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A few years later, Spike still sends Twilight's reports to the princess, but now he is big enough to be Twilight's mount too ;)

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I like this. :) Only problem is...the scales on his back and the way Twilight is sitting on them.
Looks painful. :(
Nianara's avatar
I know XD
Let's just pretend she's using a protection spell ;)
kittykatsforeva's avatar
this is cute I faved it
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BB-K's avatar
Wow, that looks cute, even if he's wingless.
Nianara's avatar
BB-K's avatar
You're welcome.
Drakin929's avatar
Cute. Reminds me of the great fan-fic I just re-read called 'It Takes a Village' where a few years after the shows current setting Spike has to deal with becoming a big dragon and all the ramifications that come from living in a society of ponies.
Jamey4's avatar
Great work as usual! :D
Nianara's avatar
Thank you :)
I like your ponysona, what's his name? :D
Jamey4's avatar
Jamey :P It's basically me; as a pony xD
Nianara's avatar
Ah ok^^
Well some people (including me) give their pony-selfs different names :) (probably because most ponies have different kinds of names than we humans have^^)
Jamey4's avatar
I probably will in the future as soon as I can think of one. :P
Nianara's avatar
It took me really long to think of mine and I couldn't even come up with something clever in the end XD
Jamey4's avatar
The problem I usually run into is that I set aside like 3 or 4 different names...and I'm never able to decide which one I like the most. :P and when I finally do decide, I end up wanting to change it a few weeks later xD
Nianara's avatar
Yep, I know that problem xD
Orhblin's avatar
auch that must hurt
Nianara's avatar
protection spell ;)
Orhblin's avatar
sure :yawn: if you say so
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
Oh, shit...that was pretty fast growth! O_O
Thinking about how much Spike has grown since he hatched (that is, a very little), I guess getting THAT big will take a LOT of time, actually.
Also, I think he wouldnt have so many spikes on his back. He didnt in "Secret of my excess", right?
Dont take those^ as a critisice, its a cool drawing :)
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