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Classic Miles ''Tails'' Prower Render WttP2/4

First time rendering Classic Tails, I matched his colors to his Official Japanese Orthographic
along with his eyes a more bubbly like look

Welcome to the Past 2/3
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JSNzC0re's avatar
The eyes. THE EYES. THEY ARE adooooooooooooooooorable, Love Classic Tails  animation  ;w; Rated 23/10
RostislavGames's avatar
I like this model! Will you make it for Blender and for download? Please!
UmiEbon's avatar
AWWWWWWWWWWWW! Is there anything more adorable than Classic Tails?
Tails-and-Silver-Fan's avatar
Aww. Classic Tails is cute. Great job.
awwwww Tails is so cute
Nibroc-Rock's avatar
you're welcome I would love more rendered Sonic stuff like classic Sonic doing a punch pose
TailsDollsMafia's avatar
I just noticed the error:Miles "Tails Power. You forgot the r between P and O in power.
TailsDollsMafia's avatar
Hey, at least it's fixed and I do have some good news to discuss in a note i've either already sent or plan to.
MyhLoka's avatar
I feel so warm to see that Sonic 3's final pose from him.
Meglind's avatar
Great renders, you can make a renders of Ty the tasmanian tiger por tombi?
Nibroc-Rock's avatar
ah I definitely want to render to him at some point
Meglind's avatar
Ok i dont understand this because habló español sorry
OwenStarr's avatar
I've been playing Sonic 3 all week as Tails. This is just perfect!

And a totally unrelated question, whatever happened to Sonic Misadventures?
Nibroc-Rock's avatar
haha thanks,

uh well I was never really that connected with Misadventures, I basically provided my models and that was it, i'm in the group but I don't really pay much attention to what's going on
OwenStarr's avatar
Ah. I see. Okay, then.
11111111111111111117's avatar
God so cute. I am gonna have a heart attack on cuteness.
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