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Pizza [+video!]



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and more!

Trying out something new. I figured that Ive been drawing full body all the time, ALWAYS...! :nuu:
I kinda got tired of that, so I went to doodle around to start making something 'portrait' like.
And I'm satisfied! I really enjoyed doing this!
I spended more time on the eyes, and the results really made me happy!
Took me 4 hours and 10 minutes!

I really had to draw Nezu again, since I barely drew him yet! I just love his face, he's so cute and naughty <3

This will be a new commission option later!!
Hope you like it!
See also the Sketch here!

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That's undeniably cute and adorable for sure! :aww

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You're very welcome! :wave:

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wow!! this is absolutely goregous!! I love how the fur looks so detailed, and it looks real enough to pet!! Also, I love how beautiful you made the eyes look!! They looks so shiny, and relistic. Well done!! I also love how you did the shading, and lighting, it looks real!! One last thing. I love what you made the pizza in her mouth look like!! I like how the cheese is dripping and it looks so yummy!!

there is a 100 word minimun so...
blah blah blah random words randoooom words uh hi hello ok hi blah blah blah...
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The lighting looks so serious even though its pizza! ;-; but the shading/details/anatomy/etc.. is amazing, beautiful and cute (im talking about the pizza XD)

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this is good and cute i love it! i love the little details in there! i don't usually go for this kind of art but it got my eye and mine is hard to please!!!! the fur is good. i love the pizza hanging out of its mouth but the eyes are the best in my opinion! they're my favorite part of this piece. the only thing i would improve in is the dots above the eyes. they should blend into the fur better since this is looking so real. it looks like you just put them on there. like have the white fur over lap the bottom a tiny but. just a little blending.
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Really Cute!
I love how you've done the fur, How it's really messy and out of place, like an animals fur would, The Light going onto the fur, How it darkens as the light disappears, The glare within the eyes from such light, It makes you ask
"What are they looking at?, What could be so bright in the far?"
The pizza, how it's falling apart. Is it possibly from moving too much? Or was it because how they had made it.

Overall, The Drawing really makes you ask questions,
"where are they?"
"Where did they get the pizza from?"
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First of all, this piece really is eye-catching. I'm in love with the way you do that fluffy fur, and the eyes are so sweet and real looking. The shading is fantastic, and the character is adorable.

I think the background would look better if it was a lighter color, due to the lighthearted nature of the story the picture tells. I also think you could have made the pizza a lot bigger, but that depends on how big the creature is. If he's smaller than a medium sized dog, he should only be grabbing the pizza by the very corner.

This is a great piece! I hope you found this critique helpful. Have a lovely day!
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TwT i wanna u drawn me but ikn u cant or i need pay some points or money
but i just jave 2 points and 1 sentimo 
QwQ im pour sorry 
TwT but is amazing
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SO CUTEE X3la in love la in love la in love la in love la in love la in love 
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aaaaa thank you so much!!! >//w//<
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Only 4 hours? Man, that is truly awesome XD
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I couldnt believe it myself either >w< heheh thank you
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ahh so cute ^_^
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Thank you!! :3
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So amazing! and so Kawaii :iconlaloveplz:
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Thank you! >w<
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