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I've just been tagged/cursed by :iconencephalartos: so now I'm morally obliged to play along with his silly game and reveal no less than a whopping 8 random facts about myself.


First off, the rules:

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about theirself on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag some people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs...


And here goes:

My mental age probably still is around 5 years old or so, as I'm quite the curious person (, as in someone that questions everything and answers questions with more questions) ... and I drink my milk straight from the carton! (, but moms only find it cute if you burp when you're actually 5 years old...) Also, I'd probably get sparkles in my eyes if you happened to come up with the random idea of giving me Lego for my birthday or something. (No Duplo though! That'd be an insult to my 5-year-old intelligence =p)

I refuse to train myself in reading analogue clocks. I did try hard to master them bloody analogue clocks back when I was 7 or so, but the difference is that now I realize that analogue clocks only add redundant complexity compared to digital ones... All you do when reading an analogue clock is converting the picture you see back to meaningful numbers; i.e. a digital clock. Therefore, it's about time Big Ben got an upgrade. :)

I'm the odd person that prefers winters over summers. I just find snowy landscapes prettier than crowded beaches I guess. :) Also, I hate it when it's too hot to be able to think. (Ask science; heat makes you lazier :) ... which is why it makes sense to say the people in Spain are lazier than the ones in Germany ... unless they had airco ... *ehm, going off-topic*)

If I had a role model... it'd probably be Duke Nukem =p All the wise things that man says... "Come get some", "Hail to the king baby", "Eat shit and die", "Let God sort'em out", ... If it wasn't for the Duke, who knows, I might've been a mere sissified being.
(Just check out this Duke Nukem Forever teaser trailer in glorious HD… If that ain't testosterone-filled sheer macho-/manli-/awesome-ness, I don't know what is.)

My native tongue is Dutch and yet my thinking language is English. For some reason, everything sounds cooler in English. (and everything sounds smarter in British English, but you can speak a lot faster without tripping over words in American English so... =p) Oh, and it's also ridiculous how funny some stuff sounds when you translate English movie/book/... titles back to Dutch.

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm quite the geek, as I study Computer Science and listen to more video game music than the regular kind. (A while ago, I've written a journal on why you may want to consider video games music; check it out at…) On the other hand, you may just be geekier than me as I've never seen a single Star Wars/Trek movie, or a Lord of the Hamburger Kings movie (or something like that), nor have I ever read Harry Potter books. (Let alone A book, heh...) Then again, I got into watching anime the last couple of years and now I even know that otaku is the Japanese word for an anime/manga geek. Oh well, everyone's a geek in their own fields of interest. It'd just be sad really if you had no interests at all. :)

I always wear T-shirts; never sweaters or pullovers or whatevers. Don't care whether it's freezing or not, I'll wear a T-shirt. I feel comfy in those things, so there's no need to change my mind. Just praise yourself lucky it's not always the same shirt. :)

And finally, I hate these tagging/chainmail games! (for one, because my texts always end up way too long) Aw man, see how much time I've wasted with this nonsense, it's already 4 friggin' 30 AM...


As for tagging... I tag no one! The chain ends here, nah! I couldn't burden anyone with this waste of time. Well, if you really-really want to, consider yourself tagged then. (You'll regret it though...)

, Tim
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The final episode of the "There she is!!" flash series just released yesterday and I still haven't written a journal entry on it; shame on me! I was hoping to write one a little sooner, but it seems I haven't taken the time for it until now...

Anyhow, onto the point! "There she is!!" is a flash-animated love story between a bunny girl named Doki and a cat boy named Nabi. Now, this doesn't quite sound like material for a guy such as myself, who'd prefer any testosterone-filled action flick (The A-Team rules!) over a love story. Normally, I'd avoid love stories and such like the plague, but this series is different. For one, it's original (, unlike the crapload of utterly bland and predictable movies/songs/... about love... or hate).
The main theme of the story in "There she is!!" revolves around the fact that society can't accept that a bunny loves a cat and vice versa. Bunnies can only like other bunnies; cats can only like other cats; period. Whilst this may sound silly, you can easily map it to something more realistic (like two people of different races, different age, the same gender, ... , different shoe size?). Choosing bunnies and cats instead of people actually is clever in three ways: 1. It avoids the heated discussions. 2. Children can also follow the story-line and understand the moral. 3. It makes you realize how silly the realistic situations actually are. (And I bet children would figure this out more quickly than stubborn grown-ups with their fixed opinions...)

The story starts out all innocent and cutesy in the first few episodes, but in the later episodes the story's more grim and dark side shows itself. Don't worry though, you'll definitely love the cutesy episodes as well because of its sense of humour. Not the haha-kind of funny, but the one that puts a smile on your face (, which I like better; smile-moments last longer in my head :)). A lot of the humour comes from the characters' expressions. This type of humour only works well with the right timing and proper animation, which fortunately is the case. :)
I also love the series' art style, where everything is gray-scale, except for the elements you should pay attention to, which are brightly coloured. (This actually sounds a heck of a lot like Mirror's Edge art style, which is an awesome game by the way :))
Another thing you'll notice is that "There she is!!" doesn't have any dialogue nor sound effects. I'm guessing this is for the better because it would only take away from the series' charm... especially knowing that it was produced by three South-Korean people and, as far as I know, surprisingly little Asian folk can speak proper sounding English. (Then again, how many of you non-Asian folk know even a single word of Korean... let alone pronounce it right...) The series is not all silence though; there is music, which does an excellent job of setting and following the mood. And yup, it's Korean music, so you won't understand a lick of the lyrics :) (even though for some odd reason seemingly random chosen words are replaced by their English counterpart... Hmm, maybe I should pay attention to the words I randomly replace with their English counterpart when I'm speaking Dutch =p).

