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Lyra Heartstrings

Lyra playing her lyre (yes she can!), inspired by this song [link] :)

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Would I be allowed to base-ify this? I'll credit you in the description, of course.
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If she stood up afterwards, then some thing strange happened to the cutie mark.
I also wonder what songs she knows.
This is amazing - can I please use this on the cover for my fanfic?
PsycoJosho's avatar
Her cutie mark is upside-down
Rotzerrich's avatar
Now I can't unsee that. Thanks.
Nbbren's avatar
lyra playing a heartstrings

Kinda funny and poetic at the same time
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PeaceLovingMadman's avatar
"I shall play you the song of my people - it's called Manos: Hands of Fate"
HareTrinity's avatar
I think the background side of her face comes forward too much? I'm not sure it should reach the tip of her snout from this angle: [link]

Other than that it's great! :)
Nianara's avatar
I don't quite understand what you mean, but thank you for your honest opinion :)
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:iconmlpbonbonplz::iconsaysplz:See Lyra? You CAN play the lyre with hooves, you're just not confident enough.
gelboyc's avatar
Oh Lyra you so silleh
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A wonderful vector, just what I needed as well for an upcoming project. Many thanks!
Nianara's avatar
What kind of project?^^
Tempest-Arts's avatar
A very emotional wallpaper, Lyra and Octavia. Its in my idea for a variation of the poster used in Octavia and Lyra ~ Tugging at the Heartstrings ([link]). Since the creator of it never fully published it, I figured I would attempt to do a favor for him.
Nianara's avatar
Yeah, I made my Octavia and Lyra vectors for :iconjamey4: so he can make a wallpaper inspired by this song ;)
If you use them too, please credit me with a link, ok?
I'd also love to see your work, once it's finished :)
Tempest-Arts's avatar
Sure thing, and I saw too that he beat me to it. XD
Nianara's avatar
There can never be enough pony wallpapers ;)
Well I made the vectors for him, so it would've been difficult to be faster^^
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