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Star Trek Reboot Meme

By ngoziu
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I suppose I should fill this out soon? When you fill it out, link it to me in the comments! : D

ETA: Okay, I know TOS is old fandom, but the reboot could be considered new and shiny.


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If only I could draw...then I'd do this!

The character introducing me:Jaylah

Favorite character:Khan

Favorite part:"the friendly shoulder slap"

The pairing I'm digging:Spirk

The ultra rare pairing:Vengeance X Khan

Something n00bs should know about TOS:"you'd hate to be a red shirt"

A reboot character meeting their counterpart:...

(Khan Prime:So, you really fell in love with that starship?)

(Khan:I'm afraid that much is true. What a shame your universe doesn't have a Vengeance...)


Catchphrase:"dammit, Jim!"

One more happy picture:Spirk wedding

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I swear, once I get better at drawing, I'm so doing this. :D
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'm sure you're tired of all these links but

I did it
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I..... I finally found it. The empty reboot meme. I..... This is the happiest day of my life! *rushes off to fill it in, probably badly*
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This will be fun!~

I laughed at Number 6, "Try not to draw a Tribble!" XD

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Please tell me how to make a meme template.
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My very belated meme [link]

This was hilarious.
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im so gonna do this! :D
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Finally done it! :D

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<a href="[link]>I did it!! This was first meme ever and it was more fun than I thought! Let me know if I did it right xD
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Ooh... I will do this in honor of the new movie in the works!!!

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I stored this as a base because that is what I do with memes. Don't be confused.
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If I wasn't such a fail with a tablet, i would do this meme! It's wonderful
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