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[Catching Stars] Modelsheet of Ambra

By Nia-Neko
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Copyright Statement 3 by Sophibelle

TADAN!!!! *^* That's Ambra! The main chara in CS! >w<
I love to draw her and I love her style! I'll make some cute outfit for her very soon!


Name: Ambra
Years old: 22
Hair: brown with sidebang and
two hairclips to keep  in order the long strands in front of her
Eyes: brown / pink
Height: 1.55 m
Weight: 48Kg
Body type: slender
Relationship Status: single straight
Living: She lives in an apartment on the second floor alone.
Clothing: follow the fashions of the moment, but not excessively. She loves the bon ton style, bows and things that sparkle.
Social class: medium.
Nuclear family: mother, father.
Character: She's gentle and polite, but she knows his stuff. Try not to be the center of attention in order to act undisturbed and get what she wants. She's always cheerful, but not too open with strangers. She's not very agile and would like to be able to do sports, but she always end up to retiring
because her clumsiness.
Hobbies: shopping, reading
Dislikes: fights, be ignored, the bullies, being alone
especially in public places.
Loves: pink, bows, candy, the softness of her hair, the small fuzzy rabbits, anything that is cute and fluffy.
Fears: the height, the thieves.
Skills: manual dexterity, be able to coordinate all the clothes together (?)

Objectives: become a good scenographer

Catching Stars © Me.
Ambra © Me.
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Really nice work :D
Nia-Neko's avatar
Thank you so much!!! >w<
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ur very welcome ^^
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this is really have it also on your facebook art page don't you?
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Thanks!!! Yeah! She's on fb too! :) why did you ask me? XD
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it's just that I thought I had seen it on your artwork page too that's why...obviously my memory didn't betray me this time ;)
Nia-Neko's avatar
ahah you're really good then! :DDD
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