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Starcraft II Marine by DAnda

By NicChapuis
Lines by :iconchuckdee:
Colors by me :iconbooom:

Man I didn´t get a chance to work on anything for fun for a LOOOONG time so I just had to get something out.
Carlos DAnda posted the lines to this a while ago and I knew I wanted to color it back then.
I just now got the chance to actually put some colors on it.
He also colored it himself in a cold snowy environment which I forgot.
But luckily I choose the oposite version with hot colors to add to the tension.
Makes you feel like there are a billion of zerg around her wready to attack.

Anyway I hope you guys like how this one turned out.

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© 2010 - 2021 NicChapuis
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The most beautiful space marine ever😀😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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she can come to my rescue at any time
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Hell! ('like the glow btw)
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Awesome artwork guys. Cant wait for that game.
awesome man!!! love the blue / orange balance
Out of this World!! Please please PLEASE colour a pin up (or two) for me!!
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NICE Dude!!! love how moody you made the piece! :)
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Have to say it's BoOoMtastic!
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Great work, Nic!
I hope soon you can put your Pro work ( pages, please, pages!!).
See you, bro!
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so your work isnt fun to color ;)
ich verstehe was du meinst, wenn es nur arbeit ist fängt es an langsam nicht mehr so viel spaß zu machen.
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es macht schon spaß aber ich kann nichts davon zeigen und seiten sind nie so wie pinups oder cover.
Ausserdem gibt es hier keine revisions ;)
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ja, bei pinups kann man sich einfach auslassen ohne darauf zu achten es auf der nächsten seite genauso hinzubekommen...und es ist besser bezahlt :)
Strong colors.
Show man!
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very! yet powerful!
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Márcio Abreu! Legal!
Brasil na cabeça. Agora que me liguei.
Duplo mérito. rs
Aeeee...Valeu Guilber!
ótimos trabalhos os seus.
JTGuilber's avatar
Obrigado pela gentileza!
Comprimento de profissional vale peso 2.
MARCIOABREU7's avatar é BoOoM??
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looks great!!!!!!
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Awesome work mate. Rocking the colors. Thanks for sharing :D
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