Now, enough with all the praise and my in-between nonsense; time to go and check out "There she is!!" on the original website:…
Or, you can also find mirrors of all episodes right here (This one will probably stream a lot faster than the original site...):…
Or, if you want to download the episodes (So you can watch them fullscreen in Infinite Definition =p. You see, Flash primarily is a vector format, so you can perfectly scale it to any resolution...):…

Enjoy this rollercoaster of emotions!
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I just rediscovered a gem from the past whilst watching "The top 11 Disney villains" on (…) Who's the biggest meanie of them all? Why it's the devil himself, from Disney's Fantasia ... and that's where I got my moment of nostalgia :) I remember getting Fantasia for Christmas when I still was a young grasshopper. I also remember being slightly dissappointed because I was hoping for a Chip & Dale videotape :) (Chip & Dale, the chipmunk-duo you all know and love... I keep forgetting which one had the red nose though... Dale?)

Anywho, it's been quite a while since I've watched Fantasia. I can only recall that I found it a strange, yet intrigueing piece of film. And so I decided to refresh my memory and watch it all over again. (, which wasn't a very bright idea at 3 am, knowing that the film lasts 2 hours...) Fantasia is actually one of Disney's more serious animated films. It doesn't really have the happy-end story like you're used to. Actually, there isn't much of a story at all.
It all boils down to a series of visual interpretations of classical music. You will probably all recognize most of the pieces that appear in Fantasia (, but not know the title nor the composer). There's Beethoven, Bach, Stravinski, ... You could say Fantasia is one of the first (if not the first) music videos ever created. (... and you can easily say it's the very best music video ... music television is such mass-produced generic bullhonkey)
Fantasia's visuals/music videos vary from pure abstract fantasies to small stories with no real plot. For example, there's an abstract scene with something that somewhat resembles a sea of dunes that rise and lower to the music, but there also is the scene at the end with the devil waking from his mountain at Walpurgis night, rising the dead from their graves and turning the damned into hideous creatures. ... I probably had nightmares after watching that one as a kid :) (By the way, that very scene and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"-scene were parodied in some Halloween episode of The Simpsons, where Flanders turns into the devil and Scratchy chops up Itchy into a dozen Itchies with an axe =p)

What's fascinating about Fantasia is that this movie was produced in the early days, back in 1940. It still looks amazingly beautiful and detailed, even compared to today's standards. The hand-drawn animations have a certain charm to them that I kind of miss these days. Actually, I think producing everything using the computer as a tool takes a lot more effort to produce organic, natural-looking art. On the other hand, it's so much easier to create clean, flawless art using a computer, which isn't natural, but feels "made" (, much like a man-made house consists of nearly flawless rectangular & triangular shapes, whilst a tree is a much more complex shape...).

In conclusion, if you appreciate art (, which you should, being on deviantArt and all...), you should definitely check out Disney's Fantasia. There's the original 1940s version and the sequel, Fantasia 2000 (, which I haven't seen yet). In either way, just sit back and enjoy the ride :)
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Un bonjour à tous, internet-surfing crowd :)

I just returned from a refreshing week-long holiday en Provence. (Provence is a region in the south-east of France, in case you're a culture-barbarian ... like me) Me and my brother took tons of pretty pictures (400+ !), so my number of deviations will be sky-rocketing over the next couple of days. :) I just need to pick out the cream-of-the-crop shots, add in a couple of finishing touches and presto! Occasionally, I'll also put some fun facts in some of the photos' descriptions, as our guide had lots of interesting stuff to share.

Here's a small journal of the places we've taken pictures of, just to get a taste of what to expect:

Day 1:
- Les Baux-de-Provence
- Avignon

Day 2:
- Cassis
- Route des Crêtes
- Aix-en-Provence

Day 3:
- Aigues-Mortes
- Arles

Day 4:
- Pont du Gard
- Uzès
- Ardèche
- Estézargues

Day 5:
- Roussillon
- Gordes
- Fontaine-de-Vaucluse
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By pure coencidence, I just happened to find out about "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog". What the heck might that be, you say? Well, it's a mini-series/short-film about Dr. Horrible, an evil villian caught up in a dilemma: to continue his devious master plans, or to mend his evil ways in order to be with his true love, Penny. And it's got sing-along songs too! :) Best of all, it's absulotively free! But you'd better be quick about it kids, it'll only remain free 'til July 20th - midnight. As of July 21st, they'll make you pay, muahah *fiendish laugh* =p
Anywho, be sure to check it out at !

