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Niccosian | Felix's Firelight ForgeSet on the edge of the firelands that the Ignis Clan calls home is Felix's Firelight Forge, run, as you correctly assume, by an Ignis member named Felix. Amid ashen rock rises a small cave of black stone. At its mouth sits a warm, welcoming fire, managing to be such despite being surrounded on all sides by the red and darkened rocks of the firelands and its many volcanoes and magma fields. Smoke gently rises from the cave at almost all hours. A small firebird sits on a small ledge at the entrance, trilling greetings at visitors and alerting her companion and forgemaster to potential clients.Within the cave, Felix practices and perfects his art. Marrying the native magics of clan Ignis with creativity, Felix produces everything from shoes, arms, and armor to such adornments, accessories, and oddities ranging from bells to beautifully shaped metal sculptures and decorations - in every shape and design from leaves to water and anything in-between.If you can dream it, Felix will do his best to create it. A gentle-hearted soul, Felix has a small reputation for being willing to craft gifts for kin and lovers to trade from heartfelt, genuine requests, when he has the spare time, but will never turn down payment in materials. As forging is time-consuming in its own right, mining the materials often needed for his craft can be a set-back. Of course, the forgemaster is also welcoming of other manners and materials of trade for services or goods rendered.At the softly chiming voice of the firebird, Felix emerges from the smoke and glowing flame dancing upon the walls of his cave, often garbed in protective goggles of his own design and donned in protective leathers. He often greets with a smile. You are welcome. What has caught your eye today?Meet the forgemaster! , Welcome to Felix's Firelight Forge! Think of this as a small, short rp opportunity! All Niccosians from all walks of life are welcome to stop by Felix's forge, and he will do his best to accommodate you and your interests! As a quick author's note, I do work retail and will soon be a full-time college student, so please forgive me if it takes some time to craft a response to your inquiry; Felix takes his craft very seriously! You are also more than welcome to include Felix and the forge in any of your stories of Niccosia; feel free to reach out to me on Discord if you want to bounce any ideas off of me or have any questions!Felix does his best to maintain neutrality in his craft, and will happily serve individual clients or those looking to represent a larger group. He will not commit to exclusive contracts of service, especially for the crafting of arms and armor, as this is his passion first, and he must also consider his own duty to his clan. Below you will find a small list of possible services and items Felix may currently have for trade. This list need not be exhaustive or complete, so, if your Niccosian has something in mind, but does not see its like already listed, they are welcome to inquire about a custom commission! He simply cannot know if you do not ask!If your Niccosian is interested in purchasing, commissioning, or simply browsing wares, please feel free to reply to this journal for a short rp response! Or, again, feel free to reach out to me on Discord for any questions about including Felix and the forge in story or art pieces for Niccosian!, Firelight Forge Services and GoodsHorseshoes. Enchanted or unenchanted.If naught else, they will provide solid protection for those that spend their days traveling by foot. Small enchantments via the addition of magical runes to the metal's surface can be custom crafted by request. May prove beneficial in small measures to such things as fortune, endurance, speed, etc.Swords, Arrows, Lances, Shields, Etc. Enchanted or unenchanted. Customizable.If there's metal to be involved in the crafting of the weapon, Felix is likely familiar with its design and able to craft it. Arms and armor can be enchanted with small runes, or customized with a bearer's name, symbolic design, or other choice message upon request. Generally has a few ready-made examples available for purchase upon front cave shelves that can be purchased outright, or purchased and enchanted or customized upon request.Armor, Plating, Some Leatherworking, Etc. Enchanted or unenchanted. Customizable.From helms to shoulder protection, breastplates to leg guards, Felix is able to craft a wide variety of metal-based armor pieces, up to full sets in an extensive commission. Arms and armor can be enchanted with small runes, or customized with a bearer's name, symbolic design, or other choice message upon request. May occasionally offer some leatherworking pieces, such as items like his forge protection and goggles, though this is not his area of expertise, it should be noted. Some pieces may occasionally be available ready-made, but as armor itself requires more customization to fit, ready-made supplies are limited. Minor adjustments and reforging available for commission from either ready-made gear or owned gear.Gear Repair.Chinks? Scuffs? Doesn't quite fit like it used to? Bring it on in for Felix to take a look over, and he may be able to refurbish, restore, or refit armors and weapons.Accessories. Crowns, Earrings, Jewels, Etc.Smaller, far more delicate work. Felix is willing and even excited to craft items more for adornment than practicality. Willing to work on designs ranging in complexity from simple bands to feather-like patterns and replications, the forgemaster has a wide selection of ready-made items on display at his shop, and tends to spend much of his free time practicing his craft in such areas. Ember the firebird is usually available to assist in item showings and try-ons.Décor. Hanging Wall Ornaments. Statues and Statuettes. Etc.Decorative work in wide variety. Commission based and ready-made designs and objects available. Items ranging in size from seashells to life-size (primarily by commission, especially for larger subjects) available.Branding.A generally unadvertised service. Similar to tattooing, Felix may be willing to offer magical branding to individuals or groups who desire to leave such a permanent creative impression as a part of their appearance. As this is a service often rendered upon living clients and an unlisted service, examples are not readily available.Gem Purification.Through techniques of magic and forging, Felix is able to improve the quality of certain gemstones and materials.Nails, Railings, Chains, Tools, Etc.If it involves metal in its crafting, Felix is available to potentially craft it for you!
