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What? You weren't eating it



So there was this subscriber on Youtube that did an incredible job being SUPER diligent asking for me to draw Blue the Velociraptor from Jurassic World.
And I mean it was months of asking. Not in your-face constant requesting but just polite enquiries after watching my videos~ So I did! It wasn't hard because I also love Blue~ :iconuguufaceplz:

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Please no using without permission/proper credit~! (c) Nuu
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I freakin' love this! :) I like how the Fluffy's in the more lighter part of the picture while Blue's lurking in the darkness with that food dish. It's so menacing, and it's giving me the idea that if whatever's in that food dish doesn't satisfy Blue, Fluffy might lose their hide. Oh, also, *Cat butt.*

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The Jurassic park and world series is one of my favourite movie series after star wars. Number 3 was my favourite because it had spinosaurus who has been my favourite dino since i was 6, I really hope Jurassic world dominion it will feature him in it as well. (Jurassic world dominion is coming out in 2022)

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This is so cute and funny XD

Also: Cats might acutally be self-confident enough to attack a raptor. Many other creatures would probably flee instead.

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I love Blue's face expression! It's really gorgeous!! :heart:

rex8000's avatar
i can imagine this happening at sometime in the days/months/years between jurassic world fallen kingdom and jurassic world 3
Raptors0verlord's avatar
love all JP dinos 
Ghost-Stone's avatar
Blue: oh hewo fluffy thing is this ours?
Cat: get out of me house u scally thang!
MomotsukiNezumi's avatar
Absolutely adorable! I love how Blue clearly doesn't care how incredibly annoyed and angry the kitty is...though to be fair, she may also be considering if the kitty is a new snack that conveniently walked in. 
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reagfdafdah i love it:happybounce: :happybounce: :squee: shiba inu heart emoji  
RedHoofsketch's avatar
Welp... Someone's gonna be wonderin where Fluffy has gone for a while..
Bookworm86's avatar
Um, I would highly suggest in picking a different fight kitty, lol. Keep up the very good work!
AFlavoredStrawberry5's avatar
plz don't eat the cat blue .-.
pondonsie's avatar
awwwwww- >///< to cute for words-
Wuerfelspiel's avatar
Somehow I feel sad for Blue, don't know why ...
Reiska's avatar
Kitty no share with ze reptili.
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
She's more of a big, scaly bird with sharp teeth.
Reiska's avatar
Oh yes... younger serpents with feathers.
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