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Which of my villanesses should be drawn third (and by extention fourth)? 

40 deviants said Marie Onnette (Spirit bearing voodoo practitioner)
18 deviants said Suli (Magic wielding trolless)


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Hello. I am an artist with a taste for female expansion. I don't draw guys inflated, so please don't ask me to. I do not do requests or commissions. I do not do scat. Art trades I will do if you're willing to trade with me. Also I do not roleplay. Please enjoy my gallery.
Rules of mine:
Always be respectful
Try my best
Have fun.
I would like to say that most of the stuff such as birthday gifts and trades are nearly finished, but that would be in a perfect world.  In reality however, I am procrastinating by drawing my OCs as blueberries.  Bottom line is I'm stressed and drawing my lasses as berried as possible helps to relieve my stress.  I would like to ask anyone who is passing by to vote on which one will be next as for one of them I have a 3 parter in mind. Other than the ones below who are already done or are being done please vote as freely as you like.

OC Berry thing voting open:
1. Angie: You Are What You Eat
2. Olivia: Demeters Anger
3. Bremon: Berry Summonce Surprise
4. Jordi: Spiked Drink
5. Nadia: Rolling The Marathon
6. Alamoya: Desert Berry
7. S.L.U.S.E.H.: Breaking The Rule
8. Demonia: Bubble Gummed Berry
9. Milly: The Blue Milkshake
10. Vanessa: Bloody Cure
11. Fasherah: Blue Harvest
12. Cecilia: Berried In the Bay
13. Jaitia: Just A Single Prick
14. Andromeda: Blue Moon Times Two
15. Danielle: The Last Wish Granted
16. Kate: Blu Brew At O'flation Tavern
17. Lilly: Cross Pollination At Its Finest
18. Hannah: Thorny Vines Of Olympus
19. Ericka: Nice Day For A Blue Fitting
20. Gelyna: Blue Bakery
21. Carmen: Alter of the Fruitful
22. Abigail: The Blue Spotted Soap
23. Tracy: Blue Berry Blast
24. Lillith: The Scent Of Blue
25. Maria: In the works :)
26. Megan: In the works :)
27. Ayesha: In the works :)
28. Losa: In the works :)
29. Serena: In the works :)
30. Natalie Hance: In the works :)
31. Marie Onnette: In the works :)
32. Solariah: In the works :)
33. Lunarah: In the works :)
34. Stellarah: In the works :)
35. Marissa: In the works :)
36. Morgan: In the works :)
37. Marci: In the works :)
38. Maree: In the works :)
39. Juniper: In the works :)
40. Mawathra: In the works :)
41. Suli: In the works :)
42. Dini: In the works :)
43. Layla: In the works :)
44. Zestral: In the works :)
45. Michelle:In the works :)
45a. Deep Blue Sea (part 1 of 3)

Trade list slots: closed for now
Ones I'm working on now:
:icondanixdrak: His OCs packing on the pounds
:iconopenminded20: Nao inflating Mio and Yuna with Yumi hugging Yunas belly
:iconviolin100: Girlfriend inflated
:iconspit-fire233: Taylor Swift blimp
:iconthepumpmasterflate: Meghan and Hannah Dundee berried
:iconjessejs: Water inflated Filia from Skullgirls
:iconcalmingscene: Sabine and Hera pregnant

Completed in the near future:
:iconkibzz: OC Spike being stuffed by OC Raven
:icondani-eel: Jedi Sentinal Bastila-Shan with more meat on her bones
:icongingerbreadgirl89: One of her OCs in my style
:iconcrimsonlantern11: Queen Seqila force feeding Gira
:iconwhite-jacketed-fool: OC Sunny inflated
:iconsomeboy101: Lisa, Beautrice, and Debra with huge hips and fairly large butts
:iconsergy92: Princess Bubblegum, Marcaline and Fiona inflated
:iconisis-the-kitsune: Gilda Sinn expanded
:iconmotol: Matsuri Berry being juiced by Ericka
:iconhorrorempress: Auriel and Spectre (fat/H2O expansion) snuggleing
:iconslash-pseudo: Something with Selona
:icondotintheparadox: OC flustered by breast expansion
:icon666zarike: Devina & Bremon Butt Bump
:iconbrunicus: OC having experienced massive breast expansion
:icondarkfireballz: Panty Weighing herself on recently broken scale
:icongizesnumbers: Bremon, and Olivia Alraunized by Lilly who is a fruit
:iconchuckmanx: Superhero Jen BE
:iconrussellclark: Nia and Yoko berries
:iconthecafeblazkowicz: Fat Elizabeth from Bioshock
:iconmachinequeen: Auntie, Tatiana, and Grandmother inflated
:iconjuacoproductionsarts: Adult Kathaly and OC of mine experiment
:iconkreat-like-crete: Pogge Inflated
:iconnepuofinflation: Asuka and Homura inflated
:iconboman100: Cassidy pumped by Natsuki
:icontechtonicpressure: Umami plump and proud
:iconkryten51: OCs 
:iconslifer-x000: Lego Batgirl and Koko inflated

