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II Piantissimo Render edit

Heres a new Render I've made of Il Piantissimo from Mario Sunshine! this render is also being used for a Smash Mod made by jorge_SunSpirit
Il Piantissimo is one of my favorite Mario characters, shame he was only ever used once,
I kind of like Nabbit too for similar reasons I hope they use him more.

Credit to DrInconceivable for Ripping the Model

Will we ever see Il Piantissimo again? . . . probably not ever officially...
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Piantissimo is probably one of the strongest links between the LoZ and SMB universes. There are quite a number of them, but there hasn't been a direct crossover title as of yet.
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I Agree; He's SECRETLY The Running Gag; the First Hylian to Be Seen in the same game as Mario
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You've been watching vinesauce haven't you?
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,_, ? i have but I don't know the connection, have any of them been playing sunshine?
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yeah vinny's been doing a version on an emulator with an hd texture pack
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I love this game
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WOOOOOOW! Such an amazing work! You're awesome
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I had so much fun beating him in races.
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did anyone ever figure out what he looks like underneath that mask? I know I see a goatee.
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The Running man from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. "I only beat you by one second!"
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The delivery guy!? No Way!
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Yes it is ! look at this… it's a nice reference btw :3
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Oh, remember him from Super Mario Sunshine! That would be cool.
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I voted this man for the Smash ballot, and I'm thrilled to see him again.
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This mod fills me with so much joy; I've wanted this mod since Brawl. I hope the final release comes with a voice mod, too.
(I also hope, by its release, I can somehow get Sm4shExplorer to work on my computer, as well as a dump of the game...)
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Same, I was searching everwhere for a mod of Il Piantissimo for Brawl, now that this mod is out for SM4SH its a dream come true!
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But he was used in the Legend of Zelda series as well.
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You know, with the outfit and all, I would love to see ll Piantissimo face Little Mac in a Punch-Out game.
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Can you do Ultimate Emerl next?
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I've never seen this guy before.
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It's the running man from the Zelda series!
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My theory that the running man is just a interdenominational traveler and challenges Link and Mario to race for some reason.
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