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Paige is the second child of the Guthrie family in Cumberland, Kentucky. When her brother Sam ( Cannonball) left home to become a member of the New Mutants, Paige developed an inferiority complex and became obsessed with the possibility that she could be a mutant. At the age of thirteen she tested herself with a wide range of challenges to try and discover her mutant powers. Unfortunately, Paige's trials only led to depression and frustration. At last her temper broke and she begged God to let her find her powers, threatening that she would tear her skin off if she was not a mutant. She made good on her threat and thus discovered that her mutant powers would allow her to produce additional layers of her skin. So overwhelmed by the discovery of her gifts, Paige dropped to her knees and cried for joy. She had finally become what she always wanted to be. A mutant.


Husk was created by Fabian Nicieza and Tony Daniel and first fully appeared in X-Force #32 in 1994, although she had appeared unnamed in the background in New Mutants Issue 42 (1986).

Character Evolution

Paige's journey from girl to superhero has been shown from the very beginning. Her first appearance's showed Paige to be one of Cannonball's many siblings, initially shown as powerless, Paige gained mutant powers, the ability to 'husk' a new layer of skin, and started training to become the superhero she so desperately wanted. Saving the X-Force team from the Gamemaster, Paige wasn't allowed to join because she was still an amateur. She then received training at the Xavier institute and eventually joined Generation X, a new team of young, trainee mutants. Paige stayed with the team for it's entire run, having a complicated relationship with fellow member Chamber, but eventually breaking up after he was invited to join the X-Men. After the teams disbandment, Paige joined the short lived X-Corps with some of her ex teammates. Paige returned to the institute and eventually realized her life long dream of becoming an X-Man. During her time with the team, Paige started a relationship with Archangel. However, Cyclops stationed them in Genosha but it was short lived after M-Day. Paige retained her powers and helped the X-Men on various adventures, most notably Necrosha and Second Coming, but didn't re-join any of the team's in any official manner. However, after the Schism, Paige took Wolverine's side and joined the Jean Grey Institute of Higher Learning as a Junior Faculty member, teaching Mutant Literature and Art. However, Paige's powers have been shown to be malfunctioning, and in a constant cracked and molting state, which is shown to not only be effecting her physical state, but also her mental one.

Major Story Arcs


Paige followed in Cannonball's footsteps and joined the ranks of the New Mutants where she spent months on learning more about her powers. Page was present when during the Young Hunt arc when the New Mutants fought Siena Blaze with the help of the Hellions. Husk attempted to save her teammates, but her powers were not enough. Still mourning the loss of her friends, Page met Cable and told him her story. Cable forbade Paige from joining X-Force since Paige was still considered a novice, but Paige proved to be as stubborn as ever. Ignoring Cable's orders, Paige followed Cable by leaping into his portal before it fully closed. She husked herself into a form that allowed her to go undetected by the Gamesmaster. When both teams were defeated by the Upstarts, she confronted the Gamesmaster and convinced him to spare the lives of the defeated mutants by insisting that the world would be better off if he would train the next generation of mutants instead of killing them. Thanks to her actions, both teams were saved.

Paige remained with the X-Force, and asked Cable to help train her to better use and understand her mutant powers. Cable responded that he did not have the time nor the means to train her properly. Rather than accept this answer, Paige suggested that she leave X-Force to be trained by Professor X like her brother. Boom Boom and Cannonball brought her back to Xavier's and reinforced to her the dangers of both being a mutant and the path she had chosen. Cannonball wanted to discourage his sister from this life, but Paige refused to back down, citing that so long as she was a mutant she felt this was required of her, and joined Xavier to further her training as a super hero.

Generation X

Shortly afterward, she was captured by Phalanx, an alien collective intelligence, along with several other young mutants. Its effort to assimilate them into its consciousness was foiled by Blink, and Paige was invited to join the Xavier Institute's new school, Massachusetts Academy, and become a member of Generation X, with the hope that it would lead to her becoming an X-Man. Husk tried to be the best she could whilst a part of Generation X, both physically, academically and socially. However, Husk grew overconfident when fighting the mutant Hollow. She automatically assumed that Penance's razor sharp skin wouldn't hurt her, but after tackling Hollow one-on-one, Husk was badly hurt and left with some bad gashes, even when she returned to human form. Paige was also hurt mentally when she found out about the Legacy Virus, which was only deadly to mutants. She tried to cope with this news by drinking. Chamber found her whilst drunk and she tried to kiss him. Chamber was startled and accidentally blew up the girl's dormitory with his powers. Luckily, Husk changed into a form so that she wasn't hurt, and no other members of the team were hurt either. She later asked Chamber not to tell anyone else about what had happened, as she was embarrassed that it was because of her that the dorm was blown up. Chamber misinterpreted this as Husk being embarrassed that she had shown feelings for a monster like him.

Paige joins Generation X

Sometime later, Husk's younger sister Joelle joined the group known as Humanity's Last Stand. Cannonball and Husk investigated the group, and during the investigation, Husk was kidnapped. She pretended not to be scared but it was obvious as her accent had come back. Eventually Joelle realized what Humanity's Last Stand was for, and so left the organization. When Paige returned to the Academy later, she and the rest of Generation X were attacked by Omega Red. All of them were saved by Chamber, since he was immune to Omega Red's death-spores. Husk tried to thank Chamber, but he brushed her off, as felt awkward. Husk secretly told Mondo that she was worried her relationship with Chamber would never work, but he tried to encourage her not to lose hope. Soon after, Generation X were captured by Emplate. Although most of the team managed to break free, Emplate brainwashed Synch and sent him after his family. Husk and some of her teammates went to save Synch. Even though Husk was ready to be a leader, it was Jubilee who worked out how they could take Synch down. The plan was to have Husk fight him continuously, since Synch couldn't copy her powers well. She was badly damaged when Synch interrupted one of her transformations before she was ready, and was caught in a painful form. Husk kept on fighting through the pain until she was helped by Monet, who stopped Synch.

After the cosmic entity Onslaught seemingly killed most of the Avengers and Fantastic Four, when Franklin Richards stayed with Generation X for a while, Husk helped him to get over the death of his father, since her father had also been killed and she knew what it was like.

'Deepest desire'

During her first Thanksgiving at Xavier's school, Husk invited Chamber to spend the holiday at her family's home. Chamber accepted the offer, although he tried to convince her the whole trip there that he couldn't give her a happy life like she wanted. Eventually Paige got angry and told Jono that the reason she had kissed him was because she liked him, not because she wanted a long-term relationship. Jono then left, and even though Paige called him a jerk and was angry, she cried once he was gone. The experience had hurt Husk so badly that at Christmas she decided to spend the time with Jubilee, Monet and Emma instead of going home. Later on, Black Tom Cassidy kidnapped Generation X and put them on a raft made of plants in the middle of the ocean. The kids were going to die from exposure soon, and Husk and Skin were in the worst condition. Chamber tried to help protect Husk from the sun, but she angrily told him that he should treat her as an equal within the team. The team was found by Glorian, who promised to fulfill their deepest desires. For Husk and Chamber, he restored Chamber's face, and made him a rock star with Paige as his girlfriend. Eventually Skin managed to convince Glorian that he hadn't looked deep enough for their dreams. Glorian asked Skin what they really wanted. Skin said that they wanted to go home, but once again Glorian misinterpreted this and transported the team to Los Angeles, where they were hunted by Sentinels of Operation: Zero Tolerance. Whilst running away from the Sentinels, Generation X hid out in a garage. Aware that it might well be their last moments together, Chamber apologized to Husk for the spoiled Thanksgiving and the two began to get along with each other. In the end, the Sentinels were shut down by SHIELD and Generation X managed to get home.

Unable to talk

While Generation X were out in town having dinner one night, the mansion was broken into by the daughter of a police chief, Tracey Authier, who took some personal items belonging to Generation X. One of these things was Husk's diary, along with Wolverine's hat which had been given to Jubilee, and the gun which had seemingly killed Skin. Even though she thought all the things in Husk's diary were made up, Tracey still blackmailed her into giving her a tour of the mansion. During the tour, Emplate attacked the mansion with some supernatural minions. After the fight was over, Tracey had a change of heart and decided she wouldn't tell anyone about the mutants.

On a trip to the Harvest Festival, Generation X encountered some Asgardian trolls who sent a ferris wheel out of control. While the team was trying to stop anyone getting hurt, Husk acted as team leader. Seeing her transform, the trolls thought she was capable of magic and kidnapped her in the hope that they could get back to Asgard with her help. Husk transformed to a gold form and gave the trolls some of her skin, and made them promise to go deep into the woods so that they wouldn't scare anyone. A bit later, Husk received a call from her brother telling her that their mother was very sick. Husk decided she would go back home so that she could take care of her mother. Before she left, Husk asked Chamber if he would stay at the Academy at least until she got back since things were complicated between them. During this time, Psylocke and the Shadow King had had something of a "Psi-War", with the result being that telepathic mutants lost their powers all over Earth. As a result of this, Chamber couldn't communicate telepathically - instead he used his powers to burn a heart into the piece of paper he had written "I promise" on. Shortly afterward, he got his telepathic powers back.

The Break-up

Paige's mother recovered faster than expected, and so she returned to the Academy. Paige had expected that Jono would start acting more like her boyfriend once she returned, but his awkward response to her being back prompted Husk to start flirting more with other boys. At the same time, the Academy had to accept human students since they were running short on money. Banshee asked Tom Corsey to guest lecture and Tom was shocked at how little progress they had made with their powers. In one training session, Tom had Husk shed her skin repeatedly until she finally "husked" into a glass form. Unfortunately, one of the human students named Tristan Brawn found out that Generation X were mutants and blackmailed Paige into going on a date with him. While the rest of the team were against it, Husk tried it out since she liked Tristan. Even though Husk told Chamber that it wasn't his business anymore, Chamber threatened to blow Tristan's face off if he hurt Paige.

