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Umm.....was that the A-team theme in that episode? :hmm:

Oh well, stay tuned for the next spin-off :XD:

Reference here----> [link]

(but I guess you ALL knew that)
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For those who don't know who is which

Apple Bloom- John "Hannibal" Smith
Sweetie Belle- Face
Scootaloo- "Howlin' Mad" Murdoch
Babs Seed- B.A Baracus
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I pity the foal!
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This reminds me of the A-Team
QUARTERS-ONLYHobbyist General Artist
I wonder why
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heh.  the minute I got it, I started whistling the theme :P
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EVRY1NOSWENProfessional Digital Artist
CMC Real Names
Sarah Blossom Apple
Claire B. Sweetie
Scooter R. Dasher
Olivia Seed Babs
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I have read this shit 3 times and nothing happened
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I would be all over that, the A-team is one of my favorite retro tv shows, and I loved the movie
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iiFanGirlOfFhafStudent Digital Artist
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HectorNYHobbyist Digital Artist
After looking through the comments on this, I'm surprised that no one brought this up.…
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Apple Bloom: I love it when a plan comes together.
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JAZRAStudent Digital Artist
panel number 3 tho XD
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Miko-The-FoxHobbyist Traditional Artist
AUICK SOMEBODY MAKE A ICON OF APPLEJACK'S FACE QUIIIIIICK :iconapplejackwtfplz::iconwtfapplejackplz:
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Vicks-RyokenichiHobbyist General Artist
Wellcom to Grand theft pones... 
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theyoungestbronyStudent Digital Artist
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UnknownAlicornHobbyist General Artist
"Who is Lauren Faust?"
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i dont know Derpy Dud emoticon 
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UnknownAlicornHobbyist General Artist
Shes the one who came up with the designs and characters of MLP, but she left the show recently.
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UnknownAlicornHobbyist General Artist
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