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Action and Athletic photography. Mostly. =D

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Hello! Welcome! It's November 2020 and the world is a raging trash fire. Whatever isn't cooking or flooding or dying of natural causes is being actively devoured by assholes around the world. This is absolutely smashing my creativity to flat little smithereens and then washing them out to sea every time I think maybe I can salvage something from their tiny remains. I just want to create beautiful art, as best I can, for a world that needs it. A couple of weeks ago I had an idea, the first in a while that actually looked like it might work, and my beautiful supporters on Patreon are getting the updates for that project. But it feels like the rest of the time I just sit and panic, no ideas, no drive, no interest, but a ferocious amount of guilt and fear when I see others are still doing stuff and I just... I had another half baked idea a few days ago, and I put the call out for some nude Christmas models and got a lot of responses. Then it occurred to me that I didn't really
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This is not Tumblr. Lots of people posting collections, not creations. It's not why this place exists. =(
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Well, Eclipse is still half baked but at least I have chat now.
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excellent gallery. love your dynamic poses and beautiful models. well done and i will be watching

I wish you a Peaceful and Joyful Christmas! :)

Bubble Mage by BubbleDriver emoticon Bubble by BubbleDriver Salutations, random deviant ! Just dropping by to say hi! You have a wonderful gallery and style !!!! Have a wonderful day !!!! emoticon Bubble by BubbleDriver
We've both occupied our dA pages for about the same amount of time, and yet today is my first visit here. And so, my apologies. I loved being here. It's clear just how much of a professional you are, what kind of precise and imaginative eye you have. Your sensitivity to choreography, flow, and pattern is almost too perfect. It's actually so exquisite that I found myself shaking my head, wondering "how" and "who"?

It's not really about the models, of course...and yet, it is all about the models: how you judge what will work best for them, how you explore their flexibility, their vulnerability to the exposure and sexuality of bondage (especially nude bondage). When they are petite, you find ways to allow them to fill the image with their aura. When they are full, you find ways to enwrap them in a larger context so that the interplay is intriguing. The riggings are careful and gorgeously designed, and the postures and lighting bring forth the artistic aspects of shibari in an amazingly Western, ballet-like way, not at all Japanese. This approach may or may not be unique, but if not your version of it is by far the most fluid and graceful and even powerful that have encountered.

So, thank you for sharing all these. I look forward to checking back (now that I know what this gallery holds) and seeing what the future path wrought!  ;)

Best regards!

This is utterly brilliant work! Please keep up the poetry in motion please!

I absolutely love your gallery. And I just have to admit, I will probably user your photos as reference. You have been warned :P :) <3
Spectacular gallery - thanks for sharing Your art :)