Oh, which reminds me, there's another cool short-film you should see. *drum roll* From the folks who brought you "Elephant's Dream" (, I present to you: "Big Buck Bunny". It's already been out for a couple of weeks, but I'll tell you anyway. This short-film is one o'them 3D animated movie thingies, à la Shrek/Ice Age/Finding Nemo/Madagascar/... And yes, this one's free as well, no strings attached, an offer you can't refuse. :) Which is even cooler, the movie is an open-source one! This implies you can download and edit stuff like the movie's 3D models, textures, animations, ... the whole package. Now go ahead and check out Big Buck Bunny at Enjoy :)

, Tim
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Check out this gem I recently discovered on zhe tubes: Frets on Fire! (
It's much like Guitar Hero/Rock Band; the only things different are:
It's for a PC/Mac, it's absolutely free (legal too) and it uses a real keyboard instead of some fake plasticky toy guitar. Just make sure your keyboard's painted black and covered with skulls, chains, pentagrams and all sorts of spiky and/or demonic things. ... Or flowers, those might work too... You can also try to hold your keyboard like a real guitar, as the game suggests, but just playing the game must look geeky 'nough on its own. :)

Also, you'll find plenty of new songs on the Frets on Fire-community once you've grown tired of the 3 songs that came with the game. You probably won't recognize many of the songs you'll find (as they are free and therefore played by some unknown dudes/dudettes), but there's some great stuff out there. So uhm, simply give it a try! It's great fun if you have even the slightest feel for rythm. You'll also need a working set of fingers; 6 of 'em will do. (You could try using your toes, wouldn't recommend it though... Other people might still want to use that keyboard...)

Rock on!

, Tim
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Looking at my last journal entry, it must've about been an aeon since I updated this journal-thingy. As I don't have much art-related news going on (besides my attempts to tame the beast called a drawing tablet), let me share a little-known fact about me:
Pretty much half of the music I listen to, one way or the other, comes from a video game.

To make things clear, when I say video game music, I'm talking about every single song that was specifically written for a game, not just those electronic beeps 'n other funky noises some people may think about when they hear the word "computer".

If this still sounds a tad bit too geeky to you, you might want to skip on this one; otherwise, read on! (Beware though, I haven't written anything decent in a while so I've got a whole lot of inspiration =p)
Now, onto business: what makes video game music so different from, well, let's call it "regular music" for simplicity's sake.

First of all, I don't really consider video game music as a genre on it's own. It can come in pretty much any genre you like. There's rock, metal, dance, classical, jazz, ...  and of course, the old-skool electronic beep's-'n noises music. (That genre's called chip music by the way.)
In this sense, video game music isn't really different from regular music. Just to prove the diversity, let's give some examples you might recognize:
* Super mario world (and all the other mario games really): This is chip music in its full glory. The great thing about chip music is, they can be oh so catchy, because they sound so simple. I'm sure that anyone that hasn't played mario in years can easily recall or at least recognize the game's intro tune.
* Quake II: This First-person shooter must've got one of the most kick-ass rock/metal sound tracks ever made. It fits the game pretty darned well too, aggressive music for an aggressive game. :) Oh, if you're into metal, you'll love Painkiller's sound track, no doubt.
* Total annihilation: If you think classical music is for old people, this Realtime Strategy game might tell you otherwise. A quick summary, Total Annihilation is about the eternal struggle for domination between the Core and the Arm (two robot/machine races). The cool thing is, the music always fits the current situation. If things're rather calm, in other words you're just building up your defense, you'll hear calm music. But when your screen is crawling with hundreds of robots battling their way out you'll hear this epic hugeish music, really adds a lot to the game's experience.
* Sam & Max hit the road: This wicked adventure game is all about a white rabbit, filled with non-sensical humour ("I'd pee in my pants if I wore any"), called Max and your average detective dog Sam, who's funny in a drier kind of way. This duo is trying to solve the case of a sasquatch (a bigfoot) missing from a carnival's freak-show hosted by siamese twins. As you can imagine, this game is accompanied by rather wacky music. That one song that keeps sticking around in my head is this jazzy tune you'll hear when Sam'n Max are in their office. It's real easy on the ears, so the stickyness doesn't bother me at all. :)
* Grand Theft Auto: The GTA-series is the best example of video game music's diversity. Although a lot of the music wasn't specifically made for this series, it always seemed to work out great with the overall theme: somewhat bad boy/gangsta'-like, but not all too serious. Here's some of the music genres that passed the revue: rock, pop, drum'n bass, hip hop, soul, funk, house; heck, even reggae and country (I'll never grow tired of that song that goes like "All my exes live in Texas" =p My knowledge of country songs doesn't go much further than that though...).

Okay fine, so video game music can be pretty much anything. Something that makes it different from regular music though, is the fact that few people actually know who wrote those songs. I only two of them: First off, there's Jeremy Soule; he did the music on Dungeon Siege, Prey, Total Annihilation, Morrowind and probably a whole lot more. The second one is Frank Klepacki; he's known for the music on the Command & Conquer-series.
Now what does this anonymity imply? Well, obviously those people don't do their thing to become famous; chances of living a bling-bling papparazi-swarming life are rather slim. :) Therefore, they must make music for music's sake, which is a good thing! Also, there is no such thing as commercial video game music. (Well, unless you buy commercial music for use in your game...) And most of all, it'll be hard to find a ringtone of'em! (Good lord, how I disgust those ringtones, and the ones that make money on'em, and especially the naïve souls buying 'em =p (Okay fine, I'll admit, I bought two myself once. That felt like such a rip off that I must've thought "Never again!") )