Paige and Tristan

Chamber's feelings affected the whole team, as he constantly questioned Husk's ideas when she was leading the team on a mission shortly afterwards, even though she had good plans. When Husk and Tristan finally went on their date on the night of the school ball, it was interrupted by Emplate and his minions, but luckily were able to keep him away from the human students without them noticing. Afterwards, Tristan confessed to Paige that he was worried about her, and the two kissed. Husk became Tristan's girlfriend, and stopped talking to Chamber.

Disbandment of Generation X

In an attempt to get revenge on Emma Frost, Adrienne (her sister) revealed that Generation X were all mutants and which students were members. The whole school was panicking and to top it off, Adrienne place bombs around the school. Synch was killed whilst trying to defuse a bomb. As another result of this night, Husk and Tristan's relationship ended as all the human students left. Due to the shock of this, Husk started training harder than she had before, even though Generation X had given up the idea of being superheroes. After keeping an eye on what was happening to mutants on the internet, Husk found out that some children had gone missing and were being taken to "The House of Corrections" to be experimented on. Husk demonstrated that she could turn into a strange rubber form which granted her super speed whilst shutting down the House of Corrections. By this time, she and Chamber had become friends again. When Generation X spent a trip into the city, Husk decided to stay at the mansion since she could still keep an eye on the mutant community whilst at home. That night, Husk encountered the ghost of a former resident of the mansion, who led her to the attic. In the attic was a letter, which Husk gave to the ghost's elderly sister once she tracked her down.

Shortly after this, Generation X decided to disband, mainly because Banshee had taken up drinking and Emma Frost was acting strangely about her sister's whereabouts. Also, Chamber had been invited to join the X-Men, and the others knew that their lives should be more than sitting around waiting for a similar letter. Husk and Chamber had a very tearful goodbye, since they had never found out where they stood on their relationship. Just before Chamber left, he told Husk that he had written a letter for her and put it in her bag. Husk realized that she didn't necessarily have to be an X-Man to help people, and went north to help some environmentalists.


Over the next weeks, Paige followed media reports of Jono’s public love affair with pop-star Sugar Kane and was rather disappointed. It seemed that he hadn’t taken too long to forget her. When Banshee eventually sobered up he started the paramilitary organization he called the X-Corps. He contacted his former students individually and Paige, Monet and Jubilee each agreed to join out of concern for their former teacher’s extreme tactics, as some members of the group were former villains, brainwashed into service. When some of them broke free and took control of the X-Corps from within, starting a rampage all over Paris, Husk, M and Jubilee assisted the X-Men in bringing down the X-Corp. During the incident, Paige also met Jono, the same awkwardness from before occurring between them.


Following the disbanding of the X-Corps, Paige returned to Xavier‘s mansion with the X-Men. During that time she developed romantic feelings for Warren Worthington III, aka Archangel, and as a result had earned herself the scorn of Stacy X, a recent addition to the X-Men who too had a crush on the winged mutant. Able to “read” the pheromones that Paige was emitting, Stacy embarrassed Paige in front of the X-Men by revealing her feelings to everyone else. Husk ran away and found a shoulder to cry on in school nurse Annie Ghazikhanian, who she confided in. If Paige’s dream of becoming an X-Man had ever really ended in the first place, it now returned.

After discovering the Worthington’s company was funding Lobo Technologies, which was actually a front for a group of savage mutant werewolves, Paige helped the X-Men to investigate. While fighting the werewolves, Paige and Warren were separated from the team and ended up both seriously hurt. They barely escaped into the woods, where they passed out, lying on top of each other. Archangel recently having undergone a secondary mutation, his blood now possessed miraculous healing properties, which brought back Paige from the brink of death and accelerated both of their healing. The near death experience helped Warren to finally come to terms with his former lover Psylocke’s death, and he also realized how much Paige meant to him. After this adventure, they started dating.

Relationship with Angel

Things looked promising for Paige – she had officially achieved her dream of becoming an X-Man and, with Stacy X quitting and leaving the mansion, there seemed to be no more interference in her and Warren’s growing relationship. However, Jono returning to the mansion from a week-long undercover mission changed that. Paige barely got the chance to deal with the new love triangle she found herself caught in, as, a few days later, operatives of the Church of Humanity crucified several mutants on the front lawn of the mansion. To her and Jono’s horror, two of these mutants happened to be their old teammates, Jubilee and Skin. Taxing Archangel’s healing capabilities to the limit, the X-Men were able to resurrect some of the victims, Jubilee being among them. Chamber and Husk were both thrilled but it was bittersweet when they realized that Skin was not coming back.

As always, the X-Men grieved and moved on. Paige eventually chose Warren over Jono, and Chamber decided to use his emotional state to the X-Men’s advantage as it provided a good cover for his apparently switching sides and joining the new Weapon X program. At the same time, him going undercover allowed Paige to be with Warren without fearing to hurt Jono’s feelings. Jubilee, on the other hand, decided to stay at the mansion and resumed her close friendship with Paige, who helped her through losing Angelo. During a visit to Angelo’s grave, the two girls learned of the graveyard’s owner wanting to dig up his body, because of several other tenants having complained about a mutant being buried there. Despite Paige and Jubilee’s best efforts to stop it, Angelo was unearthed and cremated.

A few weeks later, Warren suddenly broke it off with Paige – the huge age gap between them being only one reason for his decision. When Paige learned of a crisis in her family home in Kentucky, the X-Men accompanied her to deal with a group of mutant-haters that were oppressing the Guthrie family. During their stay, Warren had a heart-to-heart talk with Paige’s mother, during which he confessed that his actual reason for breaking up was that he loved Paige so much that he feared he could not handle her getting hurt or even killed in the line of duty. Overhearing all this, Paige stormed into the room, calling Warren an idiot for not talking about his fears to her. They reached an understanding and brought their relationship to a more serious level, Warren literally taking her to the skies.


Shortly after Xavier’s departure to Genosha, Cyclops took over as headmaster of the school he decided to reorganize the X-Men. He took both Husk and Archangel off the active rosters, as he wanted Warren to go to Genosha and keep a watchful eye over Professor Xavier’s activities there. Paige left together with Warren, though their trip to Genosha was postponed by Warren working on a new project he began with Hank McCoy: Mutantes Sans Frontieres, a pro-mutant organization that would operate where the X-Men or their extension, the X-Corporation, had no authority.

During the gala reception in celebration of the local office in Zanzibar, Paige caught Callisto looking at Warren and became immediately jealous. The reception was interrupted by a group called the Weaponeers who were being employed by Viper. Husk and Archangel did their best to fight the Weaponeers but, if not for some of Xavier’s Genoshan friends joining them and the Viper eventually switching sides, they wouldn’t have survived. After this her siblings, Jay and Melody, joined the Xavier Institute.

After M-Day

After M-Day, Paige and brother Sam kept their powers however Jay and Melody lost theirs, this lead to Melody leaving the institute and returning home and unfortunately Jay's death at the hands of William Stryker. Paige attended his funeral and decided to stay at the institute. She then decided to stay at the mansion and helps the wounded during fights.

When the Sentinel Squad O.N.E. databases were hacked Paige was immediately suspected because of her computer knowledge, when the soldiers tried to steal her computers from her room, Paige attacked the officers which forced them to knock her out, Sam responded angrily to the soldiers attacking his sister and in return attacked them, however the Sentinels apprehended him. Paige was extremely angered by the Sentinels presence at the mansion, saying the world is treating mutants like a plague. They're heroes, this isn't supposed to happen. She tells Sam that she wishes their Mom was there. The authorities also took her computers, which contained her e-mails and diaries, things she never wanted anyone to see. She's paranoid that they're laughing at her, turning her secrets and her dreams into dirty jokes. She starts crying in front of the 198, when Sam proposes payback. Later that night, Sam and Paige hack the O.N.E. databases, starting at the top with Colonel Miguel Reyes. Cannonball and Husk then spend a lot of time with the mutant refugees on campus.

Divided We Stand and San Francisco

After the events of the Messiah War, it is revealed that Paige had returned to living with her family. She is the one that goes to pick up her brother, Cannonball, at the airport to bring him home. However, Sam, still feeling angry over the betrayal of his X-Men team, tells her to take him to a local bar where he picks a fight with the members of rival families from their home.

Paige confronts Sam about his action after the brawl ends. Sam yells his lost faith in how the life of an X-Men works and flies off angry, leaving Paige fearful for his life and mind.

During Secret Invasion, Husk is seen fighting alongside the rest of the X-Men in San Francisco against the invading Skrulls and flirting with Angel at the same time, although they are no longer a couple. It's unknown when or why they broke up, but it is assumed that they broke up just before of just after M-Day. After this she is seen on the new mutant haven Utopia, formerly known as Asteroid M. She is seen fighting, with all the other mutants, against Norman Osborn and his " Avengers", she is taken out early in the fight, being hit by one of Bullseye's arrows. After the fight she is seen clearing up the mess around her new home.


Husk still living in Utopia when Selene raised the dead mutants of Genosha Island to attack the island. Along with Trance and Rockslide, she faces his old friends Synch and Skin. When fate Blindfolded warns of a threat at the entrance on the island Muir, Paige part of the group assembled by Night to go to deal with it. Sporting a new red suit and yellow, similar to their old ways of Generation X, Paige makes it clear that she is in doubt about the mission of the team, considering both the power to predict the Eye Destination Blindfold are lying as it should not be a threat so serious. When the team arrives at Muir Island, there is no sign of opposition to the team that begins to doubt Blindfold vision, especially Trance and Paige. But then discover something back when the target was raised - the Proteus villain.