DTA Entry: Love at First AllianceBriseis trudged through the forest, unused to the leaves and other greenery beneath her hooves. She didn’t stray far from her homeland often, she loved the heat of the lava surrounding her home, and she was eager to please her deity, Ignis, whenever and wherever possible. That meant sticking around.But today she was determined to find a member of Flora Clan. She wanted to learn more about plants so she could hopefully use her fire to create a better environment for more plants to grow. Fire was more commonly used for destruction, but she knew it could do so much more. And she would do whatever it took to learn how.A vine caught her ankle, and she tripped and stumbled painfully, just catching herself from falling flat on her face. A giggle, like bells chiming, echoed gently through the trees over the sound of a calm river babbling. Briseis’ ears pricked up, and she blushed, painfully aware that someone was around, and they had probably just seen her trip.“Hello?” She called cautiously, looking around wildly for the giggler. The Ignis mare heard a second giggle, followed by a low but gentle voice.“Over here, stranger!” A splash indicated to Briseis that the voice belonged to someone in the river. She trotted over quickly, hoping whoever had seen her had been the only one. She was embarrassed enough and she hadn’t even met the person yet. A mare came into view, standing in knee-deep water several meters away, her long manes heavy with water, and her long tail being swept down the river. She could barely see through her manes, and gave her coat a quick shake, spraying Briseis, who squinted to keep the droplets out of her eyes. While still soaked, she was a little fluffier now.“Uh, hi! I’m kinda new around here. Are you from Flora Clan?” Briseis asked shyly, looking at her hooves. She wished she had the confidence this mare seemed to have.“I am. And you must be from Ignis. Don’t get out much, hmm?” The mare teased, stepping onto the rocks beside Briseis. “My name is Leto. And what might I call you?” She asked through half-shut eyes. She winked at the palomino mare, causing her blush to deepen. Leto liked messing with this mare. She was a little younger than herself, and new to the flirting game, it seemed. The Flora mare just hoped this was coming off as flirting and not friendship, like it normally was. This mare was cute, and she desperately hoped she would share similar feelings towards her.“I’m Briseis! Lovely to meet you!” The younger mare gave her a big grin. “I’m here to learn, and hopefully forge an alliance!” Briseis gave as confident a nod as she could manage. She felt so awkward, standing in front of this gorgeous mare. She hoped Leto would take her seriously.“An alliance? What kind of alliance?” Leto leaned in close to Briseis and winked at her. Secretly, Leto felt like she was doing too much, but it was kind of fun.“I would like to learn about fireproof plants, and how fire can help other plants grow! Can you help me?” Briseis began to radiate heat, something she only did by accident when she was super embarrassed or nervous. Today she was both. She couldn’t control her magic in this state, although she had learned how to reduce it to just heat as opposed to straight flames, which it started out as years ago. Leto looked at her in surprise.“Are you trying to dry me off?” She asked with a laugh. “Because it’s working! You’re like my own personal hairdryer!”“I’m sorry! I can’t help it! This just happens sometimes,” she lowered her ears and shrank back, trying to seem smaller than she was, like she could sink into herself and disappear from all this embarrassment. She hated feeling this way. But she liked how Leto made her feel. “I’ll leave you alone now. I’m so sorry.” She turned and tried to hurry away, but the Flora mare had grabbed her tail gently in her mouth, preventing her from running away from her feelings, and her hope for an alliance.“Don’t go! I like it! I need someone to help dry me out after a long day of swimming. Maybe we can help each other?” Leto looked at Briseis hopefully, seeming small herself. She looked away shyly, her confidence suddenly fading away. “Not that I want to use you for that purpose alone! Uh- not that I want to use you at all! I just think you’re sweet, and I’d really like to get to know you more,” she looked back at Briseis with a blush, and saw that the Ignis mare was also blushing.“I’d really like to get to know you more too…”
