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Niaro's Tips and Tricks Part2

Part I:

whoo I'm pooped out



Past tutorials

Paint Process + The Layer Clip and Opacity Lock
Coloring and Blinking Tutorial

I will not answer questions related towards:

Layer and Folders
Clipping Group and Opacity Lock
Pressure Problems or Tablet Error
Where to get these two programs
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j-lee-an's avatar
This is very amazing! I love how you color!!!!
By any chance, do you know how to blur objects in painttool sai to give it more depth?
I have been using my mouse to mess with sai, and I simply have no clue how to do it. :(
Do you know any tutorials by chance?
Soraax3's avatar
awesome tutorial, but i just wanted to know what bucket settings do you use in sai? my fills always look wierd near the edges.
Naiuou's avatar
 \i wish i looked through these earlier, i could've already learnt so much then, none the less, this is awesome, thank you for sharing it :)
EugeneDineka's avatar
Omg thank you for step 3 ;w;
I always though like damn, these people are so skilled with their hands drawing perfect lines and shit.

Thanks a lot :)
beaterdavid's avatar
thank you (bows)Happeh Happeh Thank you! Thank you!
NoizRnel's avatar
wait I'm a little confused - what's the point of the gaussian blur? awesome tutorial btw, is there one for your chibis? :3

Hardcore Niaro Fan xD
niaro's avatar
to give a slight glow effect and a softer edge on the lineart u v u it's subtle but compare the overlay with and without the blur and you'd see what I mean

thank you!! and no i don't believe so but I color them the same when I shade them! i don't have a uniform style on my chibis so i feel it'd be hard to do a tut on them ;_; thanks tho
NoizRnel's avatar
Got it, I was just wondering about your chibis, since they're adorable!! QwQ

And thanks for replying really fast C: this tutorial helps a lot xD
univeige's avatar
Wonderful tutorial! I love how you colour the eyes. <3
MouHitoriNoBoku's avatar
woow nice!! very nice!!!!! thank you very much for making the tutorial :D :glomp:
Jedi-With-Wings's avatar
Unbelievably helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your techniques. =)
FireGemini's avatar
thnx so much!
chubbeebunnee's avatar
alataya's avatar
I...I don't understand how to do the effect thingy D: What peach color? What do you mean "copy it. paste it. Deform it."? D:>
I got how to do the ellipse and everything else I don't understand what you were saying there...
niaro's avatar
I don't know how to explain better than I did but umm the peach color is the pink I used for the circle and copy/paste and deform are all normal terms. I suppose try to read again because I have difficulties seeing where you're having difficulties;
iingo's avatar
oh now i know how to make a rounded picture're the best
Dayami-chan's avatar
Wahh that was so helpful! I'm pretty new to SAI and didn't know you could do so much in the program! It was very easy to understand and I look forward to experimenting with your tips in the future! Great job!:highfive:
Micheeque's avatar
thankyou! this help so much!
Kappuke-Ki-Chu's avatar
I colored this using this tutorial. [link] I think I found a new chibi coloring style this one is so easy to do and lovely in a simplistic way.
niaro's avatar
It looks really good *v*! Wow I'm so glad it's easy for you! always think my tutorials won't help people since it's a lot of personal taste etc U v U
rasanime's avatar
Awesome! But--
Why did you do the overlay and blur thing is the end?
niaro's avatar
makes the colors come out a little bit more. it's a bit subtle (:
Raviynbird's avatar
OMG SO HELPFUL. Thanks for caring about us by making these tutorials!
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