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Street Fighter 3 Teaser pencil

here are the pencils i promised of that SFIII teaser image: [link]

image and all characters are © Udon Entertainment and Capcom
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© 2007 - 2021 NgBoy
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This is probably my favorite Of all your Street Fighter 3 teasers.
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I coloured the inked version of this, your credited.


This was an amazing piece to work with, thanks bro.
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dude this its art !!!!!!!!
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It's outstanding, I like how you drew Ken!
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Makes my pencil work look like a 5 year olds. Totally orgasmic.!!
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awsome, i love it, street fighter forever!
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Joe, I think this is your best piece to date! Consider yourself in my top 5 Artists!
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wow! thanks for the complement!
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dude, you rock so goddamn much!!!
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wow, excellent.
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nice!!! how long did it take of your time?
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the rough stage took about a week or two of back and fourth revisions between me and my boss, but the final lines took around 14-15 hours
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*IBUKI LOVE* Finally!
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Dude Joe this is unnnnnbeeeeelievable! This was so-well placed!
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lol thanks man!
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Whooooooooooahh. I just looked away from my screen for a second and when I looked back this was there and I went WTF MY EYES!! because it PWNS SO MUCH!!!!

If I didn't make it clear, I think that this RAWKS :headbang:
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okay. I had NO idea you were with the Udon Crew. I was just over at their page and I saw the pencils, colors, and inks of this (I think you already have the colors here) and I went, wtf didn't I see this 10 minutes ago? AND I DID. My respect for you has just tripled.
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:clap: Amazing job!!!
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sorry about the caps, caplocks.
I always picture the two as both friendly and bitter rivals, very bitter. You know, since sSean tries fighting Ryu to prove him self to Ken and Sakura being a Ryu's pupil.
(If you could insert that into the comic as a four-page fight, that'll be cool.)
But I hope that SF4 has a mature SAkura and Sean returning, I liked Sean ever since I played as him, I always liked the underdog and playing Sean against guys like Akuma, was pretty cool.
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that would definitely be an interesting match up. i'm personally not in charge of the story for the book, but i'm sure the writer ken siu-chong will do something really amazing for it!
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