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Eggman 2019 render

By Nibroc-Rock
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originally wanted him to be touching his glasses, but the pose didn't exactly work out, so I modified it to work a bit better... not too thrilled with how this came out, might try another Eggman render in the future.
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How many times has Sonic beaten this clown?
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i want to fuck egg man so hard so much please give him to me god

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Perfeck Boy

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:icondreggmanplz: Hmm, it seems someone is snooPING AS usual, I see.
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you deserve a PROMOTION
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Give Eggman with 7 pages MUDA by Gold Experience
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Oooh! I like what you did with his glasses here! That classic shine~
His face does feel a little stiff here though, I don't think it lines up best with the pose.
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Bro where do you get these models? You're renders are always top-notch!
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do paramount sonic / eggman from the sonic movie???????
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Do another Classic Knuckles Render!
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One of these day, I’d love to see an eggman render without his shades on. Kinda like in that one moment going back in time in Sonic ‘06, you can see a corner of his bare eye. I wonder how many souls would be scarred...
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You have quite the gift, Nibroc!
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All Hail the Eggman Empire
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I would just kick him in the eggs

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a lot of people do

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His empire is stupid

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yeah, but there are some parts when he can be terrifying

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Depending on which version


-Turning others into robot slaves losing their free will and never turn to their organic forms.

-Killing som many people, he kills all of Archie Charmy's family and People and doomed his own kind.

-Destroying Knothole village.

-Destroy the environment of Mobius trying to make it unable to live on the planet.

-Trying to rewrite all of the reality where Sonic is Dead or doesn't exist.

-Put bombs inside his guards where he can kill them off with his command.


-Trapping animals into Robots, using them as a power fuel

- Creating the Death Egg to take over the planet and destroy environments

-Creating Eggmanland (one of the hardest levels in Unleashed)

-Destroying half of the Moon

-Stealing the Sol Emeralds with Eggman Nega dooming Blaze's world in Rush

-Taking over the world in Forces and creating the Metal Virus


-Unleashed Chaos to destroying Station Square

-Trying to Kill Sonic's friends

-Both enslaving people

-Using the Chaos Emeralds for any evil plot

There are more to list

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Is it me or did Eggman gained some weight?
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he just looks so pissed
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