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What If: G.U.N. E-123 Gatling Bull Omega

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Omega with a new coat of paint and allegiance, CODENAME: "Gatling Bull"

also I assure you thats not blood, it's just the paint coat wearing off, whew..

he never actually worked for G.U.N. in the series except for the archie comics so it's kinda a fun what if here

weapon models ripped from Resident Evil 5 by…
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SonicInkFan7000New Deviant

Pure genius

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One thing that I would like to mention is that technically Omega did work for GUN in 06 even to the point were there could apparently force him to fight and capture Shadow in Silvers Timeline.

But that aside is this a great look for Omega especially for one that is more directly working for GUN.

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Zackman92Hobbyist General Artist

I just had to...
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AgentShadow30Hobbyist Traditional Artist



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AmrasFelagundHobbyist Writer

Love this conversion of Omega from an Eggman Badnik to a G.U.N. mech...! He could almost be a boss in a "sequel" to one of Shadow the Hedgehog's non-canon endings.

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Could be really nice to see him back with this design, but with a clean G.U.N. Logo to look Brand New and not used yet. :P

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I just realize you give to Omega 2 RPG-7, but he already got Homing Missile in his Arms! :P

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Damn that's sick! Hahaha!

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ShadowEclipexHobbyist Traditional Artist

Sega should really hire you to design characters for their mobile Gatcha games.

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Guardian-of-LegendsHobbyist Writer

I love this more than you can know

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This is just pure awesomeness, Omega really needs more varying alternate designs in Sonic stories.

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DevilBoy616Hobbyist General Artist

ngl bit dissapointed in myself now, i just finished my own canon design of omega where he decided to go streamline his chasse for covert ops but i never thought about changing the colour scheme

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LOL I actually played around with the thought of recoloring Omega in G.U.N. colors in my Sonic comics, but I never executed it.

Maybe this could make a good reference. :)


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Lol wow, Omega is no longer playing games XD

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It looks very accurate! I can definitely see Omega working with G.U.N. alongside Rouge and Shadow, I feel that he would make a valuable asset to the team as well as to the U.S. Government, which technically is where G.U.N. came from.
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Sp4c3Ch1nch1ll4Hobbyist General Artist

Wow, I kinda want this to be canon now. Just imagine G.U.N. accepting him into their ranks by giving him this brand new coat of paint and slapping on some new upgrades. That would be really cool.

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DryBowJPHobbyist Artist

Geez look at him.

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HootFreemanHobbyist Writer

Nemesis T-Type: Finally, an equal...

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Duuude he looks dope!

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Holy crap! That's a nice look for Omega! It fits too. Ya know I wonder what would happen if G.U.N were allowed to study Omega and perhaps learn/get ideas from his design. I mean Omega's body looks like it could be one heck of a mech suit, that or maybe a mass produced unit.

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Omega's design was used as a mech suit by Anti-Bunnie/Buns Rabbot in Archie comics before the reboot/Genesis Wave.

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Oh, alright that's cool. =3

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dcaldwell101Hobbyist Artist

It's a good look on him

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That is awesome!

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