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MB3D to 3D Print Tutorial

MB3D 3D Print Tutorial

See my other tutorials here [link]

My 3D prints on Shapeways [link]
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Hello, thank you a lot for your comment  :)
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really cool, wish i had a 3d printer!
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Hello, thank you a lot for your comment  :)
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Can you suggest some starting formulas or parameters in MDB3D? I've been playing for an hour looking for shapes I think might be okay, but I'm getting lost in fractal world instead of finding something to just begin with :)
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Answered so many questions I had so thank you very very much 😃
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You are welcome, thank to you  :)
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Excellent tutorial, it answered many questions for me!!

In meshlab, what is the urpose of using the "invert faces orientation"?

I have been exporting 2000  x 2000 x 2000 voxel exports from MB3D. When run through FIJI and Meshlab, I end up with a massive file. A recent export had 13 million faces and weighed in at a hefty 1.24 gig!! In Meshlab, I used the "Quadratic edge decimation", to reduce the face count and file size to an acceptable size, whilst still retaining good detail.
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If you try to export with voxel into MB3D the limit to not cross is 1000x1000x1000
At the begening you may try with 500x500x500 to learn how to use Meshlab and Netfabb
MB3D export mesh with inverted faces you may use Meshlab to fix it as explain in my tutorial
For 3D printing the max polygones accepted is 1'000'000 and the file max 60 Mb
You may find more info in my other tuto about voxel export
Cheers, Nic
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Hi Nic,

Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions, it really is most appreciated. Now I understand much more!

Thanks again,
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Thank you a lot  :)
Thank you for showing your incredible art and thanks for the generosity to teach...very cool
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Thank you a lot for your comment  :)
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This whole concept is amazing to me..Thank you for taking your time and creating this wonderful tut filled with the answers to alot of my questions      Hug 
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Yup - 3D printing is going to really get popular with the open marketplace for designers and printers on . 
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Thank for the info  :)
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Thanks for your response. It is difficult to get a nice open community going on but we are trying. We love Deviantart and visit it regularly. We see people sharing the interest in many cases. 
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My goodness, I had no idea how involved the process is, I have a new appreciation for the works you put up :)
Thanks for sharing this info my friend :)
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No problem, now you know how it works  :)
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Yes thanks for your time and effort my friend it is most appreciated.
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