Another thing that's different from regular music is that video game music is written to blend in with the world where the game takes place, which I think is much more inspiring than the themes most regular music is based on. What is regular music based on really? Uninspired regular music can easily be classified amongst these: love, hate, sex, money and the music itself. Those themes probably have a lot of different aspects to them, but still, I think they're overused.
Now, like I said, when writing music for a game, you've got a whole new world, atmosphere, maybe even another way of thinking you can work with. In this aspect, the music for a game resembles the music for a movie.
Let's give some examples to show how much material you can work with:
* Dungeon Keeper: Dungeon Keeper is one of the few games where you can actually play the bad guy. Mmh no, bad's an understatement; actually it's pretty evil. =p The whole game takes place below the earth, where you can build out your evil dungeon, training your evil creatures to take down those pesky heroes in shining white armor.
This type of world gives you plenty of material to write some evil (That's the last time I'll use that word, promise) sounding sound track, which they did. Wouldn't recommend listening to it when you're in a Happy happy joy joy-mood :). (Off-topic: "Happy happy joy joy" actually is a song from the Ren'n Stimpy cartoon show...)
* Monkey Island: This humorous adventure game has lots of different-themed music to it. Here's some examples: In Monkey Island 3 you'll find a barber shop. The barbers in there actually used to be a band of tough pirates, but they've all grown tired of raiding their fellow pirates and lost their call for the seven seas. The music you'll hear in the barber shop reflects this pretty well. On the one hand, it sounds somewhat barberly elegant (or gay, if you prefer that word...) ; you'll also hear some scissors rythmically snipping hair in the background; on the other hand though, you'll find it still has this rough piratey touch to it. (or the "Yaargh matey"-touch, if you prefer that one)
Here's another fun Monkey Island-example. All of the Monkey Island games have got a side character called Stan. He's a salesman doing a different ridiculous scam in each game. If he tries to sell something, he sells as much body language as he talks: a lot. The music they've written for this character is real catchy. The first 10 seconds start out somewhat serious, but then it suddenly turns into a happy feel-good tune. Gotta love it. :)
* Max Payne: Max Payne doesn't have a lot of music to it, but the theme song is something to remember. Here's the main story line: Max used to work as a DEA special agent. He lived the so-called "American dream": he was married to his beautiful wife Michelle and they just had a new-born baby. That dream came crashing down when one day he finds junks under the influence of a new drug called Valkyr, have killed both his wife and the baby. Michelle knew too much and therefore these goons were hired to take her down.
From that day on, Max becomes a bittered man and does everything it takes to find the ones responsible for taking away what he lived for. You can find back all those emotions in Max Payne's theme song; there's some hope, but especially a lot of bitterness to it.

Well this should give you an idea of the several things video game music can be based upon. I could give several more examples, but that'd just turn boring if you never played any of these games. :)
The best thing about video game music is yet to come though. That thing is, if you've actually played and liked a game, it will add a lot more value to its music as well.
Here's an example to show you what I mean: You really had a hard time taking down that last end-boss; you shouted'n sweared, but he just won't go down. When you finally do manage to take him down for good you'll experience that moment of sweet sweet victory. (So sweet :) ) Unconsciously, you'll attach that same feeling to the music you heard during that fight. Therefore, you'll experience that same feeling (not as strong, but still...) if you hear that same tune afterwards. In other words, you can replay that same scene in your head just by listening to the music. See what I mean by added value?
This benefit also works for a movie's sound track, but I don't
think it's as strong since you're passively trying to imagine you're some character in a movie, whilst in a game you actively play some character(s).

Now, enough of what I think about video games music, let's get on to the practical side of things: how do I get my music without having to start them games?
Well, there are several ways:
* If your game was made during the late nineties and it came on a CD (the days floppy disks were still common and CD's were the new shizzle :) ), there's a small chance
you can simply put that game's CD into your stereo and you're all set. You just need to skip the 1st track since that's where the game's data is located. (Don't worry, most likely you won't hear anything nor damage anything if you attempt to play that 1st track)
Anything beyond the 1st track are the songs you're looking for. These are the games that apply this trick and that I know of: Carmageddon II, Driver, Dungeon Keeper, Hexen II, Kingpin, Quake II, Total Annihilation, ...
* Perhaps a common format was used to store the music (like an .mp3). Just browse through your installation directory or the game's CD/DVD to see if you can find anything that looks like music.
Some games like to pack their stuff together in archive files (like a .zip), so you can also try and look for huge files and attempt to open them with your favourite archiver. (WinZIP, WinRAR, 7-zip, ...)
Then browse through those archives and you might find some neat stuff.
* Nothing yet? We'll have to resort to the internet then. Sometimes some exotic formats are used to store a game's music. If you're lucky you can find a tool on the net that'll convert or extract the stuff to a more common format.
How to find one? For example, if I'm looking for music from Need For Speed, I'll simply query Google for something like: "Need For Speed extract music" or "NFS extract music".
I'm not really sure whether this method is all that legal; in the end you're just converting the files you own to something more useable. No harm in that, right?
* Don't worry, there're more tricks up my sleeve. :) If your game is somewhat old, or it's a console game, you can probably find a site that provides the music you're looking for. Usually these come in the .mid-format. These files can be very small (30kB on average) because they just say when to play what instruments; they don't contain any actual "sound-data". The actual sounds of these instruments are already installed on your computer.
Unless your game is freeware, not sure whether this method's legal either... Simply look for "video game music" on Wikipedia and you'll find some handy references.
* If none of these methods work, there still is a chance they released a sound track cd. (If the music was done by Jeremy Soule, there probably is one. Just head on over to:
* Still no results? A last resort could be to record the output of your sound card to a file. I've got no clue on how to do this, since I've never tried it, but it's got to be possible. Otherwise, just hook up your computer to your amplifier, which you could attach to a tape recorder. Then you can record the music onto a tape, or whatever recording-thing you've got attached to your amplifier.
* Last, but certainly not least, I can recommend this great resource: Overclocked Remix. This site contains thousands of video game music remixes ; you'll probably find lots of stuff to your liking there. Occasionally they'll also release entire remix albums; definitely worth checking out those as well, even if you don't know the game they're from.
There used to be a podcast as well, called VGDJ, that discussed some of the remixes, but unfortunately that one's down for a while. If you're interested however, you can still find all episodes on their website.

