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What about this one?


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Gregory thinks he's being helpful. Little does he know, this is yet another hand Freddy can't take. Stare 
Can you see why? Hehe-

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Tools used >> SAI and Photoshop CC.
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Datag94's avatar

Two right hands?

Maybe get him two left feet to match afterwards?

PerrierBlock's avatar

Now I can only think about building this as a Lego Mech

Gryphondrake7991's avatar

Freddie looks more like a battle suit in the security breach. Plus it's fantastic work and I watched the Timelapse on YouTube :)

t-yrex's avatar

this looks incredible!!

Myrrh1806's avatar

I really love your dark twists so much.

I was hoping you would make glamrock Freddy fanart.

You made my day!!!:happybounce:

ScreechingLampofDOOM's avatar


I just noticed a hand- wow- Gregory did you rip off a customer’s or Vanessa’s hand off?

SketchyIntrovert's avatar

just realized this, but there is actually TWO human hands. Did anyone else notice this?

ScreechingLampofDOOM's avatar

Know* (I h8 how my grammar is )

ScreechingLampofDOOM's avatar

Literally Gregory: “Welp! Your now gonna have to be double right handed, because I got the wrong arm! ( I ain’t gonna go back to laser blast.. you why? becpause the resource I got this from is into a pieces. From to limb to limb, only wires remain....) Well, let’s get this arm on you! :D

muffinphobic's avatar

wait the hand has blood- that's why Freddy can't take it- aha wait no. freddy can have two right hands.

sinistertwin22's avatar

Does Freddy look like the doom slayer to anyone else?

A child is bringing a dismembered arm to a giant robot with a sword.... OMG THOSE AUTOMATED WET FLOOR SIGNS ARE SO ADORABLE!!!

THV4's avatar

the PatPats are just so cute

GlamStarBonnet's avatar


pinnkoffee's avatar

*the company just looks at him and says

"yeah he's good with the kids"

PhobiaWeirdo's avatar

Can I just say its cute how the two wet floor signs are looking down at the one who fell?

This is really amazing model. I really like it. I want to use it for my Image Thumbnail blog.

zambieslaya2016's avatar

can you draw roxanne wolf ?

EmotiRainbow's avatar

Could u bring back hunter series it is so cool It inspired me so much thank you

CAndHisCrappyArt's avatar

Build-A-Bear, but you build a mech instead of a teddy bear.

LiokkaMillie's avatar

I love the giant sword with the tiny little charm on the end, awesome touch

bbb35's avatar

I love it. Grata work

AquaticLegend's avatar

how much animatronics get destroys before Freddy says yes to an arm.

AquaticLegend's avatar

Just noticed that arm is Monty's... Freddy will be asking some questions later and he wont be to happy XD

Bad job super star just find Freddy's hand does that look like Freddy's hand to you?

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