Nics .:. Get GoingMortis knew better than to approach her for anything short of necessity. Their interactions were typically some sort of explosive, Desdemona ending up yelling at him nearly every time he came near. She wondered, every time he left while she was practically puffed up like an angry bird, if any of the other gods ever bothered to scold him. It was the one thing she never held over him- the way the other gods behaved compared to him, because she knew that was a comparison she herself had never appreciated.Why can't you be like the other fillies, Desdemona? Why can't you grow pretty flowers? -But these herbs, they're helpful... We don't need helpful. Nobody will accept it from you, they'll think you're poisoning them because of... well, what you look like. No, focus on flowers, dear. -But if I do that... won't they think my flowers are poisonous? Better a flower they can't eat than a medicine they can. No, as much as she loathed the god, she would not compare him to others. She owed him that little bit of respect, at least. At least.When he approached her one day without his usual smarmy smirk in place, prancing up to her as though looking forward to a verbal sparring match, she was immediately suspicious. He walked up looking... exhausted, in a way. Desdemona almost felt pity for him for a moment, before remembering the foolish god had so carelessly ignored his duties for centuries before finally resurrecting those he needed for his clan. That also done carelessly.She straightened up from where she had been trying to coax a soul free from its corpse, eyes immediately narrowing at the six-legged god. His body language was not what she was used to from him. Had he finally learned some responsibility? Had another god scolded him for slacking off and he had come to her for... comfort? Admission that he had been lazy? An apology for resurrecting her?"Mortis." she greeted her deity, straightening her head and staring at him boldly. Desdemona likely would never have been able to face Flora in such a way, would never have been able to look her straight on, but she couldn't help to challenge this on."Desdemona." He responded, offering up a weak smile compared to his normal. She narrowed her eyes further in suspicion. Oh, this she did not trust at all. No, this, she realized, was not an apology to her. This was not him coming to admit she had been right in their former arguments. This was... this was like when Florian adolescents used to get in trouble for growing sweetweed and requesting their Ignis friends to light it. This was like when her parents had finally, after so long, introduced her to her grandparents and herd. This was not apology. This was sheepishness. Embarrassment. This was him coming to her with a request.Her eyes widened and she stepped back."No. Whatever it is, no." Desdemona said sternly, turning around."Mooonnnaaaaaaa, c'mon." Mortis said from behind her, following as she stepped away."It's Desdemona, you overgrown slip of grave-grass." Desdemona snapped. But didn't turn around, no. He would get her if she did."Mona, it's just- he's so morose and useless. He's so- he's pining and I told him things didn't have to change but he just- he just ignored me!" Was that a whine? Was he whining? Could she use this as blackmail?Probably not. She had nothing to record it with."Good on 'him', whoever he is. Ignoring you is the best thing one can do. I wish I could manage it, but you never go away unless I indulge you for a time." Desdemona said. Mortis snorted, and she flicked her tail back and nearly smacked him in the face with it.Actually doing so was still a step too far for her."Okay, but I brought him back-""You brought him back?!" She screeched, whipping around and looking at Mortis in outraged indignation. "You complete and utter- Mortis! Stop! Resurrecting Niccosians! Without approaching them beforehoof and asking if they'd like to be!" Oh, that was almost enough for her to smack him.Mortis, curse him, looked unrepentant."Well it's too late for that now." He brushed off her scolding as he usually did. "I already did it, and he's pining away like a foal yearning for his first crush. I told him, 'You can still talk to her. You can still have a relationship with her. You've been brought back, it's like a second chance, things don't have to change.' And he just got morose and like, he started spouting poetry? Really bad, sad poetry. And talking about how things can never be the same and she'd hate me for- something, I kind of quit paying attention.""Mortis.""Anyway, this kid's like. As sad as your life was-""M o r t i s-" the words were a warning and the god brushed on."-BUT I figured you might have something in common with the kid and you might be able to help him, so I'm going to take you to where he's at. He kind of reminds me of you when you first joined me." Gods among them, why did he sound fond when he remembered bringing her back?"Has he yelled at you as well?" Desdemona asked dryly. "Besides, I need to take this soul-"Mortis, as he was able to as a god, had the soul out of the corpse almost immediately. Desdemona shut her eyes so she didn't yell at him. She wasn't jealous. Not at all. She was just irritated that she'd spent hours slowly coaxing the soul out of its ruined home and then Mortis managed to bring it out with hardly a blink. It was his realm of duty, after all."Right, then. Take me to this kid I suppose."