My end done:
:iconvolvom: OCs Tiaris and Soraja having some fun (sexual)
:iconzucca-xerfantes: 3-4 picture series of Aires inflating
:iconamethystdreamernat: Merida inflated

:icondaemonking: Succulent Succubi
:iconpenoda: Weird candy
:iconmrpr1993: Agents au anxiety
:iconthepumpmasterflate: instagram girls
Request slots:
1. :iconsamurai-of-laser: Mooberry
2. :iconelciddemaestro: Beacon O'Hope Ballooned
3. :iconyeahshippo: Options: Big Bootied dragoness and cat girl yelling at each other or two two cat girls keeping each others balance

OC References:
Alamoya Queen of Djinnial
Cecilia the Sea Naga
Danielle Djinn
Ericka Eredar
Fasherah Wood Fairy
Gelyna The Goblin Mechanic
Hannah Harpius
Jaitia of the Prehistoric Jungle
Kate Of Uptolian
Lilly Loti
Losa Doomweaver
Marissa Mermaid
Marrianne Rinkler
Mawathra Hornehide
Megan Ookina Utsukushi Hana
Michelle Mermaid
The Seraphim Sisters
Vanessa Van Vamp


Which of my villanesses should be drawn third (and by extention fourth)?
40 deviants said Marie Onnette (Spirit bearing voodoo practitioner)
18 deviants said Suli (Magic wielding trolless)
Which of my villanesses should be drawn second?
30 deviants said Dr. N. Hance (Titanic titted scientist)
14 deviants said Mary Onnette (Spirited voodoo practitioner)
6 deviants said Suli (Magician troll)
Which of my villanesses should be drawn first?
26 deviants said Serena (Sorceress)
23 deviants said Dr. N. Hance (Titanic titted scientist)
5 deviants said Mary Onnette (Voo-doo practitioner)
Name: Maree
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Cup size: E cup
Weight: 290 pounds
Height: 5'4"
Hair color: Dirty blond
Eye color: Yellow
Skin color: Tan white
Lip color: Pink
Likes: Sleep, eating, being brushed
Dislikes: Contact with really anything, being awoken
Bio: Maree watched her now anthropomophic sister sitting on the steps.  Her tail fluttering behind her, she took the chance to walk outside, accidentally rubbing against her sister as she trodded.  Some static discharged from Marci and struck Maree.  Her body suddenly began to change.
Her face morphed into a more human shape, losing her whiskers as her arms and legs elongated.  Her paws had turned into hands and feet.  The cats rather fat body became a proportionately fat torso and waist.  Her fluffy tail and ears changed in size as her fur receded, remaining long on her head.  Her legs also became thicker, as if in response to her larger trunk.  Her chest was significantly larger than her sisters.
"Nyaah!" she squeeled as she tumbled down the steps, not yet used to her new anatomy.  "Maree?  Sister, is that you?" Marci said, revealing her own mastery of human language.  Helping her up, Marci licked her sisters face in greeting.  "How did you become as I?" she said.  Maree shrugged, not yet able to properly use her voice.  "Hmm, not ready to speak yet, eh?" the short haired neko said rubbing her chin, "Well, don't worry!  I'll stick with you until you're ready.".