After owning the Target bodies, Nightcrawler and Blindfold, Proteus fight to own the remaining staff, and ultimately have Psylocke, Trance and Husk. Rogue, using the powers of Psylocke, breaks Proteus control worldwide, except for Husk which proves to be a bigger challenge than expected due to the fact that the possession by the villain unlocked his latent mutagenic potential and she became a Omnimorpha a supreme transmorfa with mutant powers at the same level of Morph the Exiles. Proteus uses the new Paige powers in a way that it never even been able to use before. It shows the ability to take any form that your imagination can conceive without the need to "husking" your body and tear your skin into a form of flaming energy, something Paige was previously unable to do. "Paige" then begins to beat Rogue just playing for time. When the "Former-Husk" is close to winning Rogue, Psylocke arrives and uses her telepathic dagger in Paige, ridding it. Proteus is defeated and the X-Men return to the Blackbird and finally leave the Muir Island. Thanks to its new powers Paige is immensely useful to defeat the plans of Selene and free his friends raised in Necrosha, Paige part of the team sent to find and talk to Blink.Como result of their new level of power awakened Paige takes the new codename of Morpha to testify that she had changed and "evolved".

Second Advent
Paige is present in Utopia Island when Bastion defines an impenetrable dome above San Fransisco. Trapping her inside. After the Super-Sentinels Nimrods invade it is sent by Cyclops to Bart tunnels melting, Sunspot and Avalanche to combat Nimrods as he tries to convince the other mutants on Utopia fighting. While the staff seemed to be struggling with Nimrod, Paige tried morphing into a corrosive way of trying to erode the Nimrod, but the robot used its technology to adapt to this way and literally tore her body acid. It took the combined efforts of the entire team to defeat the robot. But just as it is destroyed, two more arrived and the team is forced to fight. Later, it seems that the team defeated the Nimrods in the tunnels when Paige joins the fight in the Golden Gate Bridge. Where she witnessed the defeat of Nimrods, wondering what caused them to malfunction.

Curse of the Mutants

After the old companion Paige Jubilee team turned into a vampire, Paige makes it her mission to find her. Not counting the other X-Men on what she is doing, Paige targets a group of vampires. Pretending to be a helpless girl, it allows a vampire to take her to an abandoned warehouse where he tries to bite her. However, she instantly morphs up, and takes a metal form. Throwing it away she demands to know where this Jubilee. The lights come on and a group of vampires. Then they do not give you more information, Paige morfa a form of wood. She begins to take down the vampires, impaling them with arms and wooden legs. One of the vampires try burning it ateando- on fire, however, this does not affect Paige and she uses fire to their advantage to help defeat the vampires. The remaining vampire, who tried to bite her, grabs an ax and tries to hit her put her, striking a blow to the side of the ax. Paige fight through the pain and can win the last Vampire. She is afraid of what happened to her friend. It is not known if she told anyone about what happened.

After that, Paige back to Utopia, where it joins the strike force. Team members have all the powers that make them impossible to be bitten and turned into vampires. They act as the front line against Wolverine vampire and vampire invasion forces. Paige once again morfa in form of wood and tipping several vampires before it is defeated by Wolverine.

Morpha is later seen, among many other X-Men, who are waiting in an office waiting Hannibal King to overthrow Magik, who was having a meeting with Cyclops, for he sent her and her team as "lambs sacrifice "against the Vampires something that infuriated Magik and put a fight with Scott's suggestion of their need to be held for their actions something that is seen in the saga" Fall of the New Mutants ".


Paige was among the mutants who have chosen to side with Wolverine in the aftermath of his climactic battle with Cyclops by the leadership of the X-Men. She seemed content to turn away from the life of a soldier who had been living. It was during a conversation with Sam that she seemed to decide and when she came out, he revealed to Dani Moonstar who was suffering problems of personality and identity due to the fact now be one of the most powerful metamorfas the planet and be "who" and " that "she wanted her personal identity was shaken.

Problems in their own identity
Paige joined the Jean Grey School for Higher Education as a member of the Junior team, integrating a new generation X under the tutelage of Xorn teaching History of Art and Literature Mutant and Mutant. Sporting a new costume Generation X, while teaching her first class, Paige 'morphing' into a more aggressive form, yelling at his students in order to make them start paying attention to her. However, during class, the school was attacked by monsters of the Hellfire Club, Paige defends his class, morphing into a form of fire to eliminate threats. She also joins the rest of the Institute and fight on equal terms against the Hellfire Club. Later, she holds a mutant Above Omega Level, known Alias How Krakoa The Living Island.

At a meeting of faculty, Paige tries to express his insecurity of not being tailored to teach mutant children who are not listening to her, but is ironically cut the Beast before she can finish. Later, Cannonball expressed his frustration about having a memorial for the X-Men dead at school including his brother Jay, in the staff room and do not understand how Paige agrees with the decision and that she can not even look at the picture Jay.

Rejecting the feelings of Sam, Paige says she has class and must change in response to this, Sam says that "change" and morphing it every time some unfortunate the counter and that its power is not an antidepressant. At that time, the school is attacked and Paige is instructed to go teach normally. During his lecture, Rogue interrupts and tells Paige that there is a problem with the "heating system". On leaving school, Paige morphing instantly in form of fire and destroys N'Garai demons invading the mansion. During the time of Paige at school it becomes evident that their condition of having their power extended to the maximum was causing it an effect of "morphing" also your personality making her move to different states of mind as easily as she changes from one way to another .This is diagnosed by the Beast as a psychologically unstable emotional state that typically affect only shapeshifters such as Mystique and if something was not done by Paige she would quickly become a superhero in a threat to everyone around including itself .as Wolverine result designates Kitty Pride to help Paige starting a routine geared psychological treatments to help her to recover her identity crisis and help her rediscover the "way home" as she always did .Meanwhile it participates in missions alongside the new All New Generation X under the tutelage of Lady Xorn that also assists with their Buddhist meditation skills.

Powers and Abilities

Malleability: She as Morpha is made of unstable molecules, which gives you the ability to shapeshift. His metamorphic powers seem limited only by your imagination and mood. It can turn body parts or all of it and take the molecular configuration you want, you can turn your hands on sharp metal swords, shields or metal, take the form of a flock of birds to attack an opponent with thousands of pecking, turn themselves in metal, water, volcanic magma, nuclear plasma or imitate even the molecular level a particular person or individual doubling it until the mental level so that not even a trained telepath can differentiate it even imitating even their smell, vocal pattern , fingerprints or retina or DNA. It can change the chemical composition of your body in a gas or liquid. She is also able to fly: in the past, she formed wings and propellers to jet, however, in at least one case she demonstrated the ability to fly through sheer force of will. It can also change its color, stretch, contract, twist, compress and expand your body.

High Strength: Because the genetic makeup of Morpha it is extremely durable and resistant to physical damage. It is much more susceptible to energy-based attacks.

Amorphous Recovery: unstable molecules that make up the body of Morpha are able to divide and merge himself back, allowing him to survive the injuries as dismemberment. However, this process takes time and becomes harder when Morfa is recovering from a burn injury or damage posed by radiation.

Not odora: A substance that is part of your physical makeup is odorless and does not emit odor, making it impossible for super humans with animal senses hyper sharp track it. It is therefore invisible to the sense of Wolverine faro

Super-Strength: Despite being rare to see it making use of this power Morpha has super strength and can lift or press 10 tons.…

White Lioness

"Wolverine Female" New Generation-X White Lioness mutant. Has no secrets knows the Wolfsbane the New Mutants? Imagine a young shapeshifting mutant girl specifies able to turn through a concentration "Were Lioness White Women" of more than 2,15m tall and statuesque body white lioness woman. And she is ready. Here is a description of his powers:

Powers and Abilities

White Lioness has superhuman strength and durability. It also has speed, agility, reflexes and balance as well as super-senses psionically  improved, combat skills and is very adept at the use of psychic powers combined with his powers and instincts hyper-keen animals. She can through psychic powers amplify his super-strength, super-speed, durability, reflexes and balance in order to perform impossible miracles even to beings with such powers as to defy the laws of physics moving against gravity and walking down vertical surfaces, or the walls, or deviate from projectiles and bursts of energy, it can also design psychically your consciousness forward in time in order to predict threats or scan the future with its super animal senses as his sight, hearing and super smell improved, can "fold" time and space psychically around shortening distances and thus go in seconds long paths. She can psychically cast on itself a "camouflage" which makes she invisible and undetectable even to being owners of super-sharp senses hyper animals. She also can psychically make their claws and fangs as dense as if they were made of diamond, and she can shoot the claws of his hands the distance as if they were bullets and regenerate or impregnate with psychic energies enabling them to cut through any barrier or of the densest substances that exist .She can still use a psychically changed sonic roar in more subtle ways that only a shock wave being able to act in the nervous system responsible for the fear of mortals through infrasound use "sonic petrification" and paralyze opponents, can heal psychically even fatal injuries on her or others.…


Kurt Pastorius is a mutant, student member of the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning, and one of the new members of Generation X Little is known about its history.

Refrax is a clown class joker practice. He is the best friend of Mondo, and has a crush on his companion Buff team.

Along with other members of Generation X, Refrex traveled to the Astral Plane to fight Simon Trask and save Lady Xorn

Powers and Abilities

Omni-Vision: Kurt Pastorius can see at all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, see in infrared, ultraviolet, microwave, x-rays, microscopically, telescopically, see the Kirlian aura, psychic aura (and as such can see astral forms or incorporeal spirits) which enables you to visually analyze an opponent in all possible ways.

Blasts Opticians: Kurt Pastorius can absorb cosmic energy environment and converts it into optical bursts of immense destructive power that can be used in a number of different bursts ways concussive able to throw away unconscious opponents, blinding flashes of light or bursts of plasma capable vaporize opponents whose power is such that he can pierce sheet adamantium. Unlike Cyclops these bursts are entirely on Kurt's control that can suppress them consciously and does not need anything like a ruby ​​quartz display to tell them. However he still needs to wear a pair of sunglasses to "disguise" the eyes that shine with a spectral light when he's not using his optic blasts.