<hr>"That's him.""Mortis. I know you're a bit...""Clever? Capable? Handsome? Debonair? Amazing?""Stunted is what I was going to say. Emotionally so, definitely, but apparently also mentally. Did you bring this poor bastard back straight into your own realm?""Well, where else was I supposed to do it? Where he died? The last few times I've done that didn't go well, I thought I would switch it up." Ohhh, was that a bit of a defensive tone?Also, unfortunately true. Desdemona sighed through her teeth."Point. Anyway, I see what you mean."The light-colored Niccosian didn't look like he belonged to the realm of the dead. He looked like he belonged elsewhere- perhaps in his own realm, surrounded by clouds and light. His mane was thick and curly, but a full lion's type. His ears were long and- dear Flora, fluffy at the tips. His tail too was long, hair running down the length of it. He looked soft and delicate despite the obvious build thicker than her own."Where exactly did you find him?" She asked, squinting suspiciously at the new... recruit into this 'lifestyle'. "Ah, does it matter? Here, there, in the realms. Can you please go get him to cheer up? I already have your dour expression haunting my homelands, I don't need someone else to join you."Desdemona turned to look balefully at Mortis."One day," she promised, "I am going to lose my respect for your godhood in general, and I am going to kick you. If you keep talking like that, square in the jaw."Mortis just laughed. She was going to kick him so hard one day."Thanks, Mona!" He said, already backing away. Her tail flicked.One day.With her patron deity leaving, Desdemona looked around at their surroundings. The newcomer was standing in the middle of what was a village of sorts, lean-tos set up in a rough circle. Homey. Taking a deep breath, Desdemona lifted her head."So," she called out imperiously as she began high-step trotting towards the newcomer, "I see Mortis has subjected you to his realm. Welcome, I suppose." Desdemona tossed her mane and slowed as she approached, looking at the newcomer with a smug expression to rival Mortis' own. Gods among her, he really hadn't been kidding that this kid looked depressed. "Consider yourself blessed, newbie. I'm to be your guide 'round these parts."There was a mixed look of admiration and something like regret. And, well, this wasn't Mortis. She turned quick and slapped her tail across his face."Wake up and smell the meadowsweet, newbie! Stop looking like your mother died because she didn't. You did, and you've been given a new lease on life!" It was a lot easier to say these things to someone else than it was to believe them herself. "Life as one of Mortis' isn't easy, but it is rewarding. Buck up now or I can send you to the next life anyway." She bared her teeth like a wolf at him and, despite his greater height, the new stallion took a step back. Good. Show her respect immediately. She doubted Mortis would actually let her kill the new kid, especially after he'd just been brought back, but it was a good threat. "Now. I can't guide you around by your tail if you don't tell me your name, Baby Mort. Who are you and where are you from?""I'm... Gwenvael?" He... asked, uncertain."Are you or aren't you?" Desdemona demanded. "You choose now. There's no time for second thoughts and hesitations, possible-Gwenvael.""I am! I am. My name is Gwenvael. I am, or- I was a member of Aqua's clan." He said, and she breathed a sigh of internal relief. No one from her home then. Thank Mortis.Or not. He'd never done her any favors."Well. You're not anymore, congratulations. Come with me, Gwen. I'll get you started."


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Kickstarter Raffle@Niccosian As a celebration of my first milestone - actually getting all the backgrounds done for the clans - I'm hosting a raffle! If you're interested in getting you're own Starter Niccosian, now is your chance!Now since this account is pretty empty, this will be a watcher raffle; to encourage sharing, more tickets will be given the more you share this journal! You may put as many tickets on how ever many Niccosians as you wish- but if you really want a specific one you'd best put all your tickets on it!1 Ticket - Comment and join @Niccosian (you must be a member of the group to win an import!)+1 Ticket - Share this journal and link or screenshot the post/discord message etc+1 Ticket - Tag three friends ! You can share as many times as you like; please help the group get off the ground!------------------------------------------Niccosians are a fantasy equine breed created for my web comic - Niccosians owned by others will be featured in it!(with permission) Otherwise you're free to do whatever you'd like with your ponies! Breedings are open but the only way to get Starters is through raffles as customs are currently shut! this may change if there is interest.If you'd like to learn more please check out the group! And read these journals:LoreCreationyou can also Join my new DISCORD ! ----------------------------------------------------------Caelum,Black Overo Stallion Flora,Amber Champagne Tora MareFauna,Chestnut Sabino MareAqua,Spotted Flaxen Liver Chestnut Tobiano MareIgnis,Bay Roan Spotted Blanket Appaloosa MareMortis,Silver Greying Black Stallion--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please comment below with your entries and who you are putting your tickets on! Please refer to the imports by their Clan namesGood luck! And this definitely won't be the last raffle, there's still so much I want to do for the group! <3
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