Description: Oftentimes aloof, Maree is a slightly hefty catgirl.  She stays out of sight, unless a brushing is offered.  Unable to speak human tongue, she uses sign and body language to convey her thoughts.
Is anyone else experiencing trouble going from the watch page to their notifications?
The poll is clear.  Lillith will be aroused by her sudden weight gain.
The next character to be inflated at the beach will be Lillith.  Thanks for voting, I'm currently working on the same characters pic in welcome to the funhouse.
Beach Blimps 2 - Lost and Found
A warm sunny day was on the horizon as a lone woman walked on the beach.  Her hazel eyes searching for the perfect spot to reprieve and relax.  She walked slowly, swinging her hips from side to side in her white bikini, the talismans she wore dangled from the middle of her top and both sides of her bottoms, connected by gold twine.  Her chest filled out the entire affair, as it lightly bounced with each footfall.  Blonde hair cascading down between her shoulder blades responded in kind to her every movement.  Suddenly she tripped on something.  Hitting the beach, she looked back to find a cooler.
"That's odd.  I thought this was a private beach." she cerebrated, looking around for the owner of the ice box.  Opening it up, she saw it was nearly full of pop and water.  "Well it would certainly be a waste not to take one." she said in her head plucking one of the sodas from its plastic sleeve.  Opening it by its tab, the blonde downed the carbonated beverage in a matter of seconds.  Feeling the cool liquid travel down her throat made her blush.  "Oh that was good." she said rubbing her tummy.  Letting out a small burp, she giggled as she walked along down the shore.
As she approached her spot, her stomach let out an audible gurgle.  Holding her trunk, it quickly quieted itself.  Shrugging, the woman went to take another step, when suddenly her entire body felt tingly.  Looking forward, she ignored the sensation until her ability to walk became labored.  Looking down she found out why.  Her frame had taken on a spherical shape.  Her already sizeable breasts had blown up proportionately to her torso.  The once sexy beach goer, was now a big boobed balloon.  She looked around to insure nobody was around to see her predicament, wiggling her feet, and flapping her free hand to put on a show for any onlookers.  When she was certain none were around to see her, she cooed and moaned as the gas within her moved around.  Though shocked by her initial findings, she had experienced similar phenomenon to this before.  Feeling her tight skin rub against the sand stimulated her.  Her nipples stiffened as she had several orgasms.
It was midday and the bloated beauty of the beach had fallen asleep in the sun.  Waking up, she noticed her body had become tighter than it was before.  Rocking back and forth, her body only bulged more as the suns rays caused the gas inside of her to expand.  Her facial cheeks had become the size of oranges, her lips plumped up as well.  Her attire had by some miracle stayed on, although it had been contorted by her overflowing waist and breasts.  Rolling as fast as she was able down the shoreline, her body came to rest upon a shallow pool of water cooling her down instantly.  Wriggling her hand and feet as the divets they had created slowly became less pronounced.  The blonde beach balloon sighed and blushed as she felt the waves beat against her.