There, I've had my say, wanted to write about this one for a while; I hope I could somehow raise your interest in video game music just a tinesy bit. :)

, Tim
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Ehm, just to say: Yay, I got 1000 pageviews; finally the day has cometh! :) (Actually it's 1008 by now, but that number doesn't sound as fancy...) Oh well, then again, it's just a number...

, Tim
No really, I got better things to do on a Sunday night... :) (Oh fine, I don't...)
Anyhow, this's one of them lists of personal questions, just the way you like'em!

It works like this: I got tagged by :iconnassia: , now I tag you. *points his finger out to you, yeah you!* So you're up next to add this fancy list of questions, containing your answers, to your journal. Have fun!

01. Name: Tim, short'n sweet, my parents must've thought... (And yet they manage to call me by my brother's name, a lot...)
02. Nickname: NfERnO, as in inferno, as in hellfire, as in... you'll get the picture by now
03. Birthday: 10th of September 1986, 't was a fine day indeed
04. Place of Birth: Turnhout, Belgium
05. Zodiac Sign: Virgin, in every of its meanings, just to spice up this list...
06. Male or Female: Male
07. Education: I'm studying computer science, sounds classy in a weird way. :)
08. Schools you went to: Why would that interest you? Sigh, fine. Kinder garden (St. Antonius), Primary school (St. Antonius), Secondary school (Modern languages-Science, Westmalle), University of Antwerp (Computer Science, Antwerp)
09. Occupation: For now the main occupation consists of this (in any order): sleep - eat - study - listen to a song or 2... It's called an exam period. In any other period you can also find me: drawing, writing, thinking of about everything and nothing, programming, listening to a song or 3, playing games (the PC ones...), watching movies, ...
10. Residence: Schilde
11. Screen Names: What's the difference with a nick name really?

__Your Appearance___

12. Hair Colour: Lemme have a looksy... Something in between brown and dark brown I guess...
13. Hair Length: Why not ask for my shoe size too... Ehh, I measured and it said 25 cm.
14. Eye colour: Back to the mirror I go... Apple blue sea green...
15. Best Feature: Features're for things you sell; I ain't for sale! (as far as I know)
16. Height: Ehm, my ruler doesn't reach any further than 20 cm... I'm making way too much effort for this... 20 cm * 8,35 = 167 cm
17. Braces?: Used to have'em; good riddens...
18. Glasses?: Yah, I prefer to call'em my second pair of eyes though... Makes it sound as if you're better than the glass-less people. :)
19. Piercing: No way Hosé, who ever that is...
20. Tattoos: Nah, those things never look any good...
21. Righty or Lefty: Lefty, makes you feel a bit more unique doesn't it.

___Your 'Firsts'___

22. First best friend: His name's Bert; it's a pity I haven't seen the guy in a great while... Dunno why...
23. First Award: I don't think I ever got any awards; I prefer being a shadow over being a show-off. :)
24. First Sport You Joined: Ehm just swimming at a relative's pool; it's been years I've had a swim though... Should make an effort to get back at it though, I remember liking it a lot.
25. First Pet: Just some fish... They don't do anything much but eat and swim their same old circle, poor fella's...
26. First Real Vacation: What's a fake vacation? Anyhow, the first one was to Spa (still within our miniature country Belgium), when I was in primary school; I still remember quite a lot of it.
27. First Concert: Ehm, my brother's. He plays in some sort of band... I never been to any huge events really... (shame on me :$)
28. First Love: Eh, does primary school count? If so, in the 4th class, a couple of months before that trip to Spa I think; her name was Veerle... I can recall a few things about her, but I don't think I wanna put them out here where anyone can see'em... (got you curious, huh? :p)