Unarmed Combat: Kurt is 6th Dan in Judo being a competent unarmed fighter that although not "invincible" is quite skilled in combat can use creatively their combined visual powers with his martial arts.……


Arlee Hicks is a mutant, a student at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, and member of Generation X. Little is known about its history.

Buff is friendly and pleasant, but also very shy and reserved. Due to shes advanced muscles, corpoe Buff has exaggerated muscular definition and increased mass, and although she is very beautiful and is within the beauty bosses of many people she finds horrible because of his muscular physique which makes she a lot of insecurity. To hide your physical others, she always wears blouse, clothes and formless. She is a friend of all his colleagues, and shares a mutual attraction with Refrex.

Along with other members of Generation X, Buff traveled to the Astral Plane to fight Simon Trask and save Lady Xorn.

Powers and Abilities

Growth Muscle Mass Physics
Activation of Gene Factor X Arlee made its proportions and muscle density increase exponentially. Shes tissue density makes she weighs much more than his figure would suggest, tipping the scales at 136 kg of pure muscle. The increase also had the effect of transforming a simple girl looking for an anatomically extreme very beautiful young woman, although for some reason Arlee remained oblivious to this and often seems convinced that she is still unattractive. She has been theorized that the transformation of Arlee was not random, but in fact your body physically increasing up to match his high intellect.

Super-Human Strength
Buff faced and was able to remain on a par with some of the heroes and stronger villains and villains from the Marvel universe. She can lift more than 75 tons, under normal conditions, making the limit for his super strength the same as Ms Marvel.

Durability Super-Human
Buff is practically invulnerable and can absorb a huge amount of physical punishment without injury. She fell from great heights in solid concrete and was unhurt. His bones are almost unbreakable and your skin can withstand punishment even by bullets. Shes upper limit for durability is the same as the Ms.Marvel.

Improved resistance
Arlee can be exercised well above the human resistance levels without getting tired or even increasing breathlessness. Shes upper limit to the resistance is the same as the Ms.Marvel.

Enhanced agility
Arlee is very skilful and agile than a normal human being and is capable of impressive stunts, especially when combined with his superhuman strength.

Super-Human Reflexes
Arlee was able to catch a bullet fired from a sniper rifle before it could reach its intended target.

Unarmed combat
Thanks to extensive training and actual combat experience while member Jean Grey School of Higher Learning, Buff is a formidable hand-to-hand fighter, and learned to use his great strength and other physical superhuman abilities to your advantage on battle.

Arlee has an extremely privileged intellect, majoring in computer science and electrical engineering at the Ivy League level. She is a genius of talented computer and have skills comparable to that of a high-level programmer and hacker.

Speed ​​Super-Human
Due to its enhanced super muscles, Buff can move up to 160 mph………

Doc X

Doc X or Japhet (his real name) is a fictional character of stories in the Marvel Universe comics, published by the American publishing house Marvel Comics.

The curious character is a South African mutant and your mutation is to express ectoplasmic energy of the astral plane and channels it to the physical plane using it for a number of uses that seem metaphysical magical powers.


Doc X was born in a very poor South African village, northwest of Transvaal, near a place called Ottoshoop. Problematic since birth, his parents thought he had cancer. Held along the body brands like tumors that doctors could not diagnose, identify the source or eliminate heard sounds that only he seemed to be able to hear and had horrible nightmares.

One night, when he heard his mother's prayers for him to die soon and end the suffering of all of he, confused, he fled his home in the desert in single family car, leading by mistake his younger brother, who was sleeping in the back seat.

Lost and dying, little Japhet was found by Magneto, which showed him his special gifts to feel the metaphysical energy aura around Japhet. When Magneto released his mutant powers him a power surge funneled ectoplasmic energy of the astral plane which assumed would be frightening settings based on fears and inner demons of Japhet, immediately left the boy to feel pain. He absorbed the ectoplasmic energy and her body cast a uniform gave him a series of similar powers to the Venom symbiote. The mutant then takes the two children home, arriving in the middle of a massacre committed by the army. After killing the soldiers at the request of Japhet, Magnus goes away.

As an adult and reasonable control of their special abilities, Japhet went to the USA, where he adopted the alias Doc X. He was looking for Magneto, but found Joseph, a clone with the same magnetic skills that helped at the time X -Men. After a brief confrontation, Doc X understood with Joseph and with the terrorist Morlock Marrow and medical Cecilia Reyes, formed the further strengthening of the mutant team, which was in crisis due to losses in Operation: Zero Tolerance.

During his first weeks on the X-Mansion, began to occur several deaths of people who were related to metaphysical phenomena of paranormal nature. All they suspected that Doc X was the culprit, but it's over to find that the charge was N'garai demons. In combat, Doc X was seriously injured and came only to recover later times. Shortly after the fight, the young man left the X-Men.

Months later, Doc X was arrested by the Weapon X program and taken to Neverland where he died. Later however he would be resurrected by Selene with the mutant population Genosha Island. Currently Doc X Island operates alongside a new version of Generation X under the tutelage of Lady Xorn having become a medical student.

Powers and Abilities

Japhet is able to materialize ectoplasmic energy of the astral plane in the form of a white and black substance (which is a metaphysical power of psionic nature) and absorb the same ectoplasmic substance that enters the body through the eyes, ears and mouth. The substance is actually ectoplasm, Japhet can get involved with ectoplasm creating a psionic exoskeleton ectoplasmic that acts in a very similar way that the symbiote Venom with the difference that this ectoplasmic exoskeleton is not a "separate entity "with personality and own identity but a material extension of the own" inner self "of Japhet entirely on his command. With this exoskeleton ectoplasmic Japhet has a series of skills and metaphysical nature of mutant powers emulating magic and the powers of the Venom symbiote. These derivatives powers of its exo-skeleton of ectoplasm make him a formidable opponent. Although he never had any formal training Japhet is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.

With its Exo-Skeleton Ectoplasm Japhet can:

Create razor sharp claws that cause psycho harm as well as physical

Climbing Walls or Vertical Surfaces

It has psychic senses metaphysical premonitory similar to "spider sense" of "a certain Hero Arachnid"

Move with super agility, speed, reflexes and superhuman balance

Create thorns / weapons and razor tendrils, like the alien symbiotes Marvel.

He has Invulnerability

He has regenerative power

He can design bursts of ectoplasmic energy

He can teleport to short distances such that Night

He can become invisible

Has Super Strength can lift or press 20 tons

He has no secrets about his appearance. It is this here. The same as a red mutant version of Uniform, necro flesh, Spawn Image Comics and the look of their symbiotic exo-skeleton is similar to an "X-Men" version of Spawn.

Lady Xorn

Hsien-Kuan Shen Xorn also known as "Lady Xorn". Here is your data:

Kuan-Yin Xorn
It had its first appearance in New X-Men Annual (2001). He can manipulate gravity and magnetism and some unknown powers. He is also called Xorneto, as Magneto (no one knows for sure if it's the same) possessed the body of Xorn. Thus he attacked the Xavier Institute with its Brotherhood of Mutants which was composed of Toad, Esme Stepford and members of the special class Xorn. This brought fatalities, including Esme Stepford. But he was prevented by the X-Men.

Kuan-Shen Xorn
It had its first appearance in X-Men (vol. 2) # 157. He has a powerful telepath level Omega, can live without oxygen and has different dimensional portals in your head. He was arrested by the X-Men to try to prevent Magneto or other to do the same with his brother, Kuan-Yin. He saved the Institute to be completely destroyed by the new Brotherhood of Mutants. He is one of 198 mutants left over in the world after M-Day .

Hsien-Kuan Shen Xorn

She came shortly after the X-factor gene mutant race has been restarted with the dispersion of the Phoenix Force and immediately became allied with Wolverine going to teach as a professor at the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. She has the same exact powers of the two previous versions of "Xorns" and how they have a star that rose in your head as your brain working. Hsien-Kuan Shen Xorn is a gentle teacher and even maternal but he knows to be heard and show authority when necessary.

Powers and Abilities

All three Xorns has a star that acts as the head, although in different states. The Kuan-Yin Xorn star is in an active state, a miniature sun, while Shen Xorn star is in a state of collapse, a black hole miniature and finally Hsien-Kuan Shen Xorn star is a Quasar and produces more energy in one second than a billion suns together. As unique beings, they have uniques.All your powers have influence / control over the four fundamental forces (strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism, radio particles and gravity) and they did not need to breathe, or need food or water. They have been shown can use his powers to a variety of effects. Kuan-Yin used his star generally to control electromagnetism; he emitted blinding light that can incinerate anything released Electromagnetic Pulses, and mimicked the magneto powers. Shen Xorn used his black hole generally controlling gravity, pulling in anything, even light. Hsien-Kuan Shen Xorn can use all these powers in addition to design quantum particles in a manner similar to a Big Bang in miniature. All three Xorns can manipulate the form of yours stars, Kuan-Yin can collect your star assuming the physical appearance of Magneto and Shen can collect your limiting its sphere of gravitational attraction to an area of ​​shadows that fully covers your face and use your black hole to design bursts of plasma and incinerate as a sun as Hsien-Kuan Shen Xorn can hide his star on the edge of your mask can design optical bursts with the power of a star in supernova able to even vaporize Adamantium. Kuan-Yin Shen showed healing and skills exhibited telepathic abilities level Omega and finally Hsien-Kuan Shen Xorn showed up as a omini-telepath the same level of the Entity "Onslaught".…
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Mondo is the name of three fictional characters of comics that appeared in the Marvel Comics series Generation X. The first Mondo was a young mutant superhero later revealed  as a clone of "true" Mondo that was a mutant super-villain who appeared years later. Finally it was revealed that this super-villain Mondo was also another clone created by the original Mondo that was a mutant who wanted to keep out of trouble and crises of the mutant race and was forced to create a super-villain clone of himself by  John Sublime and the Weapon Plus Program as an undercover agent placed strategically next to Black Tom Cassidy. The first appearance of the first Mondo was in Generation X # 3.

