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Wolverine by PANT

By NicChapuis
Lines by :iconpant:
Colors by me.

Todays warmup colors.
Hope you guys like it.

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© 2011 - 2021 NicChapuis
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Love both the lines and the colors.
Awesome expression.
MobleysLaw's avatar
Nice collaboration--ULTRA-COOL piece!:)
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So cool, nice rendition of Wolverine.
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conquest79's avatar
a cool pic of'em
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pant's avatar
Love the abs detail!

my only critic is on his arm (the one is going in foreground) needs to been painted more! :)
And on the glove in foreground some light spot could help it to pop it out more!
NicChapuis's avatar
Thanks for the tips.
I ll go back when I get some time and fix it.

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SeanE's avatar
that was quick!!! - he only posted it a few hours ago!
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Deadlines will make you get fast =)
pant's avatar
the fast and the colorist. :D
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spidermanfan2099's avatar
I was gonna say that too :jawdrop:
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Thanks man.

I have to say I am a little jelous of your new GI JOE gig.
Must be fun.
I love Ratkins work.
spidermanfan2099's avatar
Hey thanks on the Joe gig, i've only seen the one page so far as Robs busy with other stuff until next week (I expect a rush batch to fall in my lap soon!), but yeah, Robs work is amazing to use... pretty much colours itself haha! Nice to see you back and posting some work again though... you were one of the first colourists I saw outside of comics that I was reading way back then (that Super Friends piece by Joh James blew me away) that got me into it all, great inspiration from all your stuff... so i'm reflecting that jealousy back at you as I love your work :D
KevinWatzlawik's avatar
Cool stuff!
I like the transition between the colors ^^

How much time you spent for this?
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I am not sure.
MAybe 45 minutes or so.
Maybe a little less.
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