The End

Olivia has found what Bremon has lost: a cooler with enchanted drinks.
Alrauni Assault
A sunny day was underway as two hikers trekked into the wilderness.  "So," the busty blond woman said confused, "which way is the cabin?".  "We wouldn't be lost if I knew that now would we?" the brunette replied in a sarcastic tone.  "Oh hush." the blonde snapped back at her companion, "We're on an adventure.".  Rolling her eyes and smiling, the brown haired woman followed her somewhat oblivious girlfriend on the path unknowing the dangers that lurk in the jungle.
Sitting down at the base of a tree, the brunette exhaled loudly.  "Let's rest here Oliv- Olivia!!!" she shouted spotting her companion appearing to antagonize a snake.  "Don't worry your tail off Bre," the blonde said winking at her beloved, "it's just a vine.".  The lovely brunette looked around to make sure nobody had followed the two women.  Tracing mythical runes in the air, her form changed dramatically.  To the untrained eye, it would appear that she sprouted horns, wings, and a tail.  "That always feels amazing." she cerebrated, cracking her neck.
As the two women rested their tired legs, a strange sound was heard.  "What's that sound?" Olivia inquired.  "I don't know.  Let's go check it out." Bremon replied.  The couple trekked a short distance to a small clearing where they saw a strange sight indeed.  From the waist up it looked like a woman.  Albeit a yellow skinned blue haired woman.  However, she had several petals sprouting from her lower half.  "It's an alraune." Bremon whispered in her lovers ear.  "A what?" Olivia whispered back.  "An alraune.  Don't call her fat, trust me on that." the she demon explained.  "Did someone say something about me being fat?" the alraune said in the two hikers direction.  "Uhh..." started Bremon.  "Well let's see how you like it you fatties!" she shouted shaking the petals of her lower half, "I, Lilly, Dutchess of this forest shall punish your insolence!!!".  "No, no wait!!!" Bremon shouted recalling her first experience with the alrauni, unfortunately too late.  Clouds of spores flooded the immediate area.  "I feel sleepy." Olivia said yawning deeply.  "Fight it, Liv!  Fight it!!!" Bremon shouted attempting to keep her lover awake.  Their eyelids grew heavy as the spores affected them more by the second.  Finally falling unconscious, the pollen began to transform them on a cellular level.
The two women awoke in the same instant.  Stretching their arms above their heads, they realized that their arms had doubled in thickness.  Noticing this they inspected the rest of themselves.  Olivia had grown significantly in weight, her breasts had nearly doubled in size, and had grown petals, maintaining some of her modesty.  Bremons belly loomed out far in front of her, resting upon a shelf-like petal.  Her trunk was no longer slim.  Rolls of flab lined her trunk, and her ass had grown significantly in size.  Her boobs had grown proportionately in size and were uncovered.  The she demon plucked a low hanging vine from the trees, wrapped it around her nude chest, and tied it together improvising a bra.  "Oh Bre, what are we going to do?" Olivia asked, "I can't go to work looking like this.".  Bremon was distracted by the syrup colored substance that seemed to ooze from her body.  Taking a sample of it with her index finger, she sniffed it and gagged.  It smelled like manure, but worse.  
Sunlight streamed through holes in the canopy of leaves.  The two new alrauni stomped through the forest in search of the one responsible for their transformation.  Coming upon a clearing, the two plant women found who they were looking for.  "Lilly!!!" Bremon shouted grasping her love handles, "You're going to reverse this!!!".  Lilly chuckled.  "And why would I do that?" the original alraune inquired confidantly.  "Because if you don't, you'll pay dearly for it!!!" Bremon replied with the same intensity.  "Yeah?" Lilly said, "Bill me bitch.".  "You asked for it." the bark winged alraune said under her breath moving to the side revealing Olivia sporting two handfuls of magic.  Suddenly, point her palms toward Lilly, the magic formed two beams.  Just as the beams came into contact with their intended target, they disappeared.  The effects were a mystery to the alraune, but not to anyone else who happened to be a spectator.
First, Lillys body turned several shades of green.  As the fat forest fey sat there wondering what all the fanfare was about, her alrauni soil stand disintegrated, leaving her roots exposed.  Suddenly, she lurched forward in pain.  The dutchess of the forest watched as her body slowly began to grow.  Her roots turned into vines as her belly distended, obstructing her view of her percieved enemies.  Her tits grew big and round as the seconds rolled by.  Her engorged nipples erupted a sweet smelling liquid as her body rounded out.  A vine sprouted from the middle of her belly, jutting into the ground to absorb nutrients.
"This could go one of two ways." Bremon said angrily.  "Either you fix this shit," she said grabbing her rolls and jiggling her belly about, "or my girl will fill you up until you explode.".  "I-I dobn' wabn 'oo expwode!!!" Lilly said as the sweet smelling liquid seeped from her tear ducts and dripped down her face.  "Then I suggest you turn us back into our previous forms." Olivia chimed in smiling at how far her ability to use magic had come.  "Fine.  I'll chahng 'oo bak." Lilly conceded through baseball sized cheeks, "Ip may 'ake a foo days though.".

Here's my end of an art trade with :icongizesnumbers:.  It seems that Bremon and Olivia are unable to avoid being transformed into different things when they go on these little excursions.  Let's just hope Lilly is telling the truth.