Biography of the fictional character

Not much is known about the Samoan mutant called Mondo. He was protected from Cordelia Frost, the younger sister of Emma Frost. In an attempt to plead for the post of White Queen of the Hellfire Club, Cordelia who had trapped with Mondo delivered him to the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. The Cordelia scheme failed however: for the Hellfire Club got Mondo but denied membership in Cordelia. Cordelia then turned to Emma, ​​the director of the Massachusetts Academy for help and, soon after, was rescued by Mondo, Generation X, and later accepted an invitation to join the team.

However, Generation X later learned that the Mondo who had rescued was not the real Mondo but a clone, a plant-based simulation created by Black Tom Cassidy, who had infiltrated the Hellfire Club and rescued Mondo. After taking Mondo under his tutelage, Black Tom created a clone of the young mutant to infiltrate the Massachusetts Academy for Black Tom could get revenge on his cousin, Banshee, who was the director of the Academy.

While Banshee and Emma Frost fought Black Tom, clone Mondo began to hunt members of Generation X. However, when the Mondo clone was about to attack Jubilee, was shot dead by anti-mutant activist, operative Bastion Chief Operation: Zero Tolerance.

Later, the real Mondo appeared alongside Black Tom and Juggernaut. Totally loyal to Black Tom, the real Mondo fought members of Generation X. Generation X Mondo tried to persuade not to fight, but Mondo laughed at them, reminding them that he never really knew them before. Generation X and their teachers were able to defeat their opponents, but the trio still managed to escape.

Years later during the phase of the X-Men by Grant Morrison on a mission against John Sublime and the Weapon Plus Program, it was revealed that second mutant super-villain Mondo also was not the real Mondo. This does not even come to actually be "captured" by the Hellfire Club and "rescued" by Black Tom Cassidy. The Mondo true actually was being all this time held prisoner by the Weapon Plus Program and forced to create clones of himself to be infiltrated strategically between the villains of the mutant community and thus create sources of information about what was happening in the changing underworld that could It is used by the Weapon Plus Program.

Once unmasked the second clone mondo turned against Black Tom Cassidy, The Juggernaut, and the X-Men fighting alongside Ultimaton. However Wolverine managed to free the real Mondo who confronted his evil clone and destroyed reabsorbing it and follow helping the X-Men to win Ultimaton.

But both John Sublime and Ultimaton as Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut once again escaped. The real Mondo proved to be very grateful to have been released from that for him were years of forced servitude in principle however declined the offer made by Wolverine to join the new version of All-New Generation X that was being created under the tutelage of Lady Xorn by state which actually never wanted to be neither "hero" or "villain" or anything just take his quiet life in his corner without getting involved with the crises of the mutant race.

However he was forced to go back on this decision during the events of X-Men Battle of the Atom and eventually accepted to join the Spark group.


Mondo has mutant powers which are exactly identical to those of the enemy of the Avengers villain known as The Absorbing Man, he can alter the molecular structure of his body, his uniform of the new Generation X, to mimic the properties of any material he touches is this material compound of organic or inorganic matter. This process also gives he super strength, toughness, and in most cases invulnerable to damage. If the object has played some form of energy, like a battery or a fusion reactor, Mondo absorbs these properties as well. He also has change to a limited extent skills to absorb certain objects, such as transmute his fists into giant hammers to play as a hammer or enlarge their size to enormous proportions when copying items or huge power force. He proved to be able to "grow back" an arm when cut off (in your rocky form) simply reattaching the molecules of this, then changing back to human form. Some of the substances he proved able to absorb are; Uru metal of the Stormbringer hammer of Beta Ray Bill,the cosmic power of Silver Surfer, the force and the Old Power of the Skaar Son of Hulk, the indestructible metal alloy of the Captain America shield, the skin of Rockslide, steel, titanium, adamantiun, nuclear plasma, volcanic magma, nanometal, the powers and the animal form of the Beast, bronze, light, iron, diamond, helium, water, earth, granite, wood, enriched uranium, iridium ,a brick wall, the laser blasts of Dazzler, the metallic armor of Ultron, the power of the Nova Force and the Worldmind of the Nova / Richard Rider, The Quantum–Bands of Quasar among others. If your body is broken into pieces, while in a non-human state he can self mentally restore just reconnecting the molecules of your body as he are in and revert to human form normally without any harm to he. Mondo also has the power to create "clones" of himself from vegetal matter and transmuting it into organic tissues identical to himself that retain the exact same powers of this and may even develop awareness and own personalities (sometimes completely distinct from the original equal the Mondo super-villain clone) that he may decide to undo, mind control against opponents or reabsorb although in the latter case the clone and the individual conscience that he had as a separate entity Mondo cease to exist.………

Rogue Boy

The mutant who is truly in-Synch with other mutants. Synch is able to sync up with other mutants and the use Their powers if They Were his own. Synch is a charter member of the junior team mutant, Generation X.


Everett Thomas was a mutant born in St. Louis, Missouri. He possessed an aura Which allowed him to synch up with other superhumans in his immediate vicinity, Thereby gaining any powers Briefly They possessed.


Synch was created by Fabian Nicieza and Andy Kubert and first Appeared in X-Men issue 36 (1994).

Mayor Story Arcs

Phalanx Covenant

Generation X

The mechanical collective race known to the Phalanx had assimilated the X-Men and attempted to wipe out what was to be the next generation of mutant heroes. Synch had accidentally synched to Banshee, who was in the area, and had shattered all the windows in his area with Banshee's "borrowed" scream. He did not know how he did it, but the next thing he Knew there was a slew of police officers with guns pointed at him. Unfortunately for Them, the menace was not Everett, but the Phalanx, who attacked the officers. Luckily, he was saved thanks to the help of the Emma Frost, Sabretooth, Banshee, and Jubilee. This misfit band of heroes ended up saving the other kids who Were attacked by the Phalanx. With the sacrifice of Blink, They managed to escape.

Generation X

Following the end of the Phalanx crisis, Everett and the other Youths Were all relocated to the Massachusetts Academy, Where They trained to use Their powers, received a formal education, and acted to the next generation of X-Men, Generation X. Although They where teached to regular students Become, They also Became a new striking force to Help Out other mutants and to make the world safer. The team, teached by Sean Cassidy, the Banshee better known, and Emma Frost Became a tight group Whom enjoyed eachothers company very much. Synch's powers where of great help During Their missions. Synch Became very close to his teammate "M" During Their later years in the school. Soon a romance blossomed between the two.


Synch was one of the original members of Generation X, headed by Banshee and Emma Frost. He met his untimely demise When the school had a bomb in it Placed by Emma Frost's sister, Adrienne. Heroically, Synch searched for the bomb using his teammates powers que he synched up with. He would find it, but would be too far from his team to properly use Their powers. He would jump on the bomb and take the explosion himself dying at the same team. His death would Ensure the survivor of Hundreds of others. Following his death, the academy would be shut down and Generation X would disband, going Their separate ways.

He was one of many mutants to be revived by Eli Bard, in trying to make Selene (The Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, who was also his teacher Emma membrane as the White Queen), a goddess. He is seen with Gen-Xers colleague, dermis (who died after Generation X be dissolved) attacking Scalp along with some of the younger X-Men .Thanks the timely intervention of the other X-Men Synch and most young people mutants dead were freed from the villain's control and had their mutagenic potential unlocked suffering secondary mutations and gaining new powers. In his case Everett won the exact same powers of Rogue with the difference that they were under control and he could play freely in other individuals without permanently steal your life force, powers, abilities and memories. Everett then adopted the new code-named "Rogue Boy" making it an Afro-descendant adolescent version of its counterpart of the X-Men joining the new incarnation of All New Generation X under the tutelage of Xorn.

Powers and Abilities

Rogue Boy as a consequence of having been revived by teknorganic virus in Necrosha event had your mutagenic potential latent mutant unlocked suffering a secondary mutation that gave him a new level of mutant power. He now is a mutant with the ability to drain the essence of a living being to come into physical contact with this, summarizing in your body your physical abilities, memories, personality traits, and dies superhuman to a varying degree just like Rogue / Anna Marie D'Ancanto. Unlike Rogue however Everett Thomas has full control over his ability can suppress he consciously in order to be perfectly capable of touching other people or creatures without prolonged physical contact with him is in any way harmful or fatal to other beings. Everett demonstrated such mastery level of the powers possessed by Rogue that he can drain life, the memories, abilities and powers of other superhuman without these however are affected, losing his powers or even become unconscious as was the case Rogue. He has full conscious control of your ability, if he so wishes, he can physically touch people, unafraid to absorb their powers or minds. He also proved to be able to indefinitely retain the powers, abilities, memories etc of other superhumans and keeps them with him the length of time you want without however people or creatures that had drained their powers come to lose permanently their equal powers happened when Rogue stole the powers of Ms.Marvel .In addition thanks to his prior knowledge and training in the Massachusetts Academy and combat training sessions at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning Everett demonstrated a high ability to combat maneuvers to-head using his powers or even without them.

He also showed the ability to manifest again powers, skills and knowledge he has absorbed in the past, although it has not presented this ability since its resurrection in Necrosha.

There are limitations as to how much energy it can absorb. Extremely powerful individuals as Magneto or Ares can consciously deny the powers of absorption Rogue Boy powers over them, or maintain a certain degree of power that Rogue Boy can not take them.

Other Skills:

• More recently, Rogue Boy assimilated and permanently stored the power of Former-Captain Marvel / Genis-Vell. Powers of the Captain Marvel give he super strength, invulnerability, flight power, stamina, durability, ability to design bursts of photons and cosmic consciousness. He also absorbed telepathy and telekinesis of Nathe Gray X-Man who gives Omega level psionic abilities.

