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Disruptive Magazine 3D Luxury Issue

By nic022
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My 3D model on Shapeways featured on Disruptive Magazine on The Luxury Issue
You may found everything about 3D printing on this web site, visit them.

The original render used is here  Fractal 3D Printed Model by nic022

Thank to the Team of Disruptive
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:bow: Bow to the master of voxels :bow: - well deserved :clap:
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Cool, thank you a lot, but i'm not a master but maybe a good student, the limit of the process into MB3D is not really the voxels, the only limitations are the 3D printing process who do not accept High polygones meshes.  :)
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Yes - they million polygon meshes - I still struggle with them. Zbrush with unified skin and decimation master was recommended to me but sadly Zbrush is a bit on the steep side in terms of pricing and my trial expired a long time ago. So I am still trying to get somewhere with Meshlab - but I am quite far off.
Thargor6 over at fractalforum was talking about a new mesh generator in upcoming Mandelbulb3D versions - lets hope and see.
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Yes Zbrush is really good but very expensive, you may try this free software Deskartes 3Data ;

32 bit windows download page…

64 bit windows download page…

i use it and it is a great pice of software  !!!!
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Cheers - will give that a go.
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Congratulations Nic, really great
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Many congrats :clap: Well deserved :aww:
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Cool, thank you a lot for the congratulations  :)
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