Honourable mention goes to :iconderpaggedon: who is the one whom inspired me to make my own alraune character.
I guess Olivia finds Bremons cooler and throws caution to the wind then.
To clarify my recent poll will only affect the trades that I have yet to see anything from the trader, and those that I haven't started yet as far back as 3 years ago
And the next character to be blown up into a sphere will be Olivia.  The next character to gaze into Adiposas mirror will be Lillith.
It was a temperate spring afternoon as the sea water clawed at the beach.  Nadia pushed her rented boat off the shores edge.  Starting the dinghys motor, her boat sped off to a nearby reef.  She had a certain aquatic friend she enjoyed visiting every now and then, although the last few times she did things got weird pretty fast.  Arriving at the reef, she undressed and put on a hoodless wet-suit, a clear diving mask, flippers, and hoisted an oxygen tank onto her shoulders.  Turning the valve a couple times, she started the gas flow.  Doing a couple of squats to realign her center of gravity, the curvy catgirl placed the diving regulator in her mouth turning it on in the process, and fell back into the water.
Looking around, Nadia marveled at the tranquil beauty of the reef.  She saw colorful fish swim in and out of the various cracks and crevices provided by the corals around her.  She gave her surroundings a once-over, looking for her friend.  She saw some brown hair and she suspected her usual host was going to surprise her in some fashion.  Swimming as slowly as she could, Nadia drifted through the water, aiming to surprise her associate.  When she was withing arms reach of her intended target she struck.  Hugging what she thought to be her chum, the neko was knocked backward by a powerful tail.  Falling backwards through the water, Nadia suddenly realized she had not found her friend.  She had found something else.
Looking around for her newfound company, she felt the water behind her solidify into such an intimidating form.  Before Nadia could spin around, the stranger grabbed her scuba pack.  Turning the valve on the tank itself, the tubes that led from the tank to the nekos diving regulator bulged as pressure grew within them.  Nadia panicked, as she watched a grey blue clawed hand switch the regulator from on to off.  The tubes constricted as the gas that had been trapped inside them was given release.  As the gas continued to flow as Nadias belly began to bloat with oxygen.  Holding her tummy, her breasts started to balloon as well.  Her wet-suit began to constrict her as her abdomen as a whole began to puff up.  Her entire body began to drift upwards toward the surface, but her unknown foe had other plans.
Tying the still expanding nekos feet with some kelp securing her new toy for hours of possible fun.  Nadia felt her limbs fill with gas as her garbing began to wedge itself, giving her a pretty pronounced camel toe.  Finally, getting a well-lit glimpse of her antagonist.  Blue grey skin oddly complemented by dirty blonde hair, her attacker sported a large bust, and a fairly sizable gut.  In addition to a shark like tail, she also had toned muscular arms and legs.  Looking her in the eye, she saw intelligence beyond her own.  Inspecting the rest of her adversaries face, she noticed her jaws full of sharp teeth.  Nadias rival raised one of her hands to her mouth and motioned almost as though she was giggling.
Blushing slightly she bumped the inflated neko with her nose.  Opening her mouth, this time like she was laughing, the strange fish woman tore her acid green bottoms off, and removed her top.  Making eyes at the distending cat girl while flexing her muscles, Nadias puffed cheeks blushed as she tried to make sense of the situation.  Her company slowly drifted toward her, still making eyes at the confused neko.  Just as the nude anthro was about to bump her new toy in a much more intimate way, a yellow blur swept her away.  All Nadia could do was listen to the air still spilling into her, and the water swirling about out of her field of vision.
All of a sudden a familiar face popped up in from of the scuba kitty.  "Michelle!!!" she thought gleefully "Am I glad to see you.".  She looked down at the diving regulators on/off switch hoping her friend would recognize what to do.  Michelle went behind the blimped neko, and turned the valve several times to lessen the oxygen flow.  Reaching forward she flipped the switch, once again allowing Nadia to breathe normally.  Returning to Nadias view, she motioned to give her a moment and she disappeared from view once again.  Wiggling her feet as much as she could, the rotund neko managed to see what had happened to her captor.
At first, it looked like Michelle was aggrandizing and exhaling into a large rock.  Then she realized it wasn't a boulder.  As Michelle exhaled, it distended slightly.  The mermaid had managed to inflate Nadias tormentor, and she seemed to be enjoying it.  Nadia wiggled distended hands as she tried to wriggle her feet free of her kelp binds.  Unable to accomplish that goal, she bobbed at the end of the kelp leaves.

