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The Box
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Published: November 24, 2013
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oosh! I hate waiting :roll:
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I eternally agree about the destruction of the library was completely unnecessary! I call bad writing for the 4th season! :yelling:
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NikkiHar18Edited |Hobbyist General Artist
I thought that box was pointless, especially when the Mane 6 earned some bullshit keys for doing whatever reason not explained. By the season 4 finale, it made them go Dragonball Z on Tirek, cuz why not. After that, it sprouted out a hideous Crystal Empire castle ripoff instead of fixing Twilight's library that was infamously destroyed! Or even make it look like a tree that matches Ponyville and Twilight's library!

Why!? Is it because Twilight turned into an alicorn princess and the writers think princesses are supposed to live in castles? How stereotypical.
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Pft, 1 season! Celestia waited for 1k freaking years, also busy ruling Equestria at the same time.
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BananasDontStopMeh|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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CandiceWatterson|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Exactly every season!!!
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Not to mention that the box turned out to contain a flimsy deus ex machina obviously intended to replace the elements of harmony. And sell more toys.
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It was nothing more than a plot device, atleast the Elements got the group together, while this thing just made them collect things to become toys.
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Plus a piece of garbage they call a castle!
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Exactly. It's a piss-poor ugly-ass replacement for a location we spent three whole seasons in. The fact that Twilight's library was unceremoniously blown up and replaced by that eyesore is bullshit. Not to mention the fact that crystals are Cadence's thing. Were the writers really so lazy that they couldn't think up a new theme for Twilight's new castle. Plus there was that plot thread regarding the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters in the Everfree Forest. Why the hell did they spend so much time claiming they were going to fix it up and not actually fix up the damn castle? Even in it's ruined state it's still way more elegant than that crystal monstrosity. But then Hasbro would have to figure out how to make it into a playset, which was clearly the Crystal Clusterfuck's only reason to exist.
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ladyblackbird13|Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, me too...
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Indeed :indeed: 
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Holycrap1992|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Yami-Marik93|Hobbyist Artist
Pun intended
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i knew what was in the box right away

anyone seen DIGIMON 2.... "golden armor egg"? .... if you see those two ... and you tell me they are not 1:1 ... you are a liar sir
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Vacuum-Sadness|Student General Artist
behind the scenes, am I right!!!!!
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Psh, she acts likes there's something important in there. Which they TOTALLY won't need later in the season.
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RAINBOWS. Friendship rainbows
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Marsellus Wallace's soul.
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Is this one of those thing to where the ultimate evil is locked in the box, and instead of tossing that bitch in an ocean trench, they give it to a moron?
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vash755|Hobbyist Digital Artist
and sure enough it happend......
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:iconsoraplz: im the key XD
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