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Review: The Last BlockbusterIs it ironic that it is a Netflix exclusive? Really, how meta is that?In 1994, there were 9000 stores worldwide. The term 'blockbuster night' or even 'blockbuster date' meant a cheesy pair of films, a pizza or a pint of Kung Pow chicken, and a bag of microwave popcorn with a side of Junior Mints.Other stores that adopted its model included Adventures in Video, Hollywood Video, Movie Stop, Movie Max, Mr. Movies - there were more but dammit if I can't remember the names right off hand. The era began around the early 80s - 1985 or so, which means I'm almost as old as the industry itself - and is all but over, save for one last stalwart bastian.Blockbuster Video.During my childhood, the nearest store was Adventures in Video. It was a big store, located in a stripmall on Nicollet, next to a Little Ceasar's Pizza, a hardware store, Arnold's Hamburger Grill, a DQ, and a little ice cream parlor named Moppo's. I'd argue that it opened about 1983 or so - maybe earlier, I can't remember - and it closed sometime around 2004. They had an adult section, too - I admit to going back there a few times when I didn't have any shame. At the end of the day, a video was a video and who cared - I mostly rented Playboy videos - I avoided tastless stuff. Honest to pete.Back in the days before we owned a VCR - we didn't have one until almost 1988 - we would have to rent a VCR too in order to watch the latest new release. This was back in the days when VCRs cost a thousand dollars. A thousand dollars!But anyway, back to Blockbuster. They had their share of softcore videos, even though they didn't have a specific adult section and never intended to. That might've flaunted something in the eyes of the corporate stores, to be sure. My local store was never my local store, at least not at first. The first Blockbuster in the area opened on 86th and Lyndale, which was a good three miles away - well outside of biking distance. Thus, whenever I wanted to rent something, I'd need to get a ride from a neighbor or get a ride from parents. This lasted for years, as the original location opened in 1989 or so.When a Blockbuster finally arrived locally at the Hub, I was almost into high school - it opened in 1994 after Children's Palace closed - Michael's Craft Store and Blockbuster were the stores that took over the space. There was much rejoycing.From 1995 until about 2009, I imagine I spent just about every weekend there. It's likely I even put in an application to work there once, but I can't remember if I declined or they did. From the SNES era to the N64 and the Gamecube, I remember renting a copy of Illusion of Gaia and deciding that if I could beat it in three days - the length of a rental period, which might've been Labor Day Weekend or some other holiday weekend - I would put Final Fantasy 3 on my birthday list instead. So I rented Illusion of Gaia, won it, and FF3 made the list. I got it, and I'm still playing it all these years later.Oh the memories. I remember then going back in 2007 or so when they began selling their collection to keep the lights on. Although I've still got my Blockbuster card - it's upstairs in my sacred junk drawer of awesomeness (you've got one too, it's your top dresser drawer) - I don't imagine I have rented a movie since 2010. Blockbuster closed in 2009, and Hollywood Video - which had opened in 1998 near Southdale Square and then closed in 2011 - would be the last castle to the video rental stores in the area. ...Let's talk about the movie, shall we?The Last Blockbuster is a documentary about the chain that had its heyday in the early 90s and thrived when the era of the video rental store was king. It's hard to imagine that home videos cost as much as $100 when they first came out in the late 70s. So how did we end up paying only $20 for a copy of The Little Mermaid in 1989? Because of video rental stores. Apparently, there was an idea in the studio system that if a person wanted to watch a video outside of the movie thearter they should pay through the nose to do so. Tickets for thearters might've cost $7 in those days (which was a lot of money then) but when video players came out (again, this was around the time Star Wars came out) the studios worried that their products would become uncontrolled around the market. (They were right.) No sooner did the places like Sears and Montgomery Ward start carrying video cassette players and Betamax machines (VHS verses Beta, DVD and VideoCD, BluRay and HDDvd; sound familiar?) did the studios deliver movies on these new formats. Those with money could watch them at home, and soon everyone got in on the game. But these movies were expensive - and entreprenurial types decided that there could be a buisness renting them like a library. Sony Studios sued - seriously, check this out-,_Inc.