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Lovelovelove - Darius and Adam

By Nia-Neko
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Finally I've finished! *___*
I love that draw soooooo much!!!! ç___ç I think that this guys are sooo sweet together! *A* I love draw him... they're made for each other! <3

However...  I use a fan art of Knb as reference's pose (sorry I don't have the link because someone else send me that pic ç_ç) and I try something new for the shade! xD Hope to improve a little bit with colorized! >__>

[Edit] Here some silly scene of them... u.u'''
Darius : Huh ...A-Adam..What do you ..want ?
Adam: Don't worry, honey... Just close your eyes...
Darius: o/////o ...
Adam: ahah! what's that face? Are you not really so shy? >w>
Darius : I.. I'm not ! Tch , fine  ... *Slowly closes Eyes*
Adam: good boy... *he smirks and just kiss him*
Tim : 'Cuckles'
Tom : 'Chuckles'
Darius : Huh...? *Slowly open one eye and just get up * ....Tim....Tom ... ಠ_ಠ
Tom & Tim : ಠ⌣ಠ He...
Adam: Hi guys! ^W^ *as if nothing had happened*
Darius : C'mon ... Not >.>' ..
Tom : New Bf, Huh ?
Tim : Did you cheat on your other one ?
Darius : .. 'Other one ' ?
Adam: HAA?! Other one...? Who!?!
Darius : My ... brothers.
Tim & Tom : Twins c:
Darius : Yes...Twins. Annyoing Ones.
Tim : Aww,C'mon. We're not THAT Bad ;o
Tom : Ye ,we're totally cute.Ain't we ? c:
Adam: Oh yeah! However I suggest you to play somewhere else... xD
Tim & Tom : 'Pushes Darius swiftly to the side'
Tim : But we like to play with you c:
Tom : Yeah,we do C:
Darius : Oh dear.. >w>' ....
Adam: Darius... what kind of brother do you have?! @_@
Darius: *Sigh* Don't mind them.They're just... like 2 Years younger then me.
Tom & Tim : But we're Cute and he's not
Tom : 'Grabs Adams lefts Arm'
Tim : 'Grabs Adams right Arm'
Darius : ... Were's Mother anyway ?
Tim  : You know.. We're old enough to ..walk around ?
Tom : And do things like ... 'cough' teasing for Bf ?
Adam: I'm like urge to bite someone .... 'come close to Darius and pull up the twins' You two get off of my Darius.
Tom & Tim : ... Fine <w<' ...
Darius : 'Sigh'
Adam: 'whisper in Darius's ear' I win you... :3
Darius : owo' ... Meow.. 'Licks playfully over his Lips'
Adam: my, my... That's hot! We need to take a room... xD
Darius : 'Chuckles' Carry me xD !
Tim & Tom : ...Umm.. o_o'
Adam: As you wish! u.u
Darius : Don't worry. You will get your Fun,once we're in the bed C:
And I promise,that you can do whatever you like to me <3
Adam: o///o Oh... If you say something like that... You.Rape.Me... 'jumped on him'

Darius ©:iconkekskruemelkitty:
Adam and Art © Me
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© 2013 - 2021 Nia-Neko
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They're still so cute xD
Nia-Neko's avatar
Yeah! So damn! *W*
KekskruemelKitty's avatar
'Still loving this ;u ; <3
Nia-Neko's avatar
Me tooooo!!! <3 <3 <3 My dear ç___ç I want draw them more but I don't have time ç.ç
KekskruemelKitty's avatar
I Know right x ___x
Time is the worst thing ever ; u;
Nia-Neko's avatar
Uwa! ç.ç How do you going on human practice? :3
KekskruemelKitty's avatar
It's getting better and better ;D
My recent work :…
Nia-Neko's avatar
Yeah! It's better! *^* Well done! >w< I want see more human from today on! u.u
KekskruemelKitty's avatar
Yeey <3 Thanks ;3
I want to get to the point,where I can draw yaoi ; u ; 
Nia-Neko's avatar
*^* I want it!!!! Make it one! just one! >w<
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Arigatuo~!!! >///<
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ohhh they look so cool togetherr♥♥
and so romantik TvT ♥
amazing work!
Nia-Neko's avatar
Right! while I was drawing them I thought: "They're soooooo sweet!" :iconchuuplz:
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Thank you! ^^
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venuto davvero bene 
Nia-Neko's avatar
Ma grazie! ^^ Mi ci sono messa d'impegno su questo! xD (basta vedere i 250.000 livelli di questo file rispetto agl'altri!)
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