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Mega Gardevoir

Pokemon belong to GameFreak, the Pokemon Company
Art by me.
Well, I try It in some of my spare time after a hard-working semester! Next four days, I will try to make one Mega Pokemon each day, so...wait...and enjoy....^^
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Would love to see a Mega Gallade art from you. Looks great btw.
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I just love the motion in this pose!
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Love Gardevoir and you did a really amazing job o her >u<
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Nice design, great pose and wonderful effects !!! :D
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This shall be my desktop

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Mega Gardevoir looks awesome. Love the pose, it's so dynamic. I also like how it's using that attack(Energy Ball?). Amazing work as usual. :clap:

P.S. You misspelled "Gardevoir" in the title...^^;
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Thanks you...Candy! :D
(just fixed its name...)
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It looks awesome. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that attack.

(Btw, you misspelled "Gardevoir" in the picture's title.)
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OK, I fixed it! Thanks SeriousJupiter! :)
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Wow :wow: Awesome movement ^-^
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THanks you, Spigos!
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so awesomee..

you play x or y?

nganlamsong's avatar
Uh...oh...I don't play x and y! (money, money, money T_T)
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AWW D: you poor boy/girl *wraps arms around you* it will be okay u.u
nganlamsong's avatar
Waaaah! I want moni...moneyyyy...
It is okay...myturtel (turtle?? Sweating a little... ).
I am a boy...sir! :D
myturtel's avatar
My turtle is called turtel :3
Ghehe the game is worth the money though
nganlamsong's avatar
:o (Eek) Oh - How surprise! >>> Your turtle's name is "Turtel"...
Still don't have enough money...T_T
myturtel's avatar
Haha im dutch, so the name isnt all that weird ;3
Do you own a 3ds?
nganlamsong's avatar
No, I have no 3ds...neither...
By the way, I like drawing pokemon because I love their designs, not because the game...I also love their movie...
(Will save money to buy one...:3)
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