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By Nezart
Epic scenes don't always go as planned!
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Going into the end-game of our campaign that just finished I think we started to drive our GM crazy: We started talking to and befriending every boss we came up against. What was supposed to climax in an epic massive war ended up in three small battles as we had systematically talked down every leader on both sides. Eventually in the final battle with the massive undead dracolich it was just essentially "he roars, taunts you, and attacks. IM NOT LETTING YOU TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS ONE!" :laughing:. Cuz yeah we would have found some way to make friends with the ultimate evil too.

In my own campaign, for session one I thought i had considered basically every action the PC's could take - whether they went with the helpful NPC, or attacked them, or ignored them and went about their business..... but no... one of them ended up swiping the box holding ALL of their gear and running, making the first fight of the campaign PvP! No matter how good the plan it will never, ever work out as intended~
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Haha, that's the magic of Rpgs. ANYTHING can happen at any time! :)
It be like that sometimes. Or all the time in my case.
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Hehe, well at least your gamers are having fun :D
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Let's go on a quest, we have to rescue little Maxi from the sewer dungeons under the castle, he hasn't turned up randomly to check up on me, be careful they be level 2 dungeons so no noobs, k.
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Roger that! :)
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The trick is to let them win but so they never  know you let them win.
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Dont understand .. xD
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Neither did the Dm in the comic :D
Happens to every GM.
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I love the look on the guy's face. And the bottom frame is hilarious
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Thanks a lot for liking it!
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True story hahahahahahha
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