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Octavia playing a sad song [link]

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nice octavia is one of my favorite
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Is it okay if i use this image for a wallpaper if you accept you will of course receive credit and the image :DD
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Like everyone else says, it looked like she fell asleep while playing.
considering her character, it would make sense that she may have practiced late into the night.
And it also makes sense that this is adorable.
if you ever played Pachibel's Canon in D you'd be asleep too.. sooo boring for Cello/Bass Players
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May I use this picture for a picture for some of my Ask Questions? I don't have any now but, I'm sure I will be getting some soon! - Octavia
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she looks like she just fell asleep on her cello
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So in order todo things properly, may I have your permissoin to use this deviation in order to conclude mine? According to your conditions, I promise and I will credit and link you back if you agree.
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Thanks for asking ;)
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"1) use or alter this picture without my permission" ~Nianara Why would anyone alter such beauty?
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Thank you xD
I don't know why, but it's happened before... :/
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Yeah...the description says I gotta ask to use this and I've been thinking about making something with Octavia in it and this pic might be exactly what I need. I will credit you if I use it and I'll even add a link if you like, so..yeah.
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Credit with a link would be great :)
And if you could send me the link once it's finished, that would be awesome :D
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cool image! i like octavia too! :)
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I love that actually put me to sleep last night and I kept dozing off into peaceful dreams ^_^...which was hard because I was trying to stay awake until my friend came home X_X;;
PeregrinStaraptor's avatar pony when it comes to the bass. Nicee job with the pose too. Really good.
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Thank you very much :D
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