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Classic Sonic: Tyson Heese Style in 3D

Based on archie's SONIC: MEGA DRIVE's art style thats done by :icontysonhesse:

I picked up the comic today and I really loved the art, so much I made a model of sonic in the style and rendered it

it's sort of a cel-shading style render, but it's looks more like fake 3D which I think looks good on it!

also heres a version of the render without the comic book:…
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Sad that ARCHIE never finish this story arc

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Looks really nice. This is the Sonic that others call Toei Sonic but whatever. 
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Hesse Sonic and Toei Sonic may be similar but they are not the same. Tyson is known for his unique style of both classic and modern Sonic. 

Check out the similarities and differences here:  Toei Sonic vs Hesse Sonic by WaniRamirez
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Toei on left.
Hesse on right.
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Great job! Can't wait for the new comics!
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Looks like the Sonic OVA. That's a good thing!
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this is my favorite sonic design, the one I'd like to see more often
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THIS IS 3D?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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nice work. I only just got the comic this week :la:
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gimme dis model ples
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imagine a 3D 5-6 Minute Short made by Sega that would be shown at Theaters that has this style for the short
That would be AMAZING.
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you should do modern sonic in tyson hesse style 
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i would image dreamcast sonic in tyson heese style
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That classic sonic look like Sonic OVA sonic
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Very interesting. Were there any other renders to the cel-shading? I wonder how it would look like this Sonic with a different style of cel-shading.
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sonic has never looked better
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This looks awesome. Good work.
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"Love me some good comics!" -Sonic, 2016.
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