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Niaro's Tips and Tricks Part1

Part II


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Paint Process + The Layer Clip and Opacity Lock
Coloring and Blinking Tutorial

I will not answer questions related towards:

Layer and Folders
Clipping Group and Opacity Lock
Pressure Problems or Tablet Error
Where to get these two programs
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Ahh! This helps. ;u; However I hope you do not mind me asking- What brush do you use for sketching? I love how it looks so I would like to know the settings if that is not a problem :iconuhuhuhuplz:
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hello ^^
thank you for sharing this tutorial with us ♥
but i have a small question, my SAI doesn't have this Acrylic brush !!
is it a default brush and u changed the setting or did u make it by right clicking the brushes box ?
niaro's avatar
I'm glad it helped!

I'm pretty sure mine came with the acyrlic brush so you may have an old version of sai. try these brushsettings… and if they don't work for you maybe you need to find a recent version of sai. Good luck!
witchpowerlove's avatar
hello, sorry to bother you again, but my SAI doesn't have [rough_flat] option ! did you add it from some where ?
i got my SAI from the official site !! so i don't know why it doesn't have the same options as yours :( !
niaro's avatar
perhaps try redownloading it from this site? As long as you have the license it'll be no problem. If this doesn't work I can't help you I'm sorry
witchpowerlove's avatar
 oh thank you so much  ^_^ 
witchpowerlove's avatar
oh thank you ^^
well in the official site there is no new versions !!
but i made a new brush and used your settings . i hope it's the same as yours ! ^^

at least it work better than the pencil i was doing lineart with it, but sometimes i felt something not right XD lol
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SugarKaiques's avatar
What's the average size of your canvas? c:
niaro's avatar
for the second part of the tutorial it's like 1500x1500 px range *v*b I tend to start out with a 1000x1000 canvas to draw
Teian's avatar
You are a god send :heart:
niaro's avatar
awww I can only hope it helped in anyway <3333
Teian's avatar
It did, now I get a better understanding on sketching and whatnot ^^ Thank you~:iconblushplz:
lyseeart's avatar
Lol, it's funny how people think you have to follow strict guidelines when you're just drawing... just play around, figure it out and use what works. xD
kuroitenshi13's avatar
What size plx height do you usually work with?
niaro's avatar
Not sure it always depends ): I'd say 1275x1650 prolly!
kuroitenshi13's avatar
Okay, that at least gives me an idea. I work slightly bigger size so I'm thinking about trying slightly smaller lines for some of my stuff.
Sheepieh's avatar
On my SAI I dont have Simple circle..? ; n ;
niaro's avatar
It's default setting (: but if you don't have "Luminosity" layer mode and you still have "Addition" you need to redownload SAI from it's english site to get it's update.
Sheepieh's avatar
Oh ok ; u ;
Thank you!
AshtreeJ's avatar
I miss yew. :[ pepsiie too. :heart: mah friend's all famous.
pepsiie's avatar
Now I can be a master of arts
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