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What have they done to you... (Zootopia Story) 1

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By Neytirix   |   
© 2016 - 2020 Neytirix

She couldn't believe he was alive...after all this time

"Nick..what have they done?"

Eyebrow Raise 


NEXT >>  Rehabilitation (Zootopia Story) 2 by Neytirix

END OF CHAPTER:  Finally (Zootopia Story) 21 by Neytirix

Please no using without permission/proper credit~! (c) Nuu
Tools used >> SAI and Photoshop CC.
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WHAT THE SHIT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :omg:

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Literally joined D.A. simply because of this. This is such an amazing piece of artwork! :)

I think the part that really attracted me to this piece is the whole mad-scientist feel of it.

Poor nick, someone built him into a monster. :c

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CallmeLittleDevilHobbyist Digital Artist
And i oop-
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Where is the fanfic version of this? I'd love to read it. 
SJF-Penguin's avatar
SJF-PenguinHobbyist Writer
If Edward Scissorhands were a fox.
JKnight97's avatar
I'm glad that you've been able to finally finish the first part of your comic. Even though there's no dialogue, you're able to communicate their emotions so well!
Neytirix's avatar
NeytirixStudent Digital Artist
!! Thank you so so much! 
TheFourteenthPrimus's avatar
What sick fuck would do this to him!?
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tacoking1838Student Artist
hey would you all stop insulting vexten
TheFourteenthPrimus's avatar
I’m not trying to insult vexten, I’m insulting the culprit in the story.
tacoking1838's avatar
tacoking1838Student Artist
if you look at my other comments you will get that i have my own story like 3 other people but mine us in comment form and vexten is one of the people who made n1k
tacoking1838's avatar
tacoking1838Student Artist
its cool man
Spino2Earth's avatar
What happened to Nick?
tacoking1838's avatar
tacoking1838Student Artist
tacoking1838's avatar
tacoking1838Student Artist
read what was stated then what i stated
theguyfromyoutube's avatar
Woah amazing but is there a back story to this?
tacoking1838's avatar
tacoking1838Student Artist
not an official one but 3 fan ones
cathythecorgi90's avatar
cathythecorgi90 Digital Artist
hey umm...i was inspired by you...and i made my own version of this and i was wondering if i can post it..?
theguyfromyoutube's avatar
Usually people don't mind as long as you give the original artist credit ext. But I am not saying post it.
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lilyLightinHobbyist Digital Artist
Now that's talent
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its the new terminator infiltrator its a little buggy though
WestLucasworks's avatar
WestLucasworks General Artist
yep Just what i anticipated being he is a prototype right
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