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Pic made on 2008
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Very funny.

I don't know how well you're aware of the 2012 series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but in that series, Raphael has a girlfriend who is very much the man in that coupling. The very first Kiss the two gave each other ended up the same way as you depicted Aang and Toph here...but with HIM lifting his leg.

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Thanks....and it's actually taken from the Princess Diaries

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Yes, and I'm sure that the creators of the 2012 TMNT series (Many of which also worked on "Avatar, the last airbender") also got it from there.

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Someone's learning to be impulsive.

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very very sweet
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For all the people saying how does she know it's him, HE'S RIGHT NEXT TO HER. If that's not enough she uses her earth bending abilities.
I love this so much!!
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In case anyone else comes thinking she doesn't know it's Aang smackin her in tha lips I think it's been explained in tha canon that she has ways of detecting who it is she's near by their heartbeat/breathing patterns/weight/basically any little thing that can be seismically detected through vibrations!
I hate Kataang as well but mostly down to how cliche they're ending up together is thanx to tha vast quantum of fictional tales that've boasted(4 lack of a better term and I spent quite a time tryin to think of one)similar characters ending up together!
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She probably thinks it's Sokka kissing her.
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No she knows it’s Aang.

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Does she even know who is she kissing with?
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What's wrong with aang????
I love it..... =)
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who else hate zutara say >:(
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I hate Kataang too.
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I think it's safe 2 say Aang is making Toph :) ... B-) ROCK HARD!!!
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Ok I know this is incredibly damn late but
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Sorry one more thing... Total screen saver!!!
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I really like this comic especially the back ground color!
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