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New Geno Render

By Nibroc-Rock
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took and fixed up the Geno head from my custom model, and tossed it on the mii outfit... sounds simple but there was a lot more editing involved then just that lol

some people seem upset he's just a mii gunner outfit, but at least he's back right? he's been in kind of weird place for a long time I wonder if this means Square Enix would be okay with lending (or fully giving) Geno to Nintendo (maybe he could show up in spin off games or something of the like)
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lol this keeps appearing in ZeRo's videos

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The father of smash Bros would be so proud
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Sweet picture. Question: Is it okay with you if I borrow this image for a special request, please? With you permission and promise to give you credit after the picture is done, okay? Also, is it okay with you if I do a little edited to it in the near future, please? 

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Hey Can I use this model as a blender file so I can 3d print it as a base for Geno Figure?
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Where did you find the models for the Mii Gunner outfit? Or did you rip them yourself?
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This is a whole lot dang nabbit better!!!!!!!
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I want him in Mario Kart for the Nintendo Switch.

Who's with me?
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Would you be able to have this modded into Smash somehow?
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Can you upload this model to the models resource please
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you decide not to publish the rendering of this model, it would make sense to see this size so cool and grace is experimenting
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I think he is asking for the actual model. IDK though so whatever floats your boat
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You should change 'their' to 'there' just for a minor tidbit.
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this is perfection
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Oh man where was this model when I did my Geno sculpt?! The pose is surprisingly similar. This is a very accurate model of him, great job!
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Isn't this guy from Super Mario RPG?
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yes he his
google search is your friend, however.
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Geno for Smash 5!!
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Guess I don't need to do this one. You nailed it.
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As much i liked to see him in the next Mario RPG game or so, Nintendo themselves even they would get the rights of Geno and Mallow originally made by Squaresoft (Square-Enix), it would be somehow slim if this happens.

Probably in a future spin off more so than in the main game, but they may not capture his personality as well as Squaresoft (Again Square-Enix) did, and let's be honest, they are really limiting characters personality every now and then, making each of them look less interesting than they were back then.
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I want this in SFM and GMod NOW.
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i've asked nibroc. it's his choice.
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