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Phoenix Wright Pony

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OBJECTION!! :objection: Objection Emote 
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Objection against ponifying EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE WORLD
whats wrong with leg.
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HAHAHA, I love it! It's just what I was searching for after wachting PW/MLP:Turnabout Storm. He is looking exactly as I would have loved him to look had he turned into a pony.
What do you use to draw your ponies?
Also i used your art in one of my videos on YouTube, i credited you though.
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(Do Maya and Mia next!)
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(Rolls over dying of laughter) :squee: :D
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Oh, I should really check my messages more often.

Hold on, I need some pants for this.
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Ahem... OBJECTION!!!
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What should have happened when he was taken to Equestria in Turnabout Storm. (youtube video, check it out :iconrainbowdashlaplz: )
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OMG I love this a Pony version of Phoenix Wright it's really epic ^^
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Its so awesome *_* ace attourny became 20% cooler *.*
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Youre welcome :iconbrohoofplz:
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Lol, that's awesome! Have you seen that youtube series with Phoenix Wright? I forget what it's called but it's really well done!

And good job covering the cutie mark ;P
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I believe it's called, PW:AA Turnabout Storm :icontakethatplz::iconoverruledplz:
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Probably, thanks for looking it up; I was just too lazy! ^^;
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Didn't need to, for some reason my brain remembers the useless.
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