Rest of the Tiger
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A day at Beauval Zoo Part 29.

I like this shot.

Shot through a glass.
Image size
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Shutter Speed
10/300 second
Focal Length
65 mm
Date Taken
Mar 22, 2008, 6:47:24 PM
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Comments (47)
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Learstang|Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful photograph of a beautiful animal!

Best Regards,

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Awesome Shot & animal!!
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SprenklePhotography's avatar
Pretty cool for shooting through glass--I wouldn't have known.
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Yurixy's avatar
Awesome shot!
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Jefferson-Apgar|Professional Digital Artist
great shot
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Elleyena-Rose's avatar
Elleyena-Rose|Professional Digital Artist
That's a wonderful tiger. Makes you just want to cuddle with it
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BenSkylinegodzilla's avatar
BenSkylinegodzilla|Student General Artist
It looks cute.
It would of looked better if you rotated the camra and used a closer zoom.
But I realey like the photo.
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this work is one of the ones i've chosen for the feature!:love: check it out and give some love to the other artists,too!:huggle:[link]
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DPA-avatars's avatar
That's one relaxed looking tiger, you could almost mistake it for a content house cat. Almost... ;)

Great shot! Especially with it being through glass you normally end up with reflection. I love this :thumbsup:
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CoreyEacret|Hobbyist Photographer
I like the pose of the tiger and your composition, but the shot has too much blur and lack of definition for me. I would have done this at either a higher ISO, or used a tripod or monopod. Either way there is too little light getting too the sensor and it hurts the quality of the photo.
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Skytch's avatar
Albino tigers! even better! great one! :love:
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NicamShilova's avatar
It's not an albino tiger because their eyes are blue, and he own stripes. Albinos tigers are entirely white and their eyes are red.
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Skytch's avatar
woops, my bad, still pretty cool though
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XxAcGXx| Photographer
Featured in my journal :)
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digiit|Student Traditional Artist
Nice shot :] Very cute :heart:
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Nikki-vdp's avatar
Great pose, it seems to be thoroughly enjoying its nap :)
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froggfan09|Hobbyist Photographer
this is great for being shot through glass~!
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Self-Epidemic|Professional Digital Artist
Very nice, i feel now this is where the post processing can really enhance the photograph, i would sharpen it up, and press ctrl and m and adjust the contrast, you could really enhance the tigers face
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DeadGhostWolf13|Student Traditional Artist
ahhhhh this is sooo pretty and cute!!!
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swandog|Professional Traditional Artist
Sweet! :heart: But this is only part of the tiger...so the rest of the rest of the tiger must be in another pic, right? ;)
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Skylar-Morbid's avatar
I have always wanted to see one of these in real life. I LOVE this picture!
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TDartist's avatar
Very Nice Pic
a little color work will help :)
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wetwerk's avatar
Stunning, so close.
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FeelingThorny's avatar
Beautiful shot! Such an adorable pose! It looks like you're right in there with the tiger! Great job!
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