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Greatest Factor of the Wind by ngsilver Greatest Factor of the Wind by ngsilver

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I wrote this story back in 12th grade for my final English portfolio. I actually began writing this 6 months before I took my English class where I was suppose to write it for. The first section, as you might notice has an odd resemblance to some events that took place during 9/11, this is just coincidence as I wrote that part 2 weeks prior.

I always had this capacity to go above and beyond when I was called to write a short story, so while we only had to have 3 pages for our stories, mine came out to about 30 once we formatted the story according to specifications. I then had to fight the teacher tooth a nail to not get a failing grade due to my use of fragments which were intentional.

Either way, enjoy.
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August 2, 2009
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