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All things are possible -stamp
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Published: September 8, 2010
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This is what's on the back of my Youth Group's T-shirts. I really liked it and alot of other people did too (we had people that don't even go to our church order some of our T-shirts)

Really I didn't make any of this, I just made it into a stamp, but I'm positive my Youth Group won't mind, it's the whole point of the shirts anyway for other people to see :)

The verse is Matthew 19:26, it might be hard to read on the stamp.

Feel free to use!

love ya'll :meow:
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Amen Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Try slamming a revolving door, and THEN we'll talk.
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I approve. 

Though I've seen some people leaving comments like


 Here's a few I've seen.

"Except Trans."

Where in the bible does it say we hate Trans? Whoever has told you that is not a true Christian.

"Except Gays."

In the bible, it has more of a neutral stance on the LGBTQ community.  Neither condoning, or condemning it.

"Except the right for women to their bodies."

Ok, have you ever PICKED UP a bible. I guess not. There were NEVER any weak women in the bible. Here's a wiki article that lists all the owmen mentioned in the bible, tell me how many you find were sexualized, or put down vs. How many did great things for their country and for God, or caring for the people who eventually did those things.  And dont just read the names, click on them, their full stories are on there.

Link :…
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oooangelicartoooStudent Digital Artist
Can I use this tooo??? Please?
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CutestSithHobbyist General Artist
So transsexualism and gay reltionships and evoltuion are possible then? Good to know. Also :iconnatsumihanaki20: found ya cuck!
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So true, may god bless you for sharing this with this world! This world needs to be closer with the lord, I think most people have turned their back on god and worship themselves..... :(
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cataccountHobbyist Traditional Artist
Or other religions. I agree ;(
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NyaNeaStudent Digital Artist
I love this stamp. Its very true. Man, those comments of smart remarks, and comments of God can't stop this or that. 
We have free will, and after God finished everything with the Earth. He thought it was good. So, if you keep saying why can't God give me this or that. You're practically mocking him. God does not fail! >:0
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CyndaquilFire35Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Except for evolution. And accepting gay people. And allowing women to control their own bodies.
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FluffyCockatriceHobbyist General Artist
except being accepted for being gay lol
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Yes, I can jump off a cliff into a spiky ground and come out with no injuries with God! He rules!
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katamariluvHobbyist General Artist
Truer words were never spoken. :)
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DemonicAlexHobbyist Digital Artist
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SquiratesHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think believing in God will make it possible for me to live inside out.
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MorganDBZHobbyist Traditional Artist
Proud to love God :heart: thanks for making this :)
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Have that on a key chain!
My favorite keychain
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xD Mark 10:27
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BloodRedFullMoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh, the sheer ignorance radiating from this stamp ... it burns, it burns!
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GametasticHobbyist Artist
Ahh, the sheer insolence radiating from you, it burns, it burns!
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BloodRedFullMoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Insolence, huh? That's cute, haven't heard that before ... ^^
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GametasticHobbyist Artist
Thank you. I try my best.
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That's what I figured.
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