It was noon time, and Alanis had just finished her fifth lunch.  "Welp," she said getting up from her seat at the pier restaurant lethargically, "Time to work that off.".  "Uh ma'am, y-your bill-" said the waiter that had just witnessed her clean out their entire kitchen.  "Here." the anthro-shark said casually throwing thousands of dollars on the table, "The water will ruin it anyways.".
Stretching her muscular arms, Alanis slipped her usual business attire off to reveal an acid green two piece swimsuit.  Bending at the knees in preparation for her exercise, she leapt over the guard rail of the pier and dove nose first into the water.  Swimming uses all the muscles in the body so it's ideal for one so adept at life beneath the waves.  Sinking to the bottom, the she shark picked up a large rock and carried it as she walked along the bottom.  A few miles later, she found herself in the middle of a reef.  "This seems like an adequate place for a short break.  Sitting in the shade of a coral formation, Alanis took a breather.  She observed a porcupine fish swimming along its way.  Pausing for a moment to stare at her.  Suddenly puffing itself up, it darted away.  "That's what I thought." she thought as it sped away.
As Alanis rested, she felt she was being watched.  Without warning something grabbed her from behind.  Reacting quickly, she batted the grab-happy thing that had attacked her.  Turning around, she saw her foe spinning through the water.  "A scuba diver?" she cerebrated, getting an idea.  Swimming behind a large coral formation, she awaited her adversary to regain control before she would take it away.  Observing her perceived enemy, she struck as her back was turned.  Speed swimming up and dropping right behind the diver, she grabbed her scuba tank.  "Righty tighty, lefty loosey." she thought as she turned the valve all the way left.  The tubes leading to the divers mouthpiece bulged with pressurized gas.  Alanis spotted a little switch on her foes breathing piece.  As she reached for it her captive began to panic.  Flicking the switch, the tubes shrunk as the pressure had been relieved.
Alanis watched as her adversary clutched her belly as it bloated outward.  Following shortly after, the scuba divers breasts began to expand, and her entire abdomen began to round out.  Her skimpy wet-suit constricted her still growing body as it began to drift toward the surface.  Noticing her new toy was floating off, Alanis quickly found a heavy rock with some kelp attached to it.  She wrapped her scuba toys ankles with the sea born plant, anchoring her to the current depth, and insuring her now buoy sized plaything wouldn't float away.  The bloated scuba divers limbs filled with gas, and her cheeks inflated as well.  The she shark inspected her new acquisition.  She had cat-like ears and a cat-like tail.  Her hair was brown, complementing her slightly tanned skin.  Her arms and legs were like bubbles connected to a larger bubble.  Alanis giggled at her observation.
Blushing slightly, Alanis swam up to her captive, lightly bumping her with her nose right under her breasts.  "She's so big and soft." the anthro shark thought, laughing.  Tearing her acid green bottoms off and delicately untying her top.  Looking at her plaything seductively, she began to slowly drift toward her.  The kitty bubble blushed, confused.  Persisting in her slow drift through the water, she reached out one of her clawed hands, readying to pet her bubble doll.  Inches away from touching her bubble-like bauble, something rocketed out of nowhere, side checking the anthro shark.
Alanis was sent spinning through the water in a daze.  Just as she was regaining her bearings, she saw her new enemy.  A mermaid was between her and her prized neko bubble.  Suddenly, the mermaids entire body began to swell.  "W-what the-?" Alanis thought as her new aquaintances size ballooned, dwarfing her bubbled diver.  Just as quickly as she had blown up, Alanis lunged at her with her mouth wide open.  The siren saw her opportunity, exhaling the gallons of water into a stream of swirling liquid with forward momentum right down Alanis's gullet.  The current of water rushed into the sharkette, quickly piling up within her, expanding her proportions to cartoonish extents.  Her tail swelled up first, next her abdomen distended putting her usual gut to shame.  Her body was nothing more than a big squishy water balloon as her limbs were assimilated into her round body, her cheeks puffed up, and her lips filled out.
The sea wench left Alanis's sight.  "Don't you leave me here you fishy bitch!!!" she screamed within her head, "Get back here and make me BIGGER!!!".  She was unable to do much more than flap her round hands and feet uselessly and wait.  The mermaid suddenly appeared before her once more.  She removed her makeshift clothing comprised of kelp and two shells, leaving her bare.  Grasping one of the anthro sharks now gigantic breasts by the nipple, she began to inhale, once more inflating with water.  Burying her face in the siezed teat, the siren exhaled continuously drawing water in through open gills.  Alanis's skin was getting tighter and tighter as she expanded, but she didn't care.  She was in pure obsessive bliss as her mermaid aquaintance blew her up bigger by the second.  Just as she was on the cusp of an earth shaking climax, the swelling ceased.  The mermaid had stopped blowing into her and began to blow into the open sea.  "What are you doing?  You're wasting it!!!" Alanis thought angrily as the siren swam up and over her rotund form.  Cutting the kelp that was holding her bubbled diver from the surface, the mermaid took the bobbing kitty diver, and swam out of sight.