- and in a landmark decision by the Supreme Court, lost. Video rental stores soon opened everywhere and the home rental market boomed.In 1985, however, a small store in Dallas tried things differently. Because all of these copies cost money to purchase, the store owner went directly to the studios with a proposistion - make the films available at an affordable rate and we'll split the rental profits with you. Blockbuster Video soon opened twenty locations in the Dallas area, and more soon followed.At one time, according to the documentary, a Blockbuster Video location was opening every 17 hours. That's crazy. Blockbuster soon bought out local chains and franchised itself everywhere, and by 1990 had almost 3/4 of the rental market. This meant studios could continue to make money on a film even after it left the thearters, making them happy. People watched films in the thearters, then bought their copies and rented them at home, and films that didn't always do well in thearters sometimes became cult classics at the rental stores.In 2003, something happened. A small company named Netflix began a video rental service that did away with rental fees and kept costs low by mailing copies to their customers rather than having traditional brick-and-mortar stores. (The film swears that it wasn't Netflix that caused the decline of the industry. You'll have to watch it for the real reason, I'm not going to say it here.) In fact, Blockbuster had the option to buy Netflix - but declined. That might've been known as Mistake #1, but in truth, there were other mistakes.Anyway, by 2018, there were four Blockbuster locations left. Three in Alaska, and one in Bend, Oregon. That changed in 2019, leaving the last location.Because Blockbuster Entertainment is owned by Dish Network, the store has to keep up with its licensing and franchise options yearly. Suppose it might only be a matter of time. Though I'm curious - if I showed up with my old membership card, would it work?The film features several Hollywood names, the most famous of which is likely Kevin Smith, who wrote Clerks and made a name for himself off of a video rental store where guys like Jay and Silent Bob hung out outside selling pot. I have to say, it made nostalgia real when I saw that Captain Marvel trailer where she crashed into a Blockbuster Video location. Overall, the film captures that nostalgia perfectly, when you could order a pizza, pick up a few movies and a bag of Orville Reddenbocker's popcorn, head home at five and watch your two movies - maybe it was a comedy and a drama, or a Disney movie for the kids and an action movie for the adults - stay up until 11 while falling asleep and then be kind, rewind, return the film the next day and do it all again Saturday night. I remember one night when my buddies and I rented Casino and a few video games. We played the video games, ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut, put in Casino around 11 or so, and then all fell asleep to it. To this day I have yet to watch Casino in its entirety - the copy we had rented was a two-pack VHS copy and I have no memories of even watching the opening sequence. All I remember is pushing play and then falling asleep on the couch. It was a one night rental - it was in high demand - and I never have tried to watch it since. Up until I few years ago, I still had the same freaking couch. I miss that couch.As for the store, when the documentary came out last fall I googled it and found it yes, it was still open. Apparently they were doing curbside service during the pandemic. Makes me really want to do a road trip - it's only a few thousand miles to Bend. We could pass through Idaho on the way and visit my stepsister and my step-nephew on the way.All through the film, they talked about that Blockbuster smell. It was a smell of stale plastic, dusty carpet, plywood shelves and popcorn. It was a great smell. Frankly, I can't remember how I learned to live without a rental store. How I got used to it all happened kinda quick. I think I left my Blockbuster card in my wallet until 2014, until I finally took it out and put it into the safe deposit drawer. Last year, a Blockbuster trivia game came out at Target. I bought it. The game is a trip - it came in an old VHS shaped case and everything. Still haven't played it with anyone...Nowadays, I have a pretty large video library in stock, and I can't tell you how extensive my buddy's video stock is. He joined Columbia House and other movie clubs religiously for a while there and could have started his own Blockbuster by the end of it all - he'd join and buy movies until his membership requirements were met (and they jacked up the price) but quit his membership and rejoin to get ten movies at a time for a nickel. It boggled the mind - you'd think he could've sold them all to pawn shops or have a garage sale and cash'd be nice to make a trip to Bend. I came close to making an online purchase of some memorabilia but talked myself out of it at the last moment. Here's raising a glass to the folks who still run it. Here's to many Blockbuster nights in the future.For now, I'll just stick to watching my own films. I've got so many films that I haven't even opened yet; it'd be nice to find time for The Lord of the Rings and all the others again.That, and it'd be nice to go to a thearter too... freaking Covid...READING: Watchers at the WellPLAYING: The Legend of Zelda (NES)LISTENING TO: Earthbound Soundtrack WATCHING: Diners, Drive-Ins and DivesEATING: Got lazy and ordered Domino's tonight - I didn't even use the treadmillDRINKING: Water
Art Challenge - Evangelion Alphabet
Z is for Zeruel by bardiel66
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Hello again! It's me, the founder (yes this group has a human being real-life founder). It has been a lean year of Evangelion for me. Keeping the group alive, accepting artwork but I myself have been out of the game.

That appears to be changing, and with it, a renewed interest in finishing my webcomic "EVA-303". Just a quick question for the group- Did anyone here actually READ EVA-303? Does anyone remember it?

I'm beginning to get back to it, and I'd like to let you all know! Hopefully I haven't waited too long... :(

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