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Chapter Review: 16 by GrummanCat
Chapter Review: 14 by GrummanCat
Chapter Review: 13 by GrummanCat
Chapter Review: 12 by GrummanCat
Epic Scenes
Breaking Free Beast by Kekkarma
EVA Unit 00 berserk by Kekkarma
Eva Unit 01 by davideottoveggio
Lilith: The Seed of Life  by Kekkarma
Shinji Ikari
I won't be your cry baby by MarshmallowBreeze
Everybody is awful these days by darthplegias
Be happy by obscureobsidiandraws

Mature Content

I keep bleeding love by MarshmallowBreeze
Rei Ayanami
Ayanami Rei by Cpt-Katawa
Rei 00 by SofiaNyan43Pocky
Rei Ayanami by SofiaNyan43Pocky
Ayanami by AraAraCake
Asuka Langley Soryu
Shikinami Asuka Langley(EVA) by RyO1929
Soaking it all in | Asuka 1 Year Ago by AussieIkari
iPad Sketch: Casual Asuka by ECrystalica
Asuka Langley by LadyPandoraVampyr
Mari Illustrious Makinami
Little Doggy| Mari Illustrious Makinami by AussieIkari
Bloody mari by Amongthem
Mari Makinami #1 : A little break. by Amongthem
CM - Mari's Marine Bind by MegaGundamMan
Kaworu Nagisa
Kaworu and animals by MayaBriss
You were waiting for me. by WhySoHarsh
Kaworu Nagisa by Crowchyld

Mature Content

FA: I Really Was Born To Meet You by poisonousVampire
Misato, Ritsuko, Kaji
Ritsuko by MarshmallowBreeze
Misato Katsuragi by marioferro
TF Ultimate Universe 22 - Misato Katsuragi by HugeTFPFan
Misato remembers Ryoji by JBMDoolio
Gendou, Yui, Fuyutsuki, Other NERV Staff
Maid Gendo by Toxyys
Nobody knows me as well as you do by Toxyys
Animal Crossing Gendo by Toxyys
Nikky - Evangelion Nervsona sheet by Toxyys
Toji Suzuhara, Kesuke Aida, Hikari Horaki
Beaming by MarshmallowBreeze
Kensuke by MarshmallowBreeze
Horaki's Family by Lord--Opal
Toji by MarshmallowBreeze
Other Characters
The new transfer girl! | Mana kirishima by AussieIkari
Couples and Groups
KawoMay [comission for MayaBriss] by KitsuneSkarlett
3D Model Eva02 by GatoCangrejo
Glitched Sachiel by sinner-moon

Mature Content

Fan Characters and Evas
Kirishima May by MayaBriss
Asuka Langley Soryu cosplay by LifeisaFiction
Figures, Kits, Crafts, Collectibles
Rei Ayanami plushie! by Momoiro-Botan
Manga, Fics, Animation
Aki2 by JimmyWolk
Stamps, Wallpapers, Logos
COMING SOON to COMIC FURY! (Banner) by GrummanCat
Memes, Demotivationals, Parodies

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Whatever the hell Asuka is doing by Santa-Kruz
Everything Else
faves... but with freckles!! by MarshmallowBreeze
Art Challenge - Evangelion Alphabet
Z is for Zeruel by bardiel66
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Hello again! It's me, the founder (yes this group has a human being real-life founder). It has been a lean year of Evangelion for me. Keeping the group alive, accepting artwork but I myself have been out of the game.

That appears to be changing, and with it, a renewed interest in finishing my webcomic "EVA-303". Just a quick question for the group- Did anyone here actually READ EVA-303? Does anyone remember it?

I'm beginning to get back to it, and I'd like to let you all know! Hopefully I haven't waited too long... :(

I Never Left You by GrummanCat
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Rebuild of Evangelion Production List
    :bulletred: Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone- September 1, 2007
    :bulletgreen: Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance- June 27, 2009
    :bulletblue: Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo- November 17, 2012
    :bulletred: Evangelion: Final- To Be Announced







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