• Contact with an alien Skrull upgraded the Rogue Boy powers to the point that he remembers, the will to power that he had absorbed in order to reactivate any power it had taken in the past, which allowed her to "feel "who changes shape and minds of his former absorbed, feeling if they were alive or dead and re-experience perspective of the events of the beings that absorbed through genetic memory.

Has secrets it looks like this:…


Monet St. Croix, the second born and most favored child of the wealthy ambassador, Cartier St. Croix, she was raised along with her siblings in a lavish lifestyle in Monaco, where they each grew accustomed to the finer things that money could buy. Like Monet, her three siblings all developed mutant abilities. However, the mutant power of her only bother, Marius, manifested into something like that of a vampire, causing him to feed on the bone marrow of other mutants. With his own mother as his first victim, Marius St. Croix turned to dark magic and took on the name Emplate. After an inter-dimensional expedition birthed a desire to rule, knowing Monet had impressive mutant powers of her own, the deformed and monstrous Marius offered to share his new power with Monet so that they could rule all realities together. Self-involved as any teenager could be, Monet laughed at her brother’s hideous new form and his ludicrous offer. Outraged and filled with jealousy of Monet, he trapped her in the red skinned, mute body named Penance. Her younger twin sisters, Nicole and Claudette, walked into the room to check on the strange noises coming from Monet's room only to find Emplate and Penance.

Being no more than eight and fearing that their brother killed their sister, the only one who did not treat them like "freaks", the twin sisters used their own mutant powers to banish Marius by teleporting him into another dimension. Knowing that only Emplate could free her, Monet quickly followed him. The twins wanted to spare the father the loss of his favorite child so they merged with each other and began to impersonate Monet. The twins, or the M Twins as they were later dubbed, were at some point mentored by the Aboriginal mutant Gateway before they were taken by the alien Phalanx, along with a number of other mutants. Still posing as their sister, the two young girls continued to perfectly imitate Monet when they joined their fellow captives as founding members of the mutant youth group Generation X.


Monet has one of the most difficult creations since her earlier appearances turned out to be actually her Twin Sisters whom morphed themselves to look like her. This version of Monet was created by Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureira and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #316. The real Monet was trapped in the body of Penance (or Hollow), whom was created by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo and first appeared in Generation X Issue 1. Monet is finally freed from the Penance form in Generation X Issue 40, making that the first time the real Monet is actually seen as Monet outside her Penance appearance.

Major Story Arcs

Generation X

Their facade would be challenged during the team's encounter with Emplate which caused headmistress Emma Frost to grow tired of "M"'s secrets. Emma Frost tried to use her masterful telepathic abilities to pry into the girls' mind, but they were capable of repelling her intrusions.

After a run in with Bastion and the forces of Operation: Zero Tolerance the twins facade would come to an end. Following a fierce explosion that buried "M" underneath a destroyed building, the twins emerged from underneath the rubble as two separate entities. The M-Twins then fell into a coma where their older sister (still trapped in the Penance form) would watch over them as they recovered.

During this time, Emplate reemerged hoping to recapture all three of his sisters. The sound of his voice awakened the twins from their coma and they once again merged into "M" and then also merged with Emplate. The twins then used their telepathic powers to find out how he escaped the dimension they put him in, as well as the true fate of their sister Monet. Emplate tried to take control of their gestalt form, but the twins broke free of Emplate after they were caught in another explosion. The twins then relayed their story to the rest of Generation X and used their powers to free the real Monet from Penance's body. As a result the twins became trapped in Penance's form before being freed shortly after.

Free at Last

Learning that his children were alive and well, Monet's father, ambassador Cartier St. Croix, hurried to the school to see the children he thought he had lost. He quickly pulled the three girls from the school and transferred Monet to an academy in the Swiss mountains.

There she discovered that her headmaster was in fact a vampire and had been feeding on his students. She killed the headmaster of this school and quickly returned to Generation X. Soon after, Monet began to date her teammate Everett Thomas, also known as Synch, until he died trying save everyone on the team from a bomb implanted by Adrienne Frost. Monet took the loss of his life hardest out of all of the Generation X members. Monet soon started to open up to her fellow teammates until the team realized that their leaders (Banshee and Emma Frost) were no longer reliable mentors.

Powers and Abilities

Monet St. Croix is a mutant with a wide variety of mutant powers which represent a near-perfect human being. Her powers include superhuman strength enabling her to lift 10 tons, superhuman speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, coordination, and balance; self-propelled flight; nigh-invulnerability; night vision and enhanced hearing; an enhanced healing factor and the ability to read minds and perceive mutant auras. Monet also appears to have telekinesis seen in X-Factor #218.

St. Croix also possesses a great degree of intellect, is highly educated, has formidable hand-to-hand combat skills, and is capable of using computers and electronic devices with ease.
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The Alien techno organic Warlock. So promising and yet so overlooked, underestimated, bad used, belittled ... Warlock never became a completely ridiculous and comical character in the title of the New Mutants whose only usefulness was to be "comic relief" title and the "character joker "type R2D2 and Jar Jar Binks of the New Mutants. Not even his alien origin as a "mutant" of techno organic race known as "The Phalanx" change the fact that Warlock was the "Goofy" official titles X. So I decided change it completely and so I decided to change your name to A.D.A.M. and transforms he into a heavyweight able to face a thousand and one situations. MY A.D.A.M. It is like a techno organic version of Android T-1000 from "Terminator 2". Imagine a fully silver body mutant made of cells, techno organics, able to shape your body what you want from sharp weapons plasma energy cannon, able to control its size grew to the proportions of a skyscraper to increase its density and mass become so dense and invulnerable as Diamond or intangible, and thus gaining super comparable strength to the android The Vision of the Avengers or able to partially solidify your members inside the opponents body causing immense agony able to self restore full of minor damage , fly, teleport, create force fields guards around designing the hands bursts of plasma energy, or the eyes optic blasts change of form and super-intelligence owner comparable to the DC Comics Brainiac and ready this is A.D.A.M. . On his way there are no secrets. You know the "E.V.A." of "Here Comes Tomorrow / Era uma vez no Amanhã" Grant Morrison? This here:…

Well just imagine the character up with the same look only male and adolescents and ready is A.D.A.M. !


Brightsword: Little Alex Smith does not always always had long silver hair blue eyes cobalt metal body composed of Adamantium Organic. He was a regular child, the son of a brilliant military scientist, Professor Alan Smith, who researches the process of bio-metallization mutant ability to Colossus of converting your body into an organic form of metal. Pressed by his superiors, the Professor Smith tested the bio-metallization process in his own son, even seven, but only did it for the simple collegues he Knew his son would survive, because the he had Observed and kept secret Alex was a latent mutant que only awaited the genetic incentive to raise its mutation and this cam in the form of experiment in Which Alex Then Became one of the first new Mutants of the new generation in the world. Unfortunately, his father did not live to see the results of his research, the teacher was killed later by anti-mutant radical. Collected by the USA Army, Alex grew 100 times stronger and 1500 pounds heavier than the normal human being on earth. He was later discovered he had que Also Suffered a secondary mutation due to tests showing Numerous side effects, the genetic materials used to raise Alex mutation Belonged to a particular mutant, capable of emitting electrical charges from the body. Thus, in addition to the usual effects, Alex was able Also to design electrical sparks measuring up to one meter, he called "electric blades," Alex Could Also, Within Certain limits, absorb energy (including kinetic). With the death of Professor Alan Smith, the American army was not able to reproduce the Mutants Abilities Alex only other New Mutants. Brightsword has bristle 2m tall with muscular physique verry as a heavyweight bodybuilder athlete silver hair long metallic skin silver Consisting of organic adamantium que, fouled virtual invulnerability providing Also Gives great superhuman strength comparable to and possibly Exceeding Colossus. He weighs more than 1,200 pounds and is the strongest physically of the new Generation-X. Sometimes he is thick and violent, but do not like to attack or fight with women (except When It shows absolutely inevitable and yet he still often "take it easy" and curb the power and force of his blows). Years later, now a teenager, Alex Realized his status as a guinea pig and tried to escape. Captured by the Hellfire Club, he was forced along with the new generation of New Mutants to join the new incarnation of "Hellions" of the Hellfire Club but thanks to the intervention of Spark and New Generation X managed to escape and chose to join the new Generation-X cross the eternal ideal of Charles Xavier. Assuming the code name Brightsword he Began to train with the other young mutants under the tutelage of Lady Xorn.

You have no secrets about the appearance of Brightsword. He is like this:…

Immense and the muscle shouldnt be the "strong man" of Generation-X.


Wanda Worthington V, Seraphim, grandniece of Warren Worthington III Archangel X-Men and how it "a winged mutant" only instead of avo uncle she has three pairs of natural wings like a mythical, Seraphim of Kabbalah of Angels says of them: "Each one had six wings:. with two he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with two he flew" Seraphim would be a powerful vitakinetik able to manipulate at will the vital energies of living beings. Could heal from a slight cut to a fatal hemorrhage with a touch of his hands, his mere presence would make any organic living creature to its strongest around and stronger in the fullness of the acme of physical strength would make flowers bloom to your touch and nature shine in life . His powers of Vitakinesis allow she to cure deadly diseases, increase the maximum physical capacity of any individual maximize their life force, rejuvenate the elderly etc .. But also can "remove" the life giving. Using his powers to handle vital forces in a negative form could "deny" invulnerability, super strength and resistance to races or individuals who typically have naturally these powers could "devastate" in a fight with Wolverine, just "off", its healing factor hyper-accelerated in the middle of a firefight, she could kill with a look bursting all the blood vessels of a living being or "turn off" the vital organs could dry up the root of a tree, if she wanted, could weaken the strongest of reducing beings your life force, could reduce a young man in the fullness of physical strength and vigor to a completely exhausted body, can cause fatal diseases in the same way that the cure.