___ Favorites___

29. Movie: I never pick any favorites, but I do like: Shrek, American History X, Danny the dog, The cube, a James Bond movie (Gotta admit those're quite entertaining, even though the story's written on a piece of toilet paper...), ...
30. TV Show: No favorites either, I like: Ren'n Stimpy, Batman, Fairly odd parents, Futurama, My wife'n kids, Grounded for life, Third rock from the sun, Boy meets world, Pimp my ride... Lotsa cartoons 'n sitcoms there; anything that can bring me relief'n relaxation from a harsh day of school... :)
31. Colour: I'm not into discriminating colors. :) (Anything but pink! :p) Nah, it depends on my mood, the weather...
32. Rapper: Why just rappers and no question for rockers or dj's or whatever...? Well, I like some of Eminem's songs (the 8-mile one, for example) and some of Xzibit's (or is that just 'cuz he presents Pimp my ride; that dude's funny... :) )
33. Band: Let's pick one, ... *rolls the drums* Nightwish it is!
34. Song Right Now: Night Wish - Ghost Love Score ; it's got a great female singer, drums, some heavy guitars, backing angel vocals, trumpets, a choir (!); it's a pretty powerful song. :)
35. Friend: How discriminating wouldn't it be if I put any name down here!
36. Candy: As long as it's sweet.
37. Sport to Play: I sometimes ride with the one that tagged me for filling in this endless list of questions to school, by bike.
38. Restaurant: As long as the food's edible, doesn't look like fish, it's a fine restaurant...
39. Favorite brand to wear: Meh, I'm no snob... I wear what looks good to me, period.
40. Store: Ehh, any store that's got what I need.
41. School Subject: Well, if they teach something that doesn't appear useless, it's a great school subject. Therefore, I prefer the somewhat scientific subjects.
42. Animal: Don't ask why, penguins, polar bears and dolphins...
43. Book: Ehh, "Het ei van oom trotter"? (As you may've noticed, I don't read that many books... The one I named is for 9-year-olds... ;) )
44. Magazine: PC Magazine I guess
45. Shoes: Meh, if it were up to me, nobody wore any shoes... Feet'll only smell if you choke'em in shoes. :) Give'em freedom'n peace, man!


46. Feeling: Can't blame me for feeling tired right now... (53 more questions to go... This's worse than an IQ test...)
47. Single or Taken?: Single :( :) :s ... Gives you a mixed feeling... Mostly :( ...
49. Eating: As if people do nothing but eat... Aaw heck, now you made hungry! (be right back...) Now I've got: 1 Olé (cheap a** version of Leo :p ) and 1 PickUp!
50. Drinking: You're lucky I got something to drink whilst I went to get something to eat... 1 250ml bottle of Bitter Lemon, it's some sort of cheap a** lemonade... :)
51. Typing: As you can read, my average load of nonsense...
52. Online?: Online where? Internet, Msn, dA? ... If any of those: yes.
53. Listening To: Ehm, no song at all... Can't type, think, breathe and listen at the same time.
54. Thinking About: Wanting to finish this darned list so I can go to bed... (1.24 am now...)
55. Wanting To: I want so much I might never have... Desire's a bad thing.
56. Watching: As you can read, my average load of nonsense...
57. Wearing: You caught me on a great moment there... Pyjamas... :$

You're half way; don't give up now!


58. Want Kids? Depends on my parenting skills... Can't have children if you can't raise'em; that'd be plain stupid...
59. Want to be Married: Uh huh, it's a rare thing these days... Wanting 's just one thing though...
60. Careers in Mind: Anything that can make me feel useful, something I can put my skills into, something such that I gain new knowledge and experience, ...
61. Where do you want to live? Some nice place, some nature nearby, quiet 'n peaceful, (said the dreamer, ) yet close enough to my job and the necessary stores (,said the realistic one)
62. Car: An affordable one: A Peugeot 206 or 7 ; A slightly less affordable one: That new Honda Civic, with that futuristic headlight as if it has just one giant eye... :) ; An extremely expensive one: A Lamborghini Gallardo, that thing is just drewlll...

__Which is Better With The Opposite Sex___

63. Hair colour: Ehh, red. That's probably 'cause my last g/f had this color... Still, it's a pretty vivid color.
64. Hair length: Any length but too short... It's like men wearing skirts... (Oops, no offense to any of you Scots... Okay it's like men wearing a bra then... I hope no one's offended by that. :|)
65. Eye colour: As long as it looks natural, they're fine to drown into. :)
66. Measurements: What, do you want me to say anything predictable here? "I like big butts and I cannot lie, you otha' brotha's can't deny" *humms with the music* Sorry, that song just popped in...
67. Cute or Sexy: Cute in public and sexy in private! (My reactions even surprise me sometimes... :$)
68. Lips or Eyes: It's always nice if you can have both right...
69. Hugs or Kisses: Uhmm... hugs.
70. Short or Tall: Short's cute; tall you've got someone to look up to... :)
71. Easygoing or serious: That's somewhat context-sensitive... She should be able to be both... Otherwise you've got a predictable peron an' I don't like such a person all that much...
72. Romantic or Spontaneous: Depends on how I feel at the moment...
74. Sensitive or Loud: I'd like a sensitive girl. :) (For some reason I'm relating short haired girls to loud girls right now...)
75. Hook-up or Relationship: What's a hook-up again? :s Let's pick relationship, just to be sure...
77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: A trouble maker's fun sometimes, but a hesitant one is slightly cuter... Why does everything feel like a trade-off reading these questions...

