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Neo Metal Sonic Render

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always lurking in the background until the very end of the game (and then transforming into a giant monster) left Neo Metal Sonic with little to no official artwork or in-game models (only really showing up in pre-rendered cutsecens) so I decided to make my own model of him

i've seen other people attempt a model of him before, but heres my take:
while not seen too clearly on this render i've upgraded him a lot making him more modern in a way, with lots of little gears and gadgets to try and give him a more modern look 
do recall back then metal sonic looked like this:… and neo metal sonic wasn't too far off from it (using basic silver ball joints with no clear indication on how they work.)

anyway I hope you enjoy this! i'll be uploading a sheet and some W.I.P pictures/renders afterwards
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if i had metal sonic, neo, overlord and madness, i'd do like all of the characters in one
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someone use this for gmod already people have been requesting it for years and yet still neo metal sonic has made no appearance. someone needs to put a neo metal sonic model in gmod already.(dont ask me tho I do not know how to make addons).
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shadowboom092Student Artist
*What I’m Made of... playing in the background* Me: Go ahead. Show me what you’re made of.
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Gigi-DStudent Digital Artist
hey thats lit 
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Nibroc-RockHobbyist Digital Artist
you again! of all places!
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Panduhman02Hobbyist Digital Artist
That blue hedgehog again of all places!
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DiancieschampionHobbyist Traditional Artist
All living things, kneel before your master! Forces Metal sonic icon 
Jojo Bowing Reiji Mitsurugi (Bow) [V2] Junjie  bow 2 
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Feel like a lord.
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DeleteVirusCatchPKMNHobbyist General Artist
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MegaCharizardValorHobbyist Traditional Artist
"Kneel before your master!"
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yourhell99Hobbyist General Artist
One of the only good things about a horrible game. Rock on!
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Unova4EverStudent General Artist
☹️ Sonic Heroes is NOT horrible!
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yourhell99Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I didn't mean it like that. It's and AWESOME game with an AWESOME final boss! It even made VECTOR of all people cool! I'm just inquiring that it sorta defeats the whole purpose of, "Going Fast." by placing rather redundant and pointless puzzles in front of unsuspecting players. Sorry if I offended you or anything. 
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I like this version
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Treythornton19Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice x3
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ThatGuyImortalHobbyist Writer
Mind if I Also use this too?
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Nibroc-RockHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah go for it
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BraxonsMalwareSystemHobbyist Digital Artist
This is godly. Nice job dude!
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Nice job 
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YarcazHobbyist General Artist
I wonder what the mid-transition phase of metal sonic would look like then he reverted back to normal if you stopped his reversion and looked at his model. 

Also Are you ever going to do a dummy eggman render?

(… )
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RostislavGamesProfessional Digital Artist
Could you give me this model for Blender? link me please! Send it to my notes!
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FrightGamingHobbyist Digital Artist
Officially the best Neo metal Sonic render ever. I like this more than the original, it just looks amazing! Any chance he'll show up in Sonic world at some point? =3
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Model PLEASE!!!!
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