She have no secrets about their appearance. Seraphim is so like a female version of 6 natural wings of his great-uncle Archangel of X-Men.…
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If you will allow me the immense boldness and daring I have a suggestion of a classical team that was terribly underestimated by Marvel Comics that could be cool for the All-New, All-Different Marvel . I speak of a mutant group was tremendously hated by readers at the time when it was published and that when its members were killed in a cruel and brutal way readers simply gave thanks to God and said "already were late" as if these characters were all " trashs useless disposable "something with which I disagree. So I decided to propose to the All-New, All-Different Marvel editor that are interested in taking on this new title changing the idea of ​​bringing this classic team of mutant heroes youthful refreshed for the new times. I just tried to make a nice upgrade in the powers of all members of the team making them truly useful rather than "bizarre" that need a quantum physics book to be understood your powers . So without further ado I present to you:

All-New Generation X


Well to start the team obviously had to be the most beloved member my version of "Girl of Fire" of, All New Generation X, the former Little brat Useless, of Jubilee at least in MY VERSION of All New Generation X stopped be "Vampire" and regained his mutant powers that back at the maximum level and instead of a ridiculous power "design fires of artifice" she now has pyrokinetiks powers in the same level as the Human Torch because I want to promote it to the first team mutant superheroes.

Jubilee (Jubileu in Portuguese) is the alter-ego of Jubilation Lee, a history of comic character Marvel Comics publisher. The first appearance of Jubilee was in Uncanny X-Men number 244 of August 1989.

In a way, their role in the histories of X-Men was to replace the Kitty Pryde took place during the 1980s teen icon. Both one and the other have created ties with Wolverine. Even the output of these two characters of the group was similar: she was considered that Kitty would be better with mutants of his age and was moved to the New Mutants; Jubilee was also transferred to Generation X, and also for being young. Shes main feature was the mood youth sarcastic, yielding a lightness to the most serious moments, and always appeared in a natural way, as in X-Men # 72 of Abril when she meets the professor and say, "Big deal, it's just a bald old man. The way the veterans talk, found it to be more. "

During his time in the X-Men, Jubilee wore shorts and a yellow coat. Shes most characteristic features were short hair and huge color pink sunglasses. When he went to Generation X adopted the uniform standard of the group and let her hair grow.

In the historic confrontation DC vs Marvel in the two major publishers, or as in the plot, the two universes faced, was placed 11 champions of each universe to face in 11 categories. Jubilee was selected the winner in the Marvel hero-teen category and fought Robin, the famous partner of Batman, and ended up falling in love with him during the fight, resulting in his loss to him. Still Marvel won the DC by 6 wins to 5, but instead of being eliminated the loser universe, they came together to form the amalgam universe where places and characters were merged. The Jubilee merged with Robin forming the Sparrow character, a girl partner of Darkclaw, Wolverine mixture with Batman.

In another crossover, Jubilee meets Robin and tries to date him, but this act causes other events, culminating in the confrontation between the team Justice League with the X-Men.

She participated in the New Warriors team, after losing his powers and used the alias of Wondra, fighting skills taught by his partner Logan.

Recently she had been turned into a vampire and preferred to get away from everyone and "disappear" until there is a way to deal with their new condition. She recently returned during the war between mutants and vampires led by Dracula and thanks to a mystical ritual accomplished by Blade from remaining pages of the Dark Tome of Chthon, it was possible at least for she be reverted back to a mortal due to your high humanity and thanks to this remove the curse of vampirism that she not only has to be mortal as recovered his mutant powers at the highest level now being able to psionically ignite your body and surrounds she on fire in a very similar way as the Human Torch also expressed a number of other powers related to the fire. Once more cheerful to live she returned your partnership with Wolverine adopting the new code-named "Spark" because now she had "evolved" and "grown" very power and responsibility.


Pyrokinesis: Jubilation Lee won a number of superhuman powers as a result of the effects of their changing nature that have been maximized thanks to her ritual conducted by Blade the Vampire turned on Human Mutant Girl again and you returned his powers maximized, who had all its mutagenic potential unlocked. Thanks to that she gained a wide range of new powers all of which are related to the fire. His main skill is to involve your body in fiery plasma without harm to itself, and can create bursts of flame, fireballs and flaming explosions of thousands of degrees centigrade.

She can also handle flames, so that you can mold it into the shape where you want to create animated constructs solid flames with the appearance and size she desired. Even when not engulfed in flames, Spark has the ability to control any fire within his immediate range of vision, causing it to increase or decrease intensity or move in a pattern directed by your thoughts. In addition, she is able to absorb fire / plasma in your body without harmful effects. She has demonstrated the ability to detect signatures heat (infra-red vision).

The plasma field immediately around your body is hot enough to vaporize projectiles approaching she, including bullets. She usually does not extend this flame - aura plus a few centimeters from your skin, so as not to ignite nearby objects. Spark refers to its maximum flaming power as a "Flame of Jubilation," which she can release omnidirecionalmente a flame with enough power to vaporize Adamantiun. This effect "Flame of Jubilation" may occur spontaneously when it absorbs an excessive amount of heat, although it may temporarily suppress the release, as needed, with a considerable effort. Spark can also direct momentary beam of solar flares as a weapon.

Spark has shown enough control so she can rescue a person while on your way to call without his passenger feel uncomfortable with her warmth. His knowledge extends to general information about the fire, supported by regular visits to fire safety lectures at various fire stations. In one instance, when poisoned, Spark overheated his own blood to burn the toxin.

The Spark's ability to ignite is not limited by the amount of oxygen in the environment, for their personal calls has demonstrated the ability to increase its power to the heat of a star may exist even in vacuum environments.

Early in his new career in the All New Generation X, was Spark covers transmute his own body into an open flame; just like a Fire Elemental.

Extreme temperatures: She can psychically control the heat and create your own, heating the atoms of the particles of hydrogen and oxygen as to cause combustion, generating extremely hot fire. The temperature can be raised to 1,700 ° C can melt nearly any type of material. At maximum temperature when casting the "Flame of Jubilation" Jubilation Lee can release higher heat of a star in supernova can vaporize Adamantiun.

Flight: Jubilation Lee is able to engage your body in fiery plasma without harm to itself, so that it is able to fly, providing impetus behind with its own flame.

Has no secrets about her appearance. Think of the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four, now imagine that instead of a young boy is an Asian girl with the body wrapped in flames as the Human Torch and ready you imagined the new Jubilee. Here's a artwork as an example:…


This time it's a character that all trolls the internet do not question any of hiding that "hate" and "want he to continue and dead" and add that "since he was late." I speak of the Hispanic mutant Angelo Espinosa the "Skin" of the mutants characters that had one of the most stupid and brutal deaths ("crucified" before the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning by anti-mutant religious radicals ... my God ...). Something with which I do not agree at all because there is no such thing as a character to be "more" or "less" important that other.Nor "Godverine" or "Bat-God", or any of these characters maintream current.Then at least in MY VERSION idealized of All-New Generation X Angelo not only this back like this back with the powers extended to the same level as the DC Comics Plastic Man.

Elastic-Boy is a Latin American member of Generation X, who previously owned the mutant ability to manipulate his own skin being known as "Skin" and integrating the team Generation X. He died in Uncanny X-Men, after being crucified on the lawn in front of the X-Mansion by religious fanatics anti-mutant members of the Church of Humanity. Subsequently however it would be revived by Selene in Necrosha miniseries along with much of the population killed in the genocide led by Sentinels under the control of Cassandra Nova's Genosha Island thanks to teknorganic virus Phalanx. Shortly after he and most of the dead members of Generation X were to be raised in short and return with their individual powers extended to the maximum.


Angelo Espinosa was a gang banger from Los Angeles who's life of violence forced him to fake his own death During a gang fight in Which his girlfriend seemingly killed several people. He still had the gun he had found on him after waking up from unconsciousness, so Skin plugged so the gun That It Could never be fired, keeping it as a reminder of the painful night que had changed his life. He first cam to X-Men's attention When he, Among other young mutants, Were kidnapped by technorganic Phalanx. After escaping the Phalanx, Espinosa was offered a place at the new branch school Xavier was creating at Emma Frost's Massachusetts Academy. Espinosa reluctantly accepted after being Convinced by Beast into Becoming part of Generation X and redbourn on the code name Skin. Unlike the other members of Generation X, Skin did not want to Become an X-Man, he only wanted to learn how to control his powers.


Skin was created by Scott Lobdell and Joe Madureira and first Appeared in Uncanny X-Men Issue 317 (1994).

Mayor Story Arcs

Generation X

At first dour and cynical, Angelo soon Became one of the team's pillars perspective and good humor, even the nursing severally deformed Decibel (at the team known the Chamber) out of his funk and occasionally getting the elitist M to loosen up a little. Angelo Also developed a good friendship with Paige Guthrie (Husk), and They called each other "city mouse" and "country mouse". Husk was one of the first people to notice que Skin was worried of his extra skin tearing or ripping When he volunteered for duty monitor instead of searching for Penance. Angelo was Recognized by someone from Los Angeles at one point, Which prompted him to threaten to kill him if he blew his cover and Told everyone he was alive. Despite que Angelo tried to act tough, he had a soft spot Actually for former Morlocks Artie and Leech, even helping Synch build a tree house for Them.

