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Lego Sonic Render

a render of Lego Sonic from Sonic Dimensions 

i'm really hoping we get a lego set for sonic so we can get real minifigs of some of the other characters but for now this is still PRETTY sweet!

the model was ripped from the WiiU version of Lego Dimensions by (thanks again dude!)
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Checkout my LEGO version of Sonic the Hedgehog! He's Archie-Sonic X (which is also known as Sonic the Hedgehog)!

Archie-Sonic X (LEGO minifigure)
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🎵 Gotta go fast! 🎵
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when i go to the link, it says the page doesnt exist. is there another link you can give for the model?
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Am I the only one who wants Tt games to make a full Lego Sonic videogame? 
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Not even close. They'd probably do it better than Sega has these past few years. And they already have the character models. All they need are some classic LEGO-style levels- something for fans of that series- combined with some Classic Sonic platforming levels. I'm thinking half of the zones could be 2D Sonic acts, half could be 3D Lego chapters.
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Might use this for doing LEGO videos. :)
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Sonic's the reason I got Lego Dimensions last August. :D
I've been tempted several times to do the same but I just don't think I'm going to like the game enough besides that. It feels like it'd be a waste.

Some of the references I've seen, though...ho man. Pair Sonic and Bart together.
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Where did you get that? :D
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the description says where I got it
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Amazing render as always!
Mind if I use this for my thumbnail?
I was gonna do a series on Lego Dimensions but I need a sonic photo, I'd be sure to give you credit in every video it's used.
If not that's fine, thanks!
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Apparently, there are supposed to be 25 more minifigs being released, so those might make do. LEGO actually can't own the license yet, TOMY has it for the next 3 to 4 years.
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Because of the tech in the Dimensions bases. It's game DLC.
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I thought they were just toys for fun. You sure proved me wrong. Jeez that's annoying.
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Though in LEGO his shape doesn't resemble the original THAT much, the rest of his characteristics do!
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There needs to be a lego mod for Sonic World, or a feature in which we can switch between default and lego modes. *big fan of lego*
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Where I get one 
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