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Discord in a storm, for :iconjamey4:'s storm series =D

If you want to use it, please ask first ;)
If you post it anywhere else, don't forget to link back here!
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cool and very well done discord, just one thing missing: the storm
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Imagination is a wonderful thing ;)
No seriously, go to :iconjamey4:, he made the storm =D
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[link] Here's the storm ^_^
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Hey, you're back! ^^

Mmmh. He looks a bit more...I dont knwo, different. You know what I mean? Like he has been purified or something.
I want to see him again SO much! ^^
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Yeah I did a lot of stuff recently that I don't want to upload here^^ (maybe I will upload it to the Scraps later though)

How do you mean purified?^^
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Well, for some reason I see him like...a bit younger. He has slightly smaller eyebrows and shorter snout.

And, if he appeared again, I guess he would be purified by the Elements, much like Luna. He could still be chaotic and awesome, but witouth the evil part.
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Woah, I see exactly what you mean. He DOES look younger, as if he left his evil behind, or as if somebody with a purer heart drew him. :aww:
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I love that idea :D I'm gonna see if I can put a little bit of that into the "Storm of Chaos" wallpaper :D

Amazing job as always Nianara! :hug:
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Glad to be of help! I can't wait to see it. :lol:
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