Over time, Skin improved the use of his powers, learning how to retract it so que Could he look ordinary. As a result of this though, Skin would get migraines from the intense concentration. Skin, Chamber and Penance Were not allowed on several missions, As They would have made Generation X stand out so had to stay at the Academy. Unfortunately, due to his encounter with the psychic entity Onslaught, Chamber Began to feel weak. To try and help his friend, Skin tried to drive him to the Xavier Institute, but was stopped by the X-Cutioner, who thought que Skin was the murderer of ... Angelos Espinosa. Since he had Been using his real name at the academy, that's why the X-Cutioner thought que Skin was his murderer. Skin Chamber hid in a pool of mud, and surprisingly he managed to defeat the X-Cutioner using his powers creatively. However, During the fight with X-Cutioner, Chamber and Skin's car was damaged, and They now had to hitchhike to Xavier's. Before They got there, Onslaught was defeated by several teams of heroes and Chamber recovered quickly on his own. Thanks to the Skin for trying to help him, Chamber Accompanied him to Los Angeles, since it was almost a year since Skin had announced Been dead. Skin disguised himself to an old man and comforted his mother whilst she visited his grave.

A few weeks later, Generation X Were captured by Black Tom Cassidy, who stranded Them all out in the middle of the ocean of the raft. Were all of them suffering badly, but Skin was suffering the worst, his skin was the spreading out and he was only half-conscious. Luckily, he was saved from third-degree burns by Chamber, who ripped October part of the raft and used it as a sun shield for Skin. The team met Glorian, the Shaper of Dreams, who saved them all and put Them in fantasy worlds According to Their dreams. Skin was tied to a pole and was yelled at by Glorian, who Could Not accept que Skin did not want anything. Eventually Skin Convinced Glorian que he did not look hard enough the to What They wanted, and so Glorian Skin asked what he really wanted. Skin que said he wanted to go home, meaning the Academy, but it Glorian misinterpreted the que he wanted to go back to Los Angeles, and transported the team there. Upon arrival, Generation X Were targeted by Sentinels of Operation: Zero Tolerance. Generation X hid at a cousin's house of Skin, who was the only member of his family who knew que he was alive. Skin was so desperate for help from the Sentinels que he even Contacted his old girlfriend, Tores, but she thought he had killed the people que he thought she had killed (see above) and was angry with him. Tores was threatening to kill Skin When a group of Sentinels started attacking Them. It turned October que Tores was a mutant too, and so she helped Generation X fight off the Sentinels temporarily. With a good amount of luck and some help from Tores, Generation X managed to survive until SHIELD shut down Operation: Zero Tolerance.

When Generation X returned to the States, the daughter of the Local police chief, Tracy Authier, raided the mansion with a friend and redbourn Wolverine's hat que had Been Given to Jubilee, Husk's personal diary and the gun que Skin had Been thought killed with, plugged up. Jubilee, Husk and Skin managed to convince her que she shouldnt give back the personal items, but only if casette They her a personal tour of the mansion.

Sometime later, Skin Decided to return to Los Angeles (Accompanied by Husk and Jubilee) and explain what had happened to Tores. It turned October que neither of Them had Been Responsible for the murder, but had Been framed by someone named Lupo, who arrived at que point. He tried to kill Tores and Skin, but Tores vaporized him with her powers before he Could Kill Them. Meanwhile, Skin and his friends hid behind a large container. At que point, Skin's mother arrived on the scene since she had heard que her son was miraculously back from the dead. Since she had seen Tores kill someone with her powers, Skin's mother Believed que Tores was a demon of some kind, she was the highly religious. Tores tried to convince Skin's mother que it was not her fault que she was a mutant and the normal was as her, but Skin's mother would not listen. Also she added que if Skin had ever shown any signs of the devil, that she would disown him and never speak his name again. Overhearing all of this, Skin Realized que Could he never reveal to his mother que he was alive.

Counter X
When the school Began to run out of money, Emma Frost turned to her sister for help. Unfortunately, this meant que in order to pay various bills, the school would have to start accepting human students. Skin and Chamber had to hide Their powers Skin by claiming he had a rare skin disease and Chamber being mute the burn victim. This meant Chamber and Skin BOTH got a lot of unwanted attention. It was even worse for Artie, Leech and Penance, who had to stay in Their rooms the whole team and Could Not leave. With all the human students around, it Reminded Skin of his life before he was a mutant: he had had good looks and a good looking girlfriend. Due to his appearance, Skin thought he'd never feel like that again. To cheer him up, Artie and Leech arranged it so que Skin went to the dance with Monet St. Croix, the hottest girl in school. While Skin tried to thank her, she que Explained the reason she went with him was que no one else had asked her out since she They thought was out of Their league.

A few weeks later, Skin encountered some people arguing. Trying to stop Them before something violent happened, one of the boys accidentally grabbed Skin's wrist, making his skin stretch. The boy Suspected que Skin was a mutant, and Told his parents. Emma Frost tried to convince the boy's parents que it was just part of his disease, but was not entirely successful. The short team later, Emma's sister tried to get revenge on Emma by revealing Which members of the school Were mutants, causing a riot. Also she planted bombs around the school, Which killed Generation X member Synch When he tried to disarm Them. Generation X Decided que the team is learning how to use Their powers was over and the time for using Them for something good had Begun. Skin trained and found new, creative ways he could use his powers. He managed to use these powers to defeat four thugs who had kidnapped Banshee due to his old career of an Interpol agent.

Generation X Disbanned
When Generation X disbanded, Jubilee Skin and left to share an apartment in Los Angeles where Jubilee attempted to become a serious actress, During Which team Angelo BOTH Showed the concern of friendship and romantic interest, as well as trying to continue normal life by working in a fast food restaurant as a chef. Jubilee appreciated the first, but turned down the Latter. Skin Also Told Jubilee que she was being exploited by her agent, she angrily snapped to Which que he was just jealous. However, a few days later her agent made a move on her, Which made her go back to Angelo and apologize to him.

Angelo and Jubilee Were Among the mutants kidnapped by the "Church Of Humanity" and crucified on the Xavier's Institute's front lawn. While Jubilee Could be saved by Angel's healing blood, Angelo did not have a matching blood type and was unable to be revived. His body was sent home to be buried in his family cemetery (with an incorrectly marked grave que read "Angelo Torres"), but since They did not allow mutants to be buried there, he was exhumed and cremated, his ashes given Beheerder to Jubilee. She still felt guilty que she had not gone on a date with him, and given Beheerder him happiness in some of his last days.

He was brought back to life by Eli Bard to be sacrificed to make a goddess Selene. He was seen with the colleague Synch as one of Gen-Xers. They were attacking the younger mutants that included his friend when Husk finally managed to overcome the mental domain Selene (largely mainly Jubilee help all the time trying to remember Angelo about his past) .again live Skin realized his mutant power It had been expanded to a new level. He again had the good looks that had and now had powers elastic up very similarly to Reed Richards Mr. Fantastic and convert your body into an elastic material stretchable by hundreds of meters. Elated with joy at his newfound power Angelo was convinced by Wolverine to train under the tutelage of Lady Xorn of the All New Generation X along with the other members revived. He took the new code name Elastic-Boy and still hopes to remake his life and perhaps return to his home and be able to tell his mother that he is alive and is a mutant and see approval and love instead of hatred and fanaticism in your eyes.


Powers and Abilities

Physiology malleable: Elastic-Boy powers are derived from a mutant condition and a secondary mutation that he suffered as a result of having been raised by the virus teknorganic during  Necrosha events. As a result he had all the mutagenic potential of his mutant body released in its maximum turning their physiology. Angelo now exists in a fluid state, not fully liquid nor solid. Elastic-Boy has complete control over his bodily structure.

Density Control: Elastic-Boy can change your density at will; becoming so dense as a rock or as flexible as a rubber band.

Malleability (elasticity / plasticity): He can stretch his limbs and body to lengths and sizes superhuman. There is no known limit to how far he can stretch his body.

Change Size: He can shrink down to a few centimeters tall (standing as one of a belt buttons) or become a titan (the skyscraper size).

Change of form: He can contort his body in various positions and sizes impossible for ordinary humans, such as becoming completely flat so that he can slide under a door or using your fingers to open conventional locks turning your finger a master key. He can also use this power to disguise by changing the shape of your face and body. Thanks to its fluid state, Elastic-Boy can open holes in your body and turn into objects with moving parts. Also, he can change your body mass and physical constitution at will; there is virtually no limit to the size and shape that he can turn.

Superhuman agility: These stretching powers grant the Elastic-Boy increased agility allowing you flexibility and coordination that is extraordinarily beyond the natural limits of the human body.

Color Change: The only limitation he has concerns color, he can not change without intense concentration. He usually does not use this ability and variations to your gray skin and his uniform red.

Invulnerability: Elastic-Boy's powers dramatically increase their durability. Some stories, perhaps anecdotal quality, since you showed susceptible to surprise attack by bullets in a runny case a substance similar to liquid plastic. Most of the stories, however, he is able to withstand corrosives, punctures and bruises without suffering any damage (though it can be momentarily stunned). He is resistant to high speed impacts that would kill an ordinary person, resistant energy weapon explosions (The Beast once mentioned that he could probably even withstand a nuclear blast), and is bulletproof. Their body mass can be dispersed, but for all intents and purposes, is invulnerable.

Regeneration: He can regenerate and / or assimilate lost or damaged tissue, although he needs to be reasonably intact for this process to begin; he was reduced to separate molecules and scattered across the ocean for centuries, only returning to he usual way after the rest of Generation X were able to gather enough of its molecules and restore about 80% of their body mass, after he started regenerate from what they had recovered.

Telepathic Immunity: As stated by the Beast : "Elastic-Boy Mind is no longer organic and is therefore untouchable by telepathy."

Immortality: The Elastic-Boy does not appear to show the effects of age; if he does, he's a much slower pace than normal humans. In the aftermath of the history of Generation X in which they travel back in time to The Hyborian Age , Elastic-Boy who had been displaced in time it was discovered that survived for 3000 years dispersed in separate molecules in the Atlantic Ocean. He now has more than 3000 years old and is still active as a superhero.

Ultrasonic Detection: Your body will begin to "vibrate" when an ultrasonic frequency is triggered.…
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