It was a warm sunny day at the reef.  Michelle emerged from her cave of treasures stretching her arms.  Yawning silently in the water, she inhaled accidentally taking on water.  Her belly blew up as a result cutting her view of the reef off.  She shrugged, opening her gill slots and pushed into her round belly.  After a good self pressing, the mermaid was back to her normal proportions in no time.  Gliding through the water, she took her usual spot in the middle of the reef, where algae grew plentifully.
After a very quick, surprisingly large meal, Michelle swam about her territory looking for lost treasures people sometimes dropped unknowingly.  Hours went by, and not a thing was found.  Turning around to go back, the mermaid saw a puffed up porcupine fish swimming rapidly toward her.  Michelle grew curious as to what made the poor thing so frightened.  She swam in the direction she saw it come from, retracing its finstrokes.
Minutes later, Michelle happened upon a strange scene.  Her friend was hugging a strange creature from behind.  Obviously rejecting the hug, she saw her friend knocked away by its tail.  It disappeared from view just after.  Nadia was looking around frantically, not noticing it drop from above her.  Freezing as it grasped the poor nekos scuba pack, Michelle could only watch as her friends adversary manipulated and sabotaged her friends diving gear.  She watched entranced by the display as Nadia blew up like a balloon.  Within the space of seconds her belly had blown up to the size of a beachball.  The next thing she knew Nadias breasts were blowing up as well.  Several seconds had passed and the stranger in the mix had tied her friends ankles with kelp, anchoring her to the seabed as the scuba cats limbs bloated out all at once.  Suddenly the victor of the apparent confrontation motioned as if she were giggling.
Bumping into Nadia with her nose.  Motioning as if she were laughing, the stranger undressed herself.  Drifting toward Nadia, Michelle decided to act.  Speeding toward her new enemy, she hit her dragging her away from the ballooned neko.  Having positioned herself between Nadia and the strange being that had made itself an opponent of the beauteous mermaid.  There was but a second for Michelle to see her adversary, but a second was enough.  She noted the strangers powerful looking tail, arms and legs, as well as her jaws full of sharp teeth.  "So you're a shark girl huh?" Michelle thought as the she shark regained her bearings.  She began to angrily inflate her body as the anthro shark bent at her knees preparing to lunge.  Michelle got an idea as soon as the sharkly woman lunged bearing wide open jaws and clawed hands.  Summoning every last bit of her abdominal muscles that she could squeeze, the mermaid blew a current of water straight down her sharkish antagonist.  Michelle opened her eyes.  Mere inches from her was the carcharian woman bloated with water.
Michelle swam up and over her now defeated foe to check on Nadia.  The overly expanded neko wiggled her hands happily at the sight of a friendly face.  Noticing she was still distending, Michelle turned the scuba tank valve a ways to the right, and switched the diving regulator from off to on.  "I'm happy to see you too Nadia." Michelle thought, flashing a smile the bubble-like neko.  Descending in the water once she had confirmed her friends relative well-being, she brought herself down to eye-level of their mutual antagonist.  Through big puffy cheeks and a shark-like snout, she stared daggers at Michelle.  Worried for her friends safety as well as her own once the sharkette deflated, Michelle grabbed one of her nipples while removing her usual apparel.  Opening her gill slits, she took on gallons of water within seconds.  Entombing her face in the she-sharks teat, she exhaled with the same gusto as before.  Expanding in diameter inches at a time, both friend and foe blushed at the scene.  Continuously exhaling was exhausting and Michelle had to find a way to get Nadia back to her usual proportions.  Taking her face out of the shark womans breast, she pushed down on her distended belly.  The water exited the way it always did.  The femme inflatal reacted negatively, snapping her jaws, and wiggling her hands.  Michelle swam up and over her defeated distended adversary, finding a sharp shell and cutting Nadias binds.  Catching the catgirl by the kelp left dangling from her inflated ankles, Michelle carried her off to her undersea cavern.

The End

This is my birthday gift art for :iconmilkybody:.  I noticed that there wasn't that much fanart of his girl Alanis.  I hope I did an acceptable job on the picture and the stories.  Anyways, I hope Mabo has a great birthday, and many more.
So I guess the remainder of Beach Blimps and Welcome to the Funhouse as well as every one of my projects shall be voting for whichever of my characters that have yet to be fattened or inflated.
I'm very nearly done with Mabos gift.  :iconGizesNumbers trade is not as complete but all I have to do on that one is highlighting it and the background.  I'm still writing the stories for both the mentioned projects above.
To say the least, I dislike the amount of time it takes for me to paint scenes that take place underwater.  But I hope the most recent one will be up to standards.


Heyo Bucko! Thanks for the watching! Hope to have some stuff up soon ^^
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thanks for dat watch
Sun Jul 10, 2016, 2:52 PM


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