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OverClocked ReMix - Album art



Hit the Download-link to get a .zip-file with 10 different colour flavours of this album art. (I couldn't pick a favourite one myself, so now it's your choice. :))


It's been quite a while since I've submitted another deviation down here *for shame!*. To make up for that, I've made some album art for the songs on It's basic, but that's pretty much what I was looking for. :) I simply took the website's header image, toyed around with it in Paint Shop Pro, und voila.

This album art was made for my iPod, but with a little luck it might still look good if you'd like to print it out as CD cover art. (500x500 px may be a bit too small for that though, not sure...)

Oh, in case you've never heard of OcReMix (Overclocked Remix), it's a website with tons and tons of great remixes of video game songs.
If the word "remix" makes you think of good songs that were turned into crap by adding in a cruddy beat, think again! You'll only find the good kind of remixes at OcRemix: the kind where you take a good song, reinterpret it and make it better, or make it sound like something entirely different. You can actually expect any kind of genre, so there's bound to be something you'll love. :) Oh well, enough chit-chat, just head on over to [link] , look up a game you used to play in the olden days and have a listen.
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you should register on the ocr forums and make a post someplace about it! this is actually a really nice album cover. i might post about it if you didnt want to.