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Classic Sonic! CD Pose

this is the first time i've done a legit render with Classic Sonic, not some icon, and not a N64 model

Just a Legit Classic Sonic Render!

and boy does classic sonic have a lot to go up  against with time eater possessing Modern Sonic and all

but our hero always comes though in the end
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Is there a download?

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Well, hope Toei Sonic returns in an possible Sonic 5 Someday. *or Someyear in Sonic's 30th Anniversary, idk.*

Looks enough good to be in a game. Better than what SEGA did with 3D models of classic and modern sonic. Looks like a teenager.
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Looks Good! We need a Toei sonic 3 d render tho
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why though? this render proves that you can make Generations/Forces Classic Sonic look like Toei Sonic with proper positioning, also Toei Sonic is impossible to fully create in a 3d space because there are poses he does which only work in 2d
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Hey, would you mind me using this in a thumbail for a Youtube video? I'll be sure to give you credit and a shout-out for it!
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Wowzers! Fantastic render (☆-☆)

Got that "Sonic Boom" song stuck in my head again
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Can I use this and some others? I promise I'll give credit.
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How to fix Sonic Generations classic sonic mouth?
Please help me.
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I'm extremely impressed.

I adore Sega's classic Sonic model and thought it couldn't get much better, but I have to honestly admit, you've somehow managed to capture the Mega-Drive/Genesis era Sonic far more accurately than they did with your modifications.

Your Sonic renders are slightly less round and cutesy, which reflects both the box art and in-game sprite far better.


You should honestly consider releasing your Amy Rose too. Even if just internally to appropriate folk. People could create some amazing animated shorts with your work.
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Yeah, I agree. I really wish Sonic Team would have done a better job capturing the essence of what made Classic Sonic so awesome, rather than just hammer in the cute factor.
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this is the generations model still, just posed like so
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Super fast reply!

Indeed. I stumbled across your work via Google, and I then saw your response to others about that and hastily edited my comment.

Obviously not quick enough, heh!

Brilliant work either way.
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Is that the pose from the song "Cosmic Eternity" from the game Sonic CD?
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it was one of the intros/ending, but I forgot now
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It's the ending.
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ending once dr eggman has blown up. i love the pose
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Yeah, I know. So epic! 😊
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What settings do you use to have your renders coming out so vibrant and smooth looking in Blender? Generally the shadows for example are extremely harsh and unrealistic.
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I use Ambient Occlusion and Environment Lighting, along with 2 to 3 lights (normally one facing down, and another angled to the left and forward)
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Much appreciated. Thanks for the info and keep up the great work.
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