___Have you ever______

78. Kissed a Stranger: Well, at family reunions some people are like strangers to me... And as three kisses is some sort of tradtion on those occasions...
79. Had Alcohol: Only if I have to... I dunno what so many people saw in that crap... Recently saw a documentary on so-called binge drinkers; it's sad seeing how they waste their lives...
80. Smoked: Maybe took a single puff when I was a kid... Then never again... Same opinion on this as on alcohol, drugs and anything like it...
81. Ran Away From Home: Never really felt like... This question makes it seem as if it's a common thing...
82. Broken a bone: Milk's good for them bones, Calcium 'n stuff... No I haven't broken anything. A computer scientist has quite a low risk in this field... ("Ouch, I broke my clicky-finger!")
85. Broken Someones Heart: Only heart I'll ever break is my own...
86. Broken Up With Someone: Other way around. :(
87. Cried When Someone Died: Don't really know what it feels like... I bet it must feel like a hole in your heart, realizing you only miss him/her, knowing he/she's gone...
88. Cried At School: Guys're quite good at keeping the tears on the inside... They could only cry when no one's around. (unless you're one of them sensitive guys...) As there's always someone around at school, the answer's no.

___Do You Believe In___

89. God: Yes. It's good knowing you got that Someone you can hang on too... I don't know if He's real; doesn't take away the fact I can believe in Him though...
90. Miracles: You show me one... No wait actually, life itself is quite a miracle; think about it...
91. Love At First sight: I'm naive, make that a yes.
93. Aliens: Suddenly I feel somewhat lonely knowing we might possibly be the only ones in the universe... I dunno, maybe we're the aliens to another kind...
94. Soul Mates: I got a soul then? I don't know either, perhaps... I hope I haven't met her already and never even said hi. :)
95. Heaven: Can I believe in it if it exists in my dreams?
96. Hell: Same as the above question...
98. Kissing on The First Date: How can you believe in that... It just happens or it doesn't, sheesh...
99. Horoscopes: Only if they predict good things for me. :)

___Answer Truthfully___

100. Is there someone you want but you know you can't have? Sure, if only I knew which one is the one... Again, desire's a bad thing.

Wow, you got all the way up here! You must be dead tired reading this stuff... I know I am for writing it. Hope it was at least a bit entertaining.
Remember to refer back to me when filling in the list yourself (if you want to), that way others can still trace it all back the very first list. :)

Now I bid you G'night

, Tim
"Elephants dream" is the name of the very first open source computer generated movie. Now what do I mean by an open source movie? It means absolutely everything was created using free-to-use and free-to-modify tools. (Tools like Blender, The Gimp, ...) It also says the movie itself is (legally!) free to download and (!) free to modify.

I'm just writing a journal on this because I truly find this effort a great initiative; there ought to be more of these. Also, it really has been quite a while I wrote another journal it's getting shameful... :)

Anyhow, something about the movie itself then. It's not really a full-blown 1.30 hour movie; it's a 10-minutes lasting short film. Still, those 10 minutes really're worth their time! In my opinion this's the cleanest CG movie I've seen in a long while, if not forever.
The title itself, "Elephants Dream", doesn't appear to have anything to do with the movie's contents; it was the movie's working title actually... Probably there's a meaning to it, I haven't just figured it out yet... The "dream"-part is pretty obvious though; the movie feels like as if you were walking into a dream; it feels like a pretty surreal thing.
The movie's two main charactere are called Emo and Proog. I think Emo's sort of the emotional one (hence the name...), not really knowing what's going on, somewhat afraid of the place he's in... Proog appears to know more of it all, he likes the place they're being, in a mysterious way.
That's kind of all I can tell; you'll have to experience the movie yourself if you just got curious. :)

You can download the movie out here: You might want to try downloading it using the .torrent ; I bet the regular download servers still are heavily loaded. You can also support the guys making all this possible by buying the Elephants Dream Dvd, which contains all of the movie's source files, a "Making of" and some more goodies... (I might get it one day, whenever I'm out of my "I'm a cheap bastard."-mood... )
Some more info can also be found on the movie's wiki-page:…

Enjoy! :)
, Tim
Hey all,
I just finished up sending my very first piece of poetry-like thing (it doesn't rhyme and therefore is just poetry-like... :) ) to dA, I hope you all like it. I've got more poetry-like things lieing around here, but they don't really feel like "a polished, refined, and completed work of art" (definition of a deviation ;) ) to me...

Another thing you might want to know, my previous deviation (Don't force happiness) made it to a T-shirt! (merchandise feels like fancy crap 'til you can make your own ;) mnah, still is crap... ) I met a guy at some Belgian forum (, he said: "Hey, I'd like to see that on a shirt!" I said: "Whoa, that'd be like, so awesome dude!" And he said: "Yeah dude!" And I said: "Dude!" ... Okay, now I'm making things up... (stuff like this happens when you write at an hour like 1.47 am...)

Anyway, he wanted to see my drawing on a shirt. He got it on a shirt, and there you go! I met him (his name is Stijn by the way...) last week to pick up my copy of the shirt, and another for a friend, Karen. (I got to put my autograph on the shirt for her, yay ^^) All I remember is that Stijn 'n his g/f, Lotte, who was there as well, are some pretty friendly people. :) (people and friendly are a rare combination; that's why I mention...) Oh yah, 'n that the shirts looked pretty good. Anyway, to keep things short, if you're interested, you can get your own copy over here:
(I know, I live in Belgium and yet the shirts are printed in the US... go figure why...)

One more thing, something that actually has got something to do with this entry's title. (New things to come) It's about the current thing I'm working on. Remember The Thunderbirds? (the good ol' series you used to watch as a kid (if you're about my age,18), not the movie (I still should see one day...)) I dug up all my old Thunderbird toys; the island, all the planes 'n vehicles, the characters... You remember that orange-yellow vehicle-thingy that has no number unlike most of the others, "The Mole"? Well, I'm quite busy re-modeling The Mole. (in 3d, using 3dsMax) Why? Like I know, just for fun, cuz' it's cool. :) (The 5-year old kid in me awakes again ^^ , if he ever goes to sleep...) Anyhow, you'll see when it's done... That won't be in the next couple of days, it does take quite a lot of time; haven't modeled in a long while...

Well, that's about all I had to say for now. Congrats if you made it reading my nonsense this far. :) I think I'll be off to bed; my eyes are going to fall out of their sockets one day...
Take care.

, Tim
Let's give another go at writing a journal entry..., it's been a while. Oh well, today I've been working on my very last deviant; "flower", plain'n simple. People told me I think way too much about life 'n all the unanswerable questions there are... It reflects a bit in what I draw; can't deny it's just an eeny tiny bit dark. :) (Since reflecting upon the unanswerable gets you real down, I swear! Gosh how many times have I killed 'n slashed myself in my imagination already... Oh well rest assured, not likely to really kill my own self... :) ) Anyway, today me friend Remy's got me convinced to stop thinking so dark 'n try to live life a lil' more happier... Well, the message he convinced me of is that I've been given a couple of talents... (Don' really believe in talent though; you just need the will, the guts and interest I think, to achieve a goal. If you want it, work real hard for it an' you'll get it too hurray :) ) So uh , Remy said I've been given a couple of talents... and well, if I keep being so down all the time you won't be able to work decently with those talents... Thinking of unsolvable things just leads to madness 'n depression... (Some people did go to far and ended up pretty dead, I bet...) So today's lesson was, try to look on life's bright side once in a while too, or I won't get too far. I know it's been said before, they've made a bunch of jolly songs on it too... (Always look on the brigt side of life... /whistle whistle.../ :) ) Guess I just needed to be reminded of why I oughtta be happy...

Uhm well anyway, I didn't end up reflecting on deeper things and kept it fairly simple today. That is the reason for that last deviation... ; it's simple too. The title says flower; it shows a flower... (Well at least it's supposed to be one.) Awesome when things actually are what they say! :D

Oh, and another thing I need off the mind... I needs more time off... During the last month I've been so pretty darn busy just going to university 'n studying, breaking my head over things 'n all of that... I've been building up a whole bunch of ideas though during this time; I just don't have any time to work those ideas out... I even made a quick list entitled 'Inspiration" so I wouldn't lose any of the ideas I've gotten already...
Oh well, can't complain, got my simple flower done today so that's one idea off the list... :) Next thing to finish is getting that Identity crisis- drawing a lil' painted... (well digitally painted, using Corel Painter, one awesome piece of a tool!)

Think I've been annoying you enough with my thougths. (My writings always end up being too long... That's what you get when you don't say too much, everything you want to say piles up in the mind...) Oh well, better hit this "Add Journal"-button fast before I do something stupid like hitting the browser's close-button...
Jus' had another day of university, was rather boring... Well for now I just've got a couple of introduction lessons... Today: techniques for reading a text...
And I still don't know what's in that frickin' text... we jus' wrote down all the subtitles and stuffed the txt's keywords under'em.
If you'd read the darn txt in detail before doing that it might've been useful, but noo... :p
Oh well, good thing that's over :); came back home dead tired... way too hot it were outside bah.
Booted up that good ol' piece of machinery of mine (call it computer...) to check the mail 'n take a look at deviant art, starting to feel like home here. (Hey, I actually am at home; no kiddin'! :p)  Mailbox: 2 new messages, twice crap... Oughtta get rid of them msn group daily summaries in my inbox... DevArt message centre: 9 new messages, an' I loved to read 'm all! :) You ppl down here are so friendly I could hug ye'all :D (Hmm better not, hugging a screen looks so stupid..., what if my lil' bro' suddenly drops in 'n yells "Tim, wtf are you doing?"-"Uhh, dropped something behind the screen I think..." -"Mmright..." )
Uhrm, about time to make an end to this journal entry, I'm starting to talk nonsense again... Still, one day I shall right a decent looking journal entry, one day... you'll see. :)
Hey all,
I've just entered this community 'n I already like it lots! :) I already knew about it 'n visited it from time to time, though now I jus' found out there's a whole bunch to see here. Found it pretty funny there even was a setting that asked for your coordinates on the globe... (Jus' figured this setting has a somewhat useful uhm use too...)

'n thx for the comments on my lil' wallpaper :) I really appreciate it people actually show some respect for what you make here. I say this 'cause also post my stuff on another forum 'n all you'll ever get there is criticism..., unless you're real good... (well, whatever good actually is..., all is relative so)

I'll be submitting some more things of mine pretty soon... (My self-image is too low for call those things art :p) Most of them 'll be sketches. In any way, I'd love to hear your comment on it! :)
And now 'll be off to bed, 'cause I got to stop makin' a habit of going through hours like these... :)