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English :

I uploaded a French version of Jack, a webcomic created by David Hopkins. For the moment, 25 arcs & shorts have been translated (that is to say 300 pages) and new pages are currently in translation. If you want to join translation team, don't hesitate to register on the Francefurs forum and post your translations on the dedicated topic (…).

French pages are available to this to the original webcomic.


Français :

La version Française de Jack est en ligne.

J'ai mis en ligne une version Française de Jack, un webcomic de David Hopkins. Pour l'instant, 25 arcs et courts ont été traduits (soit plus de 300 pages) et de nouvelles pages sont actuellement en traduction. Si vous voulez participer à la traduction, n'hésitez pas à vous inscrire sur le forum Francefurs et poster vos traductions sur le topic dédié (…).

Vous pouvez lire les pages traduites en allant vers le lien suivant :

Lien vers l'œuvre originale :

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English :

This not recent information, but it deserves to be told.

The last January 25, in the Felines Park (Parc des Félins), France, A OCELOT CUB HAS BEEN THIEVED! Even if this type of tragedy is uncommon, it’s really to see some people just don’t care to serve themselves in zoos in order to get an original pet! To think three years ago in the south of France, the same ritual is happened except in this case it was a tiger cub! Fortunately, he was found one week later tied up and abandoned in a parking lot. Even he suffered stress, his life wasn’t in danger.

More information to this… . (scroll down to Monday January 25).


La bêtise humaine a encore frappé !

L’information n’est pas récente, mais mérite d’être racontée.

Le 25 janvier dernier, au Parc des Félins, UN BEBE OCELOT A ETE ENLEVE ! Même si ce genre de drame est peu courant, c’est vraiment triste de voir que des gens ne se gênent plus à se servir dans des parcs animaliers pour avoir un animal de compagnie original ! Et dire qu’il y a trois ans dans le sud de la France, le même scénario s’est déjà produit sauf que là c’était un bébé tigre ! Heureusement, il a été retrouvé une semaine plus tard attaché et abandonné dans un parking, mais vivant. Même s’il souffrait de stress, ses jours n’étaient pas en danger.

Plus d’information sur ce lien :… . (faire défiler jusqu'au lundi 25 janvier).
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«Nous, auteurs de bandes-dessinées numériques, cartoonistes du web et passionnés de webcomics, déclarons offrir à tous du rire, de l'évasion, du plaisir, des larmes, de l'action et du mystère. Nous invitons tout le monde, jeunes et moins jeunes de toute origine et de toute culture à nous lire sur Internet, à vivre des émotions et à les partager. Nous déclarons que le monde de la bande-dessinée s'est enrichi d'un nouveau format : la bande-dessinée numérique, ou "webcomics", lisible par tous, partout et à tout moment.

En conséquence, nous déclarons faire de la bande-dessinée qui VOUS est destinée !»…
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My selection :

Digital :
In the Wild by Chrippy1 thesilvermist  by sugarpoultry by ArtOfThePawAndFang Snapback by Hotica Lucian by Shana-Wolfie Jskra and Drakyen by Kenaragirl :thumb115566392: Wolf by Emzebra :thumb115759826: Gift for WolfFriend by WindSeeker SoulMates by Dusthope noname 18 40 by moorkasaur

Photographies :
:thumb114813556: Wolf...II by Freiherr-v-Stausberg Courage of a baby by woxys :thumb115390953: :thumb115384074: Resting by SpringlighT Not a Growl by hamletspants Wolf in Repose 2 by hamletspants :thumb116012370: Grey Wolf 3 by EquineStockImagery Spirit by DeniseSoden Locked Up by guitarjohnny :thumb116381004: :thumb116672930: Innocent by Rosselanor Oh, those flyes by woxys Brothers by deadwolf140407

Traditional :
:thumb114743541: :thumb114741557: Beyond by PolarWolfStudio Orion Sees You by SteeleFox :thumb114780160: Wolf by annieh3 Forest Watchmen by Gray-Ghost-Creations Wolfie by LaurieMcQuaid :thumb116015152: :thumb115446929: On The Prowl by ForevrYungDreamr Shinxchange Hulu by global-wolf :thumb116434605: Lakota and Arapaho by Artistic-Gypsy Aurora Badge by Goldenwolf Canis lupus by basketremoval he's watching you by morNic :thumb108000305: Wolf Mates by jocarra

Scraps :
wolf by blackrose95

More wolves in my wolves gallery :

Resting Grey Wolf by NicamShilova Grey Wolf 3 by NicamShilova Resting artic wolf by NicamShilova…
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I like felines (especially white tigers). I hope you like my selection.

Cats :
in the green by melonemond :thumb114127848: gordon by Isolea Hey Baby.. by hoschie Cat's Wanna Fight by caothicart Black And White by Epistimon :thumb114278756: Photo 033 by StacyD Listen to me by Jezerel cat family by kaitengiri

Cheetahs :
two young cheetah by tanzafari :thumb113759445: :thumb105277314: Cheetahs Never Prosper by screwbald Cheetah by dizzy-indy :thumb114196726: Engima by Meet-me-in-space :thumb83847968: Beauty Thats The Cheetah 1339f by Haywood-Photography Cheetah Cub by Princesscookie

Cougars / Pumas :
Mountain Lion, Hogle Zoo, SLC by houstonryan :thumb113715939: Mountain lion portrait by deadwolf140407 :thumb111532977: Mountain Lion by Wild-Soul Cougar Cub by UrsusAmericanus :thumb114197454: puma by serealguien Puma 9 by catman-suha

Jaguars :
jaguar59 by redbeard31 :thumb113026265: Winter-Cat by Svenimal :thumb110826045: :thumb109878236: Beautiful in Black by icestyle Moonlit Jaguar - still a WIP by mikebontoft :thumb113472318: :thumb113169283: Jaguar on dots by Chipilina21

Lions :
lion ladys are watching by zanlika Lion 3 by faded--angel :thumb113776631: :thumb113772230: Sleeping King by Super-pa-ta-p0uf Oekaki...Lion by guardianofire :thumb114133123: lion king by anarita82 The White Lion by TerbeznikArt Nothing Remains by euphoria24

Lynxs :
:thumb113710262: bobcat by callinitlikeitis Lynx by Imagimax :thumb113530247: Majestic Lynx rufus by Vedrfoelnir :thumb96727237: Lynx Baby2 by miezbiez :thumb89540552: Smiles in love by missladylilac Songeur by ObserveOne

Panthers / Leopards :
leopard 4 by Repaul The Hunter by Pamela-Pengelley Regal by Wild-Soul :thumb113787207: leopard72 by redbeard31 leopard49 by redbeard31 Darling by Lancerey Looking Godly by TheFireTigress leopard57 by redbeard31 leopard29 by redbeard31

Snow leopards :
piercing gaze by missladylilac snow leopard by aremid Focused Snow Leopard by papatheo Snow Leopards by Valkyrie99 Lola la la la Lola by leopatra-lionfur Baby Snow Leopard 2 by acojon :thumb114277917: Snow Leopard Painting by KatGirlStudio

Tigers :
tiger212 by redbeard31 Mischas Portrait by Wild-Soul :thumb113715865: Don't stare. by RaphaelTM :thumb114249102: White Tiger by viciouself Such A Beauty by In-the-picture

Pictures from my gallery :
Siberian Bengal Tigress 3 by NicamShilova Tiger and cub by NicamShilova Linda by NicamShilova Eyes of the Dominant by NicamShilova Say hello to Magala by NicamShilova Miguel by NicamShilova Sleep of White King by NicamShilova Behind the Bar 2 by NicamShilova Resting Snow Leopard by NicamShilova Rest of the Tiger by NicamShilova

More cats in my Felines gallery :…
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The French version of Jack is online. by NicamShilova, journal

Human folly has struck again! by NicamShilova, journal

[French] : L'appel du 18 juin des webcomics by NicamShilova, journal

Wolves by NicamShilova, journal

Felines by NicamShilova, journal