean. I'm glad you know who I'm talking about, then. That horrid fanbrat gave me a really hard time just I disagreed with his hatred on Tom & Jerry three months ago. :(
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AeonofthelightHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't even watch Ducktales 1987 but just hearing this i know what kind of person he is
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Same here, I've never seen Ducktales 1987 either. He's clearly spoilt manchild and his opinion is completely delusional. He is also a rabid Tom & Jerry hater, who thinks that the cartoon is "ugly." I mean, how is that cartoon "ugly", SMH. Here's a screencap of him expressing his opinion on the show. Rabid Tom  Jerry hater by Soundwave364674
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AeonofthelightHobbyist Traditional Artist
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I'm starting to see that people are saying 6HP being a Pretty Cure rip off... Even though i do like both series's, but there are times that 6HP can be more mature then Pretty Cure

When will people learn what a rip off really means
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chibiuverworldHobbyist General Artist
It's sad that so many people don't realize originality is near impossible now.

Oh yeah, some people actually think that anime series are rip-offs of other anime series just because they're anime.
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chibiuverworldHobbyist General Artist
tell this to people who think that any magical girl series that's not Sailor Moon is not a rip-off of Sailor Moon. These people clearly don't know what magical girl is. Magical Girl is a genre. Sailor Moon is A magical girl series, not THE magical girl series. Also, Sailor Moon is not the first magical girl anime/manga. Minky Momo and Sally the Witch came before.

It seems the most popular reason people don't know what rip-off even means is that they don't understand there are genres.

It annoys me when people say that Sengoku Basara is a rip-off of Samurai Warriors just because both games have characters named after real Japanese historical figures, are both beat 'em up games, and both take place in the same time period.
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Sia-MonHobbyist General Artist
Some people in the Pokemon fandom need to learn this.  

I'm sick of people calling other monster capture franchises 'Pokemon ripoffs' 

Monster capture is a GENERE. 
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ChorriStudent Digital Artist
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Sia-MonHobbyist General Artist
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"Breadwinners rip-off Regular Show!"
"The Thundermans rip-off The Incredibles"
"The Loud House rip-off Peanuts"
"Welcome to the Wayne rip-off Gravity Fal--"


(also, blame Vailskibum94..)
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*ignores the dumbass Kimba vs Lion King War*

It makes me so damn mad when someone says "Disney makes nothing but ripoffs" I'm just like, "Fucker, it's called an adaptation!"

sorry for the language...
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I remember when Pokemon gen 6 was announced, my friend said Chespin was a rip off of Oshawott and I ??? was so.. confused.
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