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Sunset journey

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So beautiful!!!

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Thank you so much! :)

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Great. The flowers are pretty and the sky is amazing!

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Thank you! I already long for summer :)

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Невероятно небе. Прекрасна работа с хармониращи цветове. Браво!

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Благодаря ти! Радвам се отново да те видя на моята скромна страница:)

Til-Til's avatar

Очень приятная работа :love:

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Спасибо! Думаю, в этой картине мне помогло сочетание противоположных цветов. :)

Til-Til's avatar

Да, комплементарные цвета всегда ласкают глаз )))

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stunningly brilliant fabulously beautiful diamond masterpiece!!!

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Thank you, my friend! Happy to see you again on my page:)

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again thank you very much my dear friend and my pleasure, and brilliantly gorgeous happy creative golden sunday to you

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Thanks a lot!:)

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I wish I could visit this charming place. Do you draw landscapes from your own imagination or is it real place?

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Thank you! One can visit any place through one's imagination.:)

I actually use 3 sources for my humble paintings:

  1. Tutorials from Youtube.

  2. A picture I've taken somewhere as a reference.

  3. "Good artists copy, great artists steal." ~ Pablo Picasso

I try to "steal" from pictures/paintings. If I "steal" a composition, I change some objects and experiment with a very different coloring scheme.

This painting is from type 3, I'm not so talented to paint only by my imagination:(

Sorry for the long explanation.:)

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Thank you very much for your explanation 🙂 There's nothing bad about using references, especially in realistic paintings where every detail matters. So it does not mean yor are not talented!

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Thank you! I'm happy that you like it!:)

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Many thanks, my friend!:)

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I need to travel there NOW:shakefist:

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Thank you! You are very welcome:)

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