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Loki - The Avengers

Hi!!! Well this is a picture I started before I had 11,800 views but took some days to finish hehe, and so now, it's almost 12,000 views! so :squee: I dedicate this to all my watchers people who've seen my art, answered my forum thread, comments, complains, seen my art... haha.

Thank you SO MUCH!! I'm happy that I've finished it right now because it's like a change for me, I've never ever drawn like this, I always thought that I couldn't paint but this work has shown me that I can! I've always had a problem with those "no lines" paintings because I absolutelly LOVE them, and felt like all that I wanted to do and how I wanted my art to look was impossible for me to create. But well, it isn't the perfect portrait I know haha, but what started being a portrait made me focus on painting the cloth, armor, hair and trying to understand the shadows and try to recreate them with the PS brushes. Really, for me this is veeeeery different and I'm so proud that it didn't came up like a fail, I put a lot of effort to it.

The real point of this is that I decided that I can't cry because I can't do something, and I thought okay, I know how to draw, and I have some skill and that's mostly because I passed a lot of time copying from WITCH comics, pictures I liked... Copying is such an important learning stage. And what happened now and that's why I've been suffering suuuuuuuuuuuuuper long art blocks is that my skill level on drawing increased a lot over my painting skill and so I felt like the whole artistic thing was a mess and that I didn't even know what the hell was going on and qwheuiwhbyudgbvuctdgv basically xDD So I decided, okay, then let's start painting portraits, "copying".

So that's LOKI - Tom Hiddleston of course ♥ haha, from the movie The Avengers.

Reference used: [link]

I hope you guys like it and ALL criticism is allowed, please COMMENT!! If you have advice SAY IT! Remember that I've just begun with this so if you want to help me, you're pretty welcome :heart:

